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About Me: Adam Wykes

The Essential Statistics

Sex: Male
                                    Major: English B.A.
Age: 24
                                       Minor: Cognitive Science               
Residence: Rockford, IL
                Race: Caucasian

You can find out more about me on my Facebook page. This space here engages more with what I intend to do with myself, which is think and make. In particular, making media to represent, preserve, and propagate my thoughts so that others can benefit from all my mental blundering - either as a sort of warning about what can happen when a poor mind is fitted to a zealous ambition, or (hopefully) as a skilled witness to fascinating topics such as

            - Cognition                                   - Technology
            - Science Fiction                           - Philosophy / Theology
            - Literary Criticism                        - Politics   
            - Computer Games                        - Writing
            - Systemics                                   - Biology / Anthropology
            - History                                       - Astronomy / Cosmology