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Note: All of these pictures are thumbnails. In order to see larger versions of them, please click the image.

The first two images are of my original welding truck setup, with the gray deck. The truck is a Dodge 12V CTD converted to a single rear wheel 3500. In the second picture you can see how I love my lights.

A family member wanted a couple of 'manly' splitting wedges made and so they sent me some 2.5" shafting to do so. I'm unsure of the alloy, but they ground similar to a 4140. Notice the blue tempered ends on the impact end of the wedges for safety reasons.

This picture is a 'pur-d' scenery shot of the Canadian fall. The grass is not pushing up so hard, there's no snow yet, but the fall rains have started. The little Volvo EC55 in this photo is a cute machine if I ever saw one.

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