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We are excited to offer a 8th grade choir this year at Welborn Academy. We have developed this program over the past two years as an elective class students could select from during their enhancement scedule. This year, the choir will meet every day for the entire school year and will participate at both the winter and spring concert.
Please review the handbook that specifically talks about the requirements for the Welborn Academy choir and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Oei at 336-819-2880 ext. 4512 or oeia@gcsnc.com.

Class Wide Expectations

In regards to the classroom, all expectations described in the Welborn Academy hand book will apply to the music program.  It is the student’s responsibility to understand and follow all rules described in the school hand book.  Please pay close attention to the following specific items:

The following range of consequences will be used depending on the expectation violation and frequency of occurrence.

· Verbal reminder

· Time-owed

· Contacting Parent

·Office Referral

· Take home assignment


Grading Policy

We will follow the Welborn Academy's Grading aPractices and Parameters.
  • Tests..........................35%
  • Classwork...................40%
  • Quizzes......................20%
  • Homework...................5%

Concert Performances

Music is a hands-on activity and requires100% participation from every student. Attendance at all performances is expected of each student throughout the school year. Personal illness and certain other circumstances (determined by the director) will be considered "excused" absences. These absences must be accompanied by a note signed by a parent/guardian and given to the director on the student's return to school. A performance absence, if excused, may be made up by completing an additional assignment given by the director. "Unexcused" absences may not be made-up, and will result in a lowering of the student's band grade. The student will receive concert dates and time in advance. You are required to stay for the entire length of the concert to receive full credit.  This includes set-up and breakdown of equipment.  If an absence is known, please give the director notice ahead of time.


Concert Attire

 All students are required to purchase proper concert attire.  For males, black pants, a white long-sleeve dress shirt, tie, black socks and black shoes are required. Females should wear a white blouse with sleeves with a long black skirt (the length should be below the knees when seating) with proper dress shoes. Long black pants are also acceptable.

Prior to scheduled performances, before school rehearsals will be required to finalize preparation for the concert. These rehearsals will be scheduled in advance. These absences must be accompanied by a note signed by a parent/guardian and given to the director on the student's return to school. "Unexcused" absences may not be made-up, and will result in a lowering of the student's grade.


Classroom Participation

Classroom participation is essential for developing a positive atmosphere of learning in music.  Students are required to prepare for by bringing all equipment (instrument, music, pencil, folder, paper, instrument maintenance items, etc.) to class each day.  Students should also respect their teacher, themselves and their fellow classmates. Respect includes, but not limited to, not talking to one another while the teacher is lecturing, only using the equipment assigned to you, giving 100% effort when playing music, and picking up after yourselves.


Playing and Written Test 

Throughout the year, students will be given playing test to assess their achievement.  Test will be assigned ahead of time and will consist of scales, technical studies, ear training, or assigned music. Written test will evaluate the students knowledge on the subject matter discussed in class.



Other Information 

Fundraising Activities

The Welborn Academy Music Boosters program has developed a number of fundraising activities to help with Music Department, and trip fees.  These activities are on a volunteer basis, and will give money credit towards payments for the students who participate.  More information about fundraising opportunities will be available later this year.

Instructional Lessons

Students at Welborn Academy are encouraged to participate in outside instructional lessons.  These lessons are highly recommended, and are a great tool in developing abilities on your specific instruments.  Any student who takes additional instructional lessons can use the time spent at the lesson towards thier practice record.  For a list of experienced instructional teachers, please talk to the director.  All teachers charge an hourly lesson fee. 

Problems, Questions, Concerns
If at any time you have a problem, question or concern about the handbook or any band related ideas, don’t hesitate to give the director a call.  You can either call my office at
(336) 819-2880 ext. 4512 or send me an e-mail at oeia@gcsnc.com.
Welborn Academy Music,
Aug 23, 2010, 8:48 AM