"Dinnertime is so much nicer for our family now that we use Welcome Home personal chef service. My days are less stressful knowing that I don't have to spend time cooking dinner every night and we all enjoy having more variety in our meals. We used to eat out at least once a week, but heating up one of Sarah's tasty dinners is a much more convenient option.

We like having the flexibility of choosing specific entrees or asking Sarah to surprise us based on our preferences. Our list of favorite dishes keeps growing, but a few that we especially enjoy include her macaroni and cheese, chicken cordon bleu, tortellini carbonara, baked fish provencal, and the most scrumptious chicken pie I've ever eaten."

Deb Jacome, Nashua, NH


“Sarah Hipple has worked with SCA for several years now and provides us with the finest food service that one could ask for.  She’s the one that we turn to when we’re feeding our leaders at our annual training or any other event where we need good food and true service with a smile.  Whether it’s cooking for five, fifty, or one hundred fifty, the freshest food is prepared with the utmost attention to detail and tastes like you’re in your own home.  It’s like having our very own food angel.  We can’t wait to eat when Sarah and her staff are in the kitchen.”

Lew Shelley, Director of Training for SCA, Charlestown, NH