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The Wej7 Story

The Wej7 Story


By William E Justin




About 2007 or 2008 I came back to the web after a 7 year absence where I only used it for research.  It had developed fast as always but now was hugely commercial.  I saw the technology spreading out but it still didn’t operate as I thought it should.  The Web became Web 2.0 for me.  I got my first e-mail accounts, got on FaceBook and MySpace.  My first goal was to publish my book Episodes of Truth—which I accomplished through Amazon.


That work—subtitled A Layman’s Guide To Universal Integrated Philosophy—it remains available today at:


Book sales never appeared.  My lack of desire to joint in with a full promotional effort just wasn't there.  The book would be a hard sell.  Although it was clever, inventive, funny--and strong into insight and solutions to topical problems--it made some mistakes

in the area known as Intellectual/Social.  The book had classical meshing of various ideas from religion in it as well.  I don't know how many times I have used web pieces since to put Atheism in it's place as "just another viewport of and to "God".  But at the beginning of publication of the work, Atheism as Science was a botched concept--but one very much having a field day. 


At this same time I was publishing the opening song on 7SONGS titled R.O.T.A. ( 


Despite the obvious Quality in what I was doing, things just didn't look good for a layman talking about universal integrated philosophy--something nobody had ever heard of--but also sounding somewhat black in an almost urban contemporary rhythmic pop song.  Comparative religion? Gorilla Rock? Universal Integrated Philosophy?  It didn't look too promising for my work.  Not at all!


----to be continued 


The Limited Addition
Collection by william e justin--coming soon but not on the web


3.0 Whispering

In 1976, the great experiment in Democracy here in the U.S entered it’s early 3.0 stage.  Thirty-something years later, the Democratic 3.0 model is accelerating,--gaining its basic form or fundamental “switch bank setup”, whereby the laws are set to provide and protect the individual and group freedoms from stepping onto each other unfairly.  We can see the old 2.0 version of Democracy having gone to antithesis of the original dream or ideational beginning in 1.0.  The bleakness seen rising in the past few years is Fascism—in its most fundamental form as the overwrought, even abusive parent—fighting with all its might in what we hope is a last ditch, futile effort.  Here are some links to the formation of 3.0—they are not perfectly described but…coming along just fine.  Please give them a bit of study time.
...I havn't been able to spend much time on the web lately...i've noticed that google has changed a lot while has killed off about a third of my "view credits".  Not that any of this matters much now...the feeling is that you "pay to play" now...democracy has been pretty much been ruined by the fools...the worm in the apple has no idea of the harm it causes...  

...Put this up at FB, Blogger but was locked out at DKOS

...added Back Before The Future Came to Fandalism

3/27/2014  Gentrification mini-project

3/17/2014   St. Paddy's Day Micro Project text..
RTA translates also to our “Mother Nature”—that incubating and nurturing force present even in the atomic bonding of various particles into aggregations that are “fitted for joining”.  The Catholics pray to “Mother Mary” to accelerate particular forces (The Holy Spirit) to aggregate in a particular way.  Is there a personality—Mary, the mother of Jesus—that receives the prayers issued from the human mind and, maybe, amplifies them?  That is a faith question—not my focus here.  Understanding how the concept of RTA branched into Karma (action) and Dharma (Right Action) gives us some help in seeing Morals as more than a dogma.  “Obey they father and mother” is an old moral---it fits together well and provides some order to society.  But when mom and pop are abusing the kids—RTA is a call from behind the act of calling in social services by the concern of another relative.  So getting to know this root of Right, writ, and many other words helps us to understand the intellectual aggregations of “truth particles” that form the correct basis for our laws and rules of personal conduct.  Now, should we have a beer on St. Patrick’s Day?  Maybe…or maybe not.  There is no fixed rule on this because sometimes it’s the right thing to do, and other times it’s not.  NOTE: THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY SATAN AND/OR THE HOLY SPIRIT

I think this is a great...sorta about "back-in-the-day-romance, back 
to work on The Next Big Thing project...

Completed and posted The Future of Public Data was actually 20 years ago that I first began to visualize the long-term win of Democracy by such methods are described at:

Links to Trans-Pacific Trade Info  

Published On 9/27/2013 --draft 2 of  Trade &  Law Matrix  for further encouragement for A Public participation in the creation of law.  This draft has a public domain license.  People are encouraged to download this here or at 
The Google Docs file requires more work to hook up the links--a third & final initial draft is forthcoming...
Wild-dog Willy, Pussy Wildcat, and the Little Wiener Dog on an average day in the aftermath of the story recorded in song at:
Wild-Dog Willy, Pussy Wild Cat and The Little Wiener Dog on an average day in the aftermath
of the story recorded into song at:

WEJ7 News Posting

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When The Boss Falls Down (and knives you in the stomach)

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