Windfola's Most Up-and-Coming Kinship

New Website Coming Soon!
Asto and Curie have taken the kin's suggestions into account and are in the process of creating a new, flashy, awesome website for We.  Expect more information in the coming weeks.
-The Officers

Officer Summit 2011 Meeting Notes:
  1.  Recruitment has been reorganized. We are moving totally to a referral-based system. If you group with someone and they are of good quality or are just fun to run with, you may offer to be their sponsor for recruitment. The potential recruit would then need to go into an instance with the kin, be it GS, GB, SG, whatever. This is a test to see how they act under pressure and with the other members. After the run, members who took place in the run will vote as to whether or not the potential recruit is We material. If so, they will be recruited in by an Officer. Furthermore, the Recruitment time period has been extended to two weeks.  (These changes have been reflected on the For Recruits page.)
  2. Members inactive for 100 days will be bumped down to Recruit. After an additional 33 days (133 total) the character will be expelled from the kinship. In order to ensure that your alternates are not unnecessarily booted, please log into them and change your player note to something like “Curie alt.” The player note allows easier communication between all members.
  3. Kinship Chests have been reevaluated and are in the process of being reformatted. Kin Chests will be stocked with a supply of crafting material, class quest items, and other goodies for any member of the kin to access. Special items(Putrid Slime, etc.) will be stored on an alternate character to which all Officers will have access. If you are in dire need of additional crafting supplies or a rare item, contact an Officer. We will work to keep the chests stocked.  More information about chests is forthcoming, such as which alt will be, in essence, We’s mule.
  4. By popular demand, the kin website will be redesigned in the coming months. The new site will feature increased functionality, splashier graphics, and more user interaction.
  5. We have decided to induct two new Officers: Jaesyn and Gheppen. They will serve their posts well and help our current Leader, Lailyn, and the other Officers better communicate with the members.

-The Officers

We Forms Alliances

We is now part of two alliances on the Windfola Server.  The first is forged primarily with old friends from Quel Fara, but also includes members from Light and Flame, The Kindred, and other kinships.  Recently, We entered into a raid alliance with Guardians of the Vault.  This fantastic friendship will allow for the more active members to experience more content than ever before.  More updates on how this will affect the raid schedule will come soon.
We is happy with the opportunities our alliances offer our members in terms of instances, as well as social interaction.

-The Officers

Zimpo gazes at the gates of Dol Guldur, knowing that his We Kinship Cloak will protect him.

We Kinship Cloak
In an effort to promote kin unity and make us look even cooler during instances, We got a kinship cloak!  Thanks to Grimtree for the incredible idea.
Available to all members!  Talk to an Officer today to get yours!
-We Website and Recruiting Team

Ew - Creeps!

Our first kin freep/creep night was a great success, with many players coming out to get some infamy/renown.  Ew is We's new creep tribe.  We had a blast holding the zerg off at Steps of Grams and later moving on toward Tol Ascarnen.  Thanks to all who came! Hopefully We can make this a regular occurence with Ew fighting We!
-The Officers

Ventrilo Server Launched!

Thanks to the wonderful Grimtree, We has a brand new Vent server for all our voice-chat needs!  For those of you who don't have any experience with Ventrilo, it is a voice chat program similar to the in-game chat but with much better quality and more customizable options.  It is perfect for either communicating during kin runs or just general chat while questing.  To install the program, follow these easy steps:

            1) Visit
            2) Click "Download" and install the client suitable to your operating system.
            3) Open Ventrilo and click on the arrow button next to "Server: _____________"
            4) Name it whatever you want, but enter the host and port number exactly as they appear below:
                                Port:  45514
            5) Enjoy!

If you have any questions about any of this, please ask an officer for help!  Keep being awesome, We!

~The Officers

Potential Members, New Folks, and Recruits

We are glad that you have taken the time to check out our site.  Feel free to take a look around and gather information that may help in choosing We as your Kinship.   The "For Recruits" page has ample information about our recruitment policies and needs.

Current Members are asked to update their information on the "Members" page.  Thanks!

-The Officers