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Landscape Consultations or Plans $50 hr.
  • Get ideas from Chris & install the scape yourself.                                      *** See Pictures below..
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  • Call to see if you qualify for a free quote.
 How Chris can help your landscape:
  • His extensive knowledge of plant material can bring depth and color into your landscape project.

  • He is happy to work with you to achieve your "set" goals, or he can lend ideas if you need a little landscape advice.

  • He can help you achieve a neat and cozy finished appeal to your home or business that can last for years.

  • He can help you with projects that grade your property to run water, create a new landscape, renovate an old landscape,  or just install a small flower or water garden in your backyard.

  • Give chris a text, call or email so you can find out for yourself.  e:   p/txt:704-363-9595

Landscape Plans:
  • Available by appointment only.

  • Chris will observe your property and talk to you in-depth about your needs for your property.



  • If you like water, Chris can help you by installing a "To Code" retention pond, or at home water garden.


  • Call Chris if you need a retaining wall with stairs,  slate & rail road tie steps, or a few blocks around a tree.



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