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Mr. Doner’s 10 Daily Points

1.      Name and Date on Every single paper, project, notebook, etc.

2.      Come to class prepared with

        a.       Pencils

  b.      Notebook

  c.       Math books (when assigned

  d.      Homework

  e.       Assignment notebook

3.      Great attitude

        a.       Participation in class

  b.      Not talking when someone else is talking

  c.       Helping each other

  d.      Helping the teacher help you

  e.       Wanting to learn and better at school

  4.      Come to class on time

  5.      Begin opening activities independently

Grading policy

Quizzes equals  20% of students’ grade

Tests equal 40% of student’s grade

Homework equals 5% of student’s grade

Ten daily points equals 35% of students’ grade


A way to review and study.

Math Standards for 7th grade.

Math Impact Book

Pass Code: IM7048c1



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