Introduction & CFP

Co-located with ISWC 2011
Date: October 24, 2011 (Monday)
Time: 14:00 - 18:00
Location: Room Haber, Hotel Maritim Bonn, Germany
Format: Half-Day Workshop


Recently, there has been a significant amount of interest in automatically creating large-scale knowledge bases from unstructured text. Compared to traditional, manually created representations, these knowledge bases have the advantage of scale and coverage. They often contain tens of millions of propositions, represented using a variety of encodings, from simple binary assertions to more complicated frame-like structures, and are extracted by parsing and analyzing large text corpora.

Such proposition stores have been enriched by linking to the Semantic Web, in particular, the growing linked open dataset (LOD). These semantic knowledge bases have been used for a wide variety of NLP and KR&R applications such as semantic search, question answering, entity resolution, ontology mapping etc.

This workshop is designed to gather researchers in the area of building and applying textually mined, structured and semantic knowledge bases and to discuss key related issues.

Call for Papers

Papers related to one or more of the following topics are welcome (not limited to these topics):

  • Extraction Challenges
    • How to extract knowledge from a large amount of text effectively
    • How to deal with multiple sources, especially with different granularity, reliability
    • How to deal with incorrect or noisy data
    • How to deal with the problem of entity disambiguation and identification in text
    • How to evaluate and compare with different extraction results
  • Representation and Storage Issues
    • How to represent the extracted information, e.g. as assertions, rules, frames
    • How to store and index the information for quick and flexible retrieval
    • How to capture and represent the knowledge probabilistically
    • How to model the context from which the extraction comes
    • How to represent modal (beliefs/opinions etc) and incomplete knowledge
  • Relationship with Formal KR&R and Semantic Web
    • How to combine/link textually mined knowledge to Semantic Web data (ontologies)
    • How to combine fuzzy inference over mined data with formal logic based inference
  • Applications of Textually Mined and Semantically Enhanced Knowledge Stores
    • Semantic Search
    • Question Answering
    • Entity Resolution
    • Ontology/Data Merging