Fully stocked Service Van

When I'm slow...My AT&T Call Notes notifies me immediately when I receive a new message and I'll immediately return your call.  All other times, I regularly check my messages while I'm driving between customers.  If your call is urgent I will then return your call promptly.

All jobs are important to me regardless of the size. 

Many times Customers call me with what they think is a small job.  But any Electrical request whether it's a small job or a large job gets the same attention.  I always return every call, most within an hour, all calls by the end of the day.  It doesn't bother me to replace a single dimmer that stopped working or even to change a hard to reach light bulb.  This is what service is supposed to be!

You will be surprised at the materials I carry on my Service Van.  Switches, Plugs, Plates, Dimmers, timers, Photo-cells & many replacement sockets for most common light fixtures.

Many times I can even give Estimates for small request over the phone.

The best advice I can offer is to make a list of everything you might have a problem with, or even questions you may have.

Small Jobs are fun too!  I get to make new customers, get caught up with my favorite loyal customers.  I get in fast, get out fast, get paid fast, and I get many referrals from you too!  THANKS!