Who We Are

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Troop 211 is a Quality Unit
8 weekend camping trips and one week summer camp each year and one winter camp each year
Monthly weekend activities
4 major fund raisers each year that allow a scout to be self sufficient
Quarterly Court of Honors


Our purpose is to help young adults in development of his duties to God and Country, and to others and to himself. Through the Scouting program, we hope to develop his awareness of self reliance, to improve his individual and group skills, and to increase his abilities and knowledge, particularly those of the outdoors and nature. Troop 211's program includes both adventure and work, with emphasis on growth and advancement in all phases of character building, citizenship, and leadership skills.

What do our Scouts do?

Our Scouts participate in many events within the community and the scouting community. We go on many camping trips a year, sometimes one a month. Some events we partake in are:

Camping - Camporees, Summer Camp, Winter Camp, and Troop Camping trips
Canoeing Trips
Hiking Trips
Service Projects
Rifle and Shotgun shooting
Wilderness survival


Troop 211 is one of the oldest and most active troops in the surrounding Districts. Troop 211 is about 56 years old.

Organization and Leadership

Troop 211 is a "boy run" troop. The adult leadership is to provide guidance and inspiration to the boys. The troop is run by a scout that is picked by a troop vote. This scout is the Senior Patrol Leader. He appoints his ASPL or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. These are the two main scouts that lead the troop.

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