Fence Installation Contractor...

Fencing Services.                                                                                                                       ChrisAGinc@Aol.com   704-363-9595
  • Chris offers a wide variety of fence installation services.  He installs: Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Silt, Dog, Horse, Temporary and Chain Link fence.

  • He will install your fence via lay of the land or level per your specifications.

  • He can help you decide which type of fence would be best : Private, Semi-Private, Pickett, Decorative or Temporary.

  • Call Chris for pricing with your linear footage, or he can stop by to determan this with you.  He can help you with gate placement also.

  • Fencing pictures in order of appearance: Vinyl Semi-Privacy,  Wood 3 rail, Black Aluminum, Black Aluminum w/ Dog Wire, Orange Safety, Black Silt Construction, Wood Privacy, Vinyl Pickett, Vinyl Privacy, Wood Semi-Privacy, Vinyl Pickett with Flat Caps.