There's no question that surge protectors are necessary to protect sensitive computer gear from surges or spikes in the power supply.  Although most of us think of outside surges and spikes as the prime suspects,but homegrown problems, like those created by appliance motors cycling on and off (think fridge, washer and dryer, and air conditioner), are more common.

Warning:  The newer the microprocessor, the more susceptible it is to power spikes. The greater the number of transistors packed into a chip, the less tolerant it is of excess voltage. If you use an aging computer without a surge protector, it may survive a spike. A newer PC or electronic appliance, on the other hand, will fry.

2 Whole House Surge Protection systems 

are now available

 The same Entry Level Surge protector that Jeff Weissman has been installing for the last 15 years is only $250.00 (6/1/2011) Furnished & installed. (One surge protector required per Breaker panel)

This heavy duty surge suppressor is installed inside the main breaker panel.  When a destructive surge enters the wiring, the unit clamps the voltage to a safe level in nanoseconds, absorbing the potentially dangerous pulse and dissipating it harmlessly to ground.  All three of your grounds bond together inside your breaker panel. This is the best location for any surge protection.  Having protected your valuable electronic circuitry, the Lighting arrestor/surge suppressor immediately self-restores ready to protect against the next surge.  The unit is completely encapsulated, weatherproof and built to with stand great impact without impairing its ability to protect against surges.  This is a must for any residential home. 10 year manufacture limited warranty



Whole House Surge Protection with Line filtering and Power conditioning.

This is the Total Home Surge Protection System for the high end custom home with above normal quantities of electronic devices,  expensive Home theater systems, Home automation systems, Electronic controlled Pool systems, elaborate computer networks.  This install the same as the Entry Level Surge protector  but offers better clamping voltages and power conditioning LIFETIME manufacture free replacement warranty



  • Retrofit or install surge protection during the construction phase and maximize the benefits when you move into your new home
  • Controlling your insurance cost by avoiding the risk of claims, disputes and cancellations caused by repeat surge damages.
  • Extend equipment life and improve reliability to all electrical equipment
  • Minimize the cost of repairs & inconvenience of equipment replacement, caused by devastating power surges.

Computer grade Power for the whole house (Total Protection Solution Surge protector only)



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