Virtual Enterprises (VE)

  Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) is an in-school enrepreneurship program and global business simulation that empowers students to unleas their potential through creating and managing business ventures.  Each virtual enterprise replicates all of the functions and demands of a real business  in both structure and practice, from product development, production and distribution to marketing, sales, human resources, finance and accounting.  Through a web-based banking system that connects 5,000 student-run businesses in 40 countries, VEI students experience the expectations of the global economy and find new solutions to drive business results by trading across industries, borders and cultures.  

This year all of my students are focusing on a culinary career path.  Our business is STIX.  We sell specialty desserts on a stick.  Visit us at

New York City Trade Show:

On April 3,  William Floyd Virtual Enterprise Students attended the New York City Trade Show in New York City.  150  VE firms from around the world attended the fair.  Floyd firms included the Business Academy Firms CoverCell and Forever Fit, Cosmetology firm Eclectic Essentials and Culinary firm Stix.  Cover Cell showcased their customized cell phone cases while Forever Fit sold their popular fitness packages.  Eclectic Essential cosmetologists were busy applying hair extensions and people were lined up at the Stix booth for a taste of their signature cake pops!

We are proud to announce that Forever Fit, CoverCell and Stix made it to the the second round of finalists in the Catalog Competition.  Stix also made the second round in the Website Competition.  Eclectic Essentials placed in the semi-finals for Basic Web Design and we are proud to announce that Covercell received Honorable Mention for Basic Web Design.

This was an experience the students will never forget.  All students should be commended for their hard work and dedication to the program!

Long Island TRADE SHOW  January 14, 2014 , Farmingdale College


MASTIC BEACH, NY, February 4, 2014  Students from William Floyd High School Virtual Enterprise classes, part of the William Floyd High School Business Academy, recently competed in the fourth annual Long Island Business Plan Competition and Trade Show held at Farmingdale State College. Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business set up and run by high school students to help prepare them for work in a real business environment.


At the event, students presented their plans from four Virtual Enterprises: CoverCell (Business), Forever Fit(Business) Eclectic Essentials (Cosmetology) and Stix (Culinary Arts) to a panel of professional business representatives and college professors for critique. They also had the opportunity to work as sales representatives and negotiate deals with consumers.


It was a great opportunity for our students to use the skills they have learned in class and put them into action,” said Karen Poidomani, William Floyd High School business teacher. “Many of the judges commented on the professionalism of our students and the quality of their presentations.” 


The Long Island Business Plan Competition and Trade Show served as preparation for the International Trade Show scheduled for this upcoming April in New York City, where Virtual Enterprise classes from around the world will showcase their products and compete against one another for awards, including best booth, best website and best sales pitch. “This event heightened their excitement for the New York City trade show in April,” said Ms. Poidomani.

Stix Business Plan Presentation Team