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  • High school
  • College (welding technology, technology of metals, alloys, metal, machinery, welding) 


  • Designing (AUTO CAD), reading drawings of European, American, Russian standart. Technical University.
  • Welding prosesses: EN 287-1, 136. EN 287-,111/ 136. EN 287-135. EN 287-1,138EN 287-1,121,
  • License to drive a crane up to 50t
  • Työturvalisuskorti, tulikorti.
  • WEB design, 3D graphics.
  •  Training: Computer, software, business marketing, languages, technology, and psychology. (I am in constant search for knowledge).

Computer Skills and software used

  • Software Proficiency
    Broad expertise in a variety of applications including , Parcel Shipping Solutions, Carrier Management Systems, MS Office Suite & Project Management Tools (e.g. MS Project 2003 & Clarity).  Proficiencies in HTML, ASP, SQL Server, MS SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Java Script, VB Script & reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and MS, Auto Cad,Google sites, Joomla.
  • Grafika: Gimp, Photoshop
  • Work with the formats: fli, lfc, xcf, eps, fit, gif, jpg, jpeg, tga, xwd, pgm, png, psd, bmp, pdf, gih, html,dwg,dxf..


2008 -.. LEVATOR OY

  • Job Title:
Welding prosesses: EN-287-1 (121.136), submerged welding Twin-tandem ("LINCOLN, ESAB)

read here, Assembly of pipes (columns) who believe power and port cranes.
Work on CNC (4 drum, 200t) Rolling machine ,3-d laser cutting and welding.
  •  Products :
WinWind (Wind Turbines,)   read here,
KONECRANES Port cranes  read here
  • Control:
U / T. Macrosection-test,. 
Over the entire period of my work all the welds made by me, have successfully passed the control.


  • Job Title:
Welding, assembly conveyor lines, gas cutting, plasma cutting, bending, rolling.
  •  Products :
Conveyor lines for various industries.
  • Control:
Rengo-destructive testing, visual inspection

2004 -.... TEHWELD OY

  • Job Title:
Leading Projects
  •  Products :
Production of high grade stainless steel, stairs, railings, installation of metal structures
  • Control:
Visual inspection, U / T,macrosection-test

2001 -..... MARU METAL A / S

  • Job Title:
Welding EVS EN-287-1, DIN EN-287-1 (136,135,111,121), the assembly, vacation
  •  Products :
  Mechanical structures, including steel frames and structures for large-dimensional machines and conveyors.

 Structural elements, including various supporting structures (trusses, posts, beams) and other constructional elements (crane tracks, frames, platforms).

  • Control:
Visual inspection, U / T, magnetic particle control

1996 -..... FINMEK A / S (KALMAR) - (BROMA)

  • Job Title:
Welding EVS EN-287-1, SFS EN-287-1 assembly.
  •  Products
Training courses: Tallinn University of Technology (MAG Welding Help 1996 Sisu Terminal Systems Oy) BS EN 25 827, SFS-EN 10025 (BS 200), TO 302, TO 303, TO305, BS 4594 (VLS 161.05) - Crack in the modes of selection instructions (Welding ofsteel. Gudance Thurs choise the types of Grooves)
Drawings literacy: Welding Drawings koneenpiirustuset ISO-EN, GOST, ISO 2553(hitsaus. entries pirustuksiin1996 -01), toleraranssit .. BS 2102 (ISO 1101 C), DIN 8570T3
  • Control:
Visual inspection, U / T, magnetic particle control, macrosection-test


  • Own firm: Tuning cars, renovation of old cars
  • Art painting cars.



  • B-1


  • B-1 (1990 year)


  • A-1


  • Read, write and speak fluently


  • Always be a reliable partner in the work
  • Qualitet of maximum
  • Increase production capacity
  • Maximum Effectiveness production
The circumstances are fickle, principles never!
Обстоятельства переменчивы, принципы никогда!

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