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Straight Up:
I am an ICC Welding Inspector (who now writes). And I have welded since age 13.
I don't claim to know it all.  I mean that. You may have a different opinion.
The average welder (through no fault of their own) does not understand how important it is for them to MARKET their valuable SKILL to make welding PAY what it should PAY.
What AM I selling?
I wrote a book called,
"The $100K Welder.  I do "sell it" - but it comes with a 10 YEAR open door by email or phone to both myself and my wife. 
Honestly, I don't know how long we can keep that open . . .
To us, we think that for $29.95 it is NOT selling - it is a give away because we have decades of experience we can help you with over the next 10 years - included in the $29.67.

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       Scott Linden: Author of "The $100K Welder"


Scott, How Can I get a job welding?


This is a BIG question because it depends where you are as far your skill level.

Send me your resume - and I'll give you my opinion of it (for free no strings or obligation).

ALL WELDERS have valuable skills - so don't get upset if it seems like I'm running down trigger pullers in trailer factories - I AM NOT!

AND there is a BIG difference between "getting a job" and "offering your services."

The purpose of this website is NOT to trap you into buying something, so don't sweat that. The reason I even say that is because although this page will answer a lot of questions about welding (the career and the industry) it is not the right place for really deep answers which cover everyone reading this. 

So to keep each answer as short as I can on this website, I'm offering you a Free Report (with no strings - I won't bug you or sell your information - REALLY).

If you want the Free Report, "How To Get Welding Jobs" - just ask by contacting me.

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BUT - while you are here:

ALL MY LIFE I went WHERE the MONEY was.  There was a famous bank robber in the 40s and 50s (Willie Sutton) who was asked: "Willie, why do you rob banks?" and Willie famously answered, "Because that's where the money is."

So, if you are in California and you're a certified structural welder or especially if you are a code pipe welder, go to Texas or one of about 10 States that currently have almost HOT economies.  Staying in California is like pushing on a string. Go where the money is now.

And anyway, all you have to do is get the current unemployment rate for each State - go to the low numbers! ND has 3% unemployment. Pipe welders with rigs are making $150,000 a year in North Dakota and other States because of shale oil revolution. If you want a Free Report on the new American Oil Boom - just ask me for it. 

(Now, this will BLOW YOU AWAY)

I just talked to a guy who purchase my Book / Course a few years ago.  He's in Canada near the tar sands.  He got on with a refinery - contracting some of their work and last year he made $400,000 - yes, he had a little crew - himself, a helper, a couple of laborers AND he is a "fearless fabricator" - but WOW that's a lot of money.

Pipe welders typically make a bunch more than structural welders, but THIS guy is NOT a pipe welder!

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What Do Welders Earn?

Why am I telling you?

It goes back to what I said at the top - there is a big difference between "getting a job" and "providing your services" - please don't forget that, even if you feel you can't go out as a rig welder right now (no matter what KIND of a welder you are now).

Look, if you like what you are hearing here, what have you got to lose by getting my FREE Report (with no strings attached)?

DO NOT get my Free Report if you want the same old stuff that doesn't work.

(And don't think because you have been welding 20 years, I can't help you) . . .

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Scott, what are the different kinds of welders and what do they make?


That is a great question and once again - too long for this FAQ. 

I have a Free Report about it - a fun easy read.  Just ask me for it.

I will cover a little of that ground here:

Why is the under water welder in a pool at the top of the page?

The photo is of a school pool. So, we all know stories of the money under water welders make, don't we? Unfortunately, those huge dollars ($500k to $750k) belong to the few who risk their lives diving hard hat to tremendous depths on nitrogen . . .

Welders in scuba gear only make about $80 an hour at shallow to moderate depth. Even at that - AFTER getting out of school, they will spend two years as a low paid tender on the surface before they graduate to welding under water (this applies to all kinds of under water welders).  AND YES, welding under water is a completely different deal.

What is the LEAST a welder can make? 

If you have never welded:

You interview at a trailer factory. They like you well enough. They'll train you for six hours. Right after that, you'll be MIG welding for anywhere from $8 to $14 an hour.
THAT is the bottom rung.

Now, you can take that same skill and make $40 an hour with it, with the right marketing.


A person flipping burgers at Mac Donald's makes minimum wage, right?

How much does a "Mickey Ds" Franchise cost? They start at $1,000,000.

How much does the owner of that franchise make? BIG MONEY! ONE great location makes the owner $300k to $400k before taxes (money made on the skill of flipping burgers).

What is the DIFFERENCE? 


Could you take your basic MIG skills (not certified) and make $40 an hour from home?  Sure.  To do it takes very creative, active and adaptive marketing. You can do it, if that's what you want to do.

However, if you like welding, you are better off to teach yourself pipe welding at home and go make big money without so much marketing.

Now, once you can weld pipe and you put some time in at it - there are a lot business opportunities for you, when you take it to the next level - the level of you really being in the BUSINESS of welding.  At that point, the sky is the limit.

The Free Report: "What 8 Different Types of Welders Earn" is yours for the asking.

Scott: 760-954-8104  Email:  HowToGetWeldingJobs@gmail.com


Scott, what is the best welder for me to buy?


Welding is a lot larger and more complex industry than the average person on the street realizes.  There are so many different welding careers - and so many different welding machines . . .

The photo of above is of an old Lincoln SA200 Pipe liner.

  • How can a welding machine that is as old as 1939 STILL be out on pipe line jobs?

Did you know the B-52 Bomber will be in service until 2045?  Did you know it first went into service in 1952?

If you want to weld anything with stick but especially with pipe, an old Pipeliner can be the EXACT RIGHT CHOICE - if you need something portable.

However, if we are talking about you burning rod 10, 12 or 14 hours a day, the old Pipeliners eat a lot of gasoline.

WHY are they so well loved (even today) by many Pipeline welders?

They produce a smooth arc, primarily because the generator is wound with COPPER, and NOT aluminum. Copper is a better conductor than aluminum. Every new welder is wound with aluminum because it cost less (and weighs less).

To be fair to new machines, the difference between aluminum windings and copper windings is made up for with technology (primarily electronics/computers/inverters).

The technology end of it makes for a wide range of new and used welders for every welding use.

The subject of "Which Welder is Best For Me" is too long and deep for this website. Email me, or text your email and I'll send you my Free Report by that title - no cost, no obligation, now or ever.

Scott: 760-954-8104  HowToGetWeldingJobs@gmail.com

I will go on a bit here about what welder to get:


Let's say you are going set up a home shop to make stuff or do repairs at the upper end of the meaning of the term, "Professional Welder."  There is a class of welding machines which use an INVERTER. These are typically a 50lb to 75lb box, not much bigger or about the same size as a carry on suitcase.

Most are TIG and STICK welders.  Some will only weld DC current. The more expensive units will weld both AC and DC.  Again, because of technology, the newer the unit the better. The more expensive units also have tech that makes it easier to start a TIG torch.

With any of these suitcase style units, you'll need an AC current supply (AC is what's in the wall of your house). The newer units will work easily on 110 volts or 220 volts. Some, meant for industrial use will work on high voltage (440v for example).

WHO are these units a good choice for?

They work out just great for many people welding - across the spectrum.  If money is not an object, they are something every welder who ever goes "mobile" should have, for many reasons (even if you have a motor generator welder).


The above units can cost up to $5,000 for just the machine new, without accessories.  They are very durable and can be purchased used for MUCH less.

The very bottom end of the cost of buying a welder?

So, right here and now, let's cover the opposite end of the spectrum - the lowest possible cost for a welder. It is the photo just above - the Lincoln Coffin buzz box. Cost? less than $400 USED - about $800 new - YOU MUST GET THE AC/DC UNIT. Don't get the AC only welder.

ANY old American AC/DC buzz box with copper windings will forever be a great asset to any garage - particularly if you want to teach yourself structural or pipe welding.

Again, "which welder" - it depends on your welding goals.

Lowest cost for hobby or a casual (non critical) welding business from home:

The lowest cost hobby welder and the best choice (in my opinion) if you just want to build or fix something like a BBQ (for example) is the little Lincoln small flux core wire welder (with or without MIG capability). These range from $200 used to $700 new.

You can build big beautiful gates out of square tube with this unit. Gates I built 30 years ago are still in use and are regarded as "quality" and as "nice looking" even today - and I built them with this little welder.  You can do a lot with it. In just a few hours of practice, you'll be welding decently with it. 

Here's what they look like:

Again, the subject of "Which Welder is Best For Me" is too long and deep for this website. Email me, or text your email and I'll send you my Free Report by that title - no cost, no obligation, now or ever.

Scott: 760-954-8104  HowToGetWeldingJobs@gmail.com

I will go on a bit here about what welder to get


As in most things like this, budget and your goal is the matter.

  • The Chinese Units are not a good option for a couple of reasons:

One: It is Chinese.

You are much better off with a used Lincoln, Miller, Hobart, Linde (in that order, in my opinion).
Now, if you are just wanting a machine to get you certified (not to use for years on your own rig) I would still stay away from the Chinese Welding Machines.

I DO think they are a great value and if you just want to have a welder to learn on and upgrade later - do it - but go UP in their line to get an AC / DC machine.

There is another factor - may seem stupid, but it is real - you will catch a TON of flack if the day comes when you have a green welder on a rig . . . the whole "Made in the USA" is coming back around . . .

You will be happier spending $1,500 to $2000 if you have it, on a used Lincoln or Miller (AC / DC Tig / stick).

Back to your budget and goal.

If learning stick (structural or pipe - heavier material) is your goal and you buy a buzz box used and right
you cannot lose money. You can always upgrade later.
I would be glad to talk to you about this. Have you run "WANTED" ads on Craigs List yet? Do it, it is free!


Scott, Is it worth trying to get work in Canada if I'm American?


Canada is one cool (and I don't mean the weather) place.

They have 1/10th our population in a larger land mass!

Don't bother trying to work in Canada if you are not a 6G Code Pipe Welder.

If you are and you have about 5 years experience and you can PROVE IT - there is no bigger money on the planet than working for the Canadians! 

Way back 2007, the AWS Newsletter said the AVERAGE RIG (truck with welder) pipe welder in Canada was making $330,000 a year!  Holy MOLY that some money.

Are they doing that now?  Yes, some are. 

  • Obviously 2 things have Canada wanting American pipe welders in a bad way:


Their "system" makes it much harder to become a pipe welder.


They don't have enough citizens to fill the demand (because they huge shale / sand oil reserves to get out of the ground.

The purposed Keystone Pipeline President Obama won't approve is to get that Canadian oil across the USA. So, they are shipping the oil by rail. Canada just had derailment and spilled oil . . . the pipeline would be much safer and less polluting.

If you are Canadian reading this:

The Canadian welding system requires a lot of specific classes - and they are hard and you have to pass them all, before you can weld pipe. Also, after all that school you need to actually do the deed - code weld pipe at X Ray quality.

HOWEVER - if you are in the USA and you cannot read or write or talk, but you can teach yourself pipe welding in a shed in the backyard by an outhouse . . .

AND you master the hand-eye skill of pipe welding - and you go to welding pipe in the USA for 5 years, you can zip up to Canada and they will roll out the Red Carpet for YOU!!!  They will do anything to help you.


Scott, That sounds like B.S. WHY are you making Code Pipe Welding sound simple?


PLEASE - all you have to do is look around you. There are VALID Short Cuts for many, many things in life.

Part of the freedoms that we enjoy in the USA is in having a system that often allows talent to rise to the top.

For example, if you are an artist and you do some awesome art - and if people want to pay $100,000 for one of your paintings, does anyone care where you went to school?

Well, Pipe Welding is a hand-eye skill - it really is an "ART" because like art, it can be done well without formal education.

However, it is really important to stop and think about "Talent."  When you see a 7 year old at the piano, playing for a crowd that goes wild, do you think, "That kid has a God given talent."

Recent research shows that child wonders are not wonders at all. They get their "Talent" from a lot of practice.

They happen to have parents who are able to encourage them and who teach them self discipline - the result being hundreds of hours of practice at an early age.

There are a few exceptions - a good voice is a gift.  However, if you want to become a pipe welder without going to school or if you want to become a violin player without going to school, it just takes a little guidance, a lot of practice - doing NOT expecting practice to make you perfect. You need just enough help so you are doing "perfect practice."

In other words, if you are getting it wrong and you don't correct - then you are practicing the wrong thing over and over, expecting to get better.


Scott, Is it hard to get into a Union?


I am not anti-union and I am not pro-union. 

I am Pro Short Cut - if it doesn't hurt anyone.  A long time ago, I was working as a Non-Union Electrician overseas.  I came home to a job market that was heating up. Industrial electricians were in demand. The union took me on a provisional or temporary Journeyman ticket (partially because I could weld - some electricians also weld).

I kept my nose clean. They asked if I thought I could pass the Journeyman Test. I did pass it.  I was NEVER a union apprentice - but I had put in 4 years non-union.

Why am I telling you this?

A guy who recently got my Book / Course and was already a structural welder, did exactly what I say to do in the book. He took 2 early joints he welded at home down to the local pipe welder's local.  They were amazed at what he did on his own.

They invited him to test. He failed. They said, "Look, you are getting it, come practice here."  After additional practice, he passed. They immediately put him out to work helping Journeyman Pipe Welders - AT JOURNEYMAN PAY!!!

What just happened?

David (his real name) did in 60 days what takes YEARS for 99% of people.  Why?

It is because David dared to think outside the box. 

Now, the other reasons David WON BIG TIME?

He is in an area where demand is HIGH.

He had the balls to walk into the union hall.

He was a nice guy who worked hard - they liked him.


Scott, Can I make good money non-union?


YES!  Will wages be lower in Texas than in a very unionized State? Yes.

If you are hungry and walking across the desert and you see an air conditioned restaurant open for business, do you walk in and ask people how the food is?  Probably not.

Texas wages will be all over the board.  It is a big State and a lot is going on.  "The Restaurant in the desert" is the oil and gas industry. Go there - and get a job welding for that industry and stay in that industry.


The oil and gas boom just keeps growing. It will go on for the next 20 years. If you want a free report about the oil and gas industry, just ask.  Oil and gas pays better than if you just get on a pipeline in Texas. There is a variety of ways for you to work for the oil and gas industry as structural welder or pipe welder. Work will be steady for 20 years. Even in Texas and NON Union, you will be at $100k a year if you just keep working.


Scott, how will your Book / Course help me find work and keep it?


In many ways you are NOT thinking about!

What if you get the Book / Course and find out it isn't right for you?  We have a very low return rate.

Why is it a Course? 

Well, it will show you exactly how to teach yourself to weld 6G Code Pipe Joints at home.

When you get the Book / Course, you get Julie and I for 10 years. You can call and your calls will be returned. You can email and your emails will be returned.

You can ask for help and we will do everything we can to help you, for 10 years.

Clearly, we can't do this forever, but if you are reading this, we are still offering it.

It is FREE to check it out:   www.100kWelder.com


Scott and Julie Linden