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Q.  What is a Service Entrance? 

A.  This refers to the wires feeding the main breaker panel.  Theses wire terminate to Centerpoints overhead or underground wires and pass thru your utility meter.  This wire size determinines the ampacity of your service and the amount of power you will have available in your main breaker panel.

Q.  Why are some breaker panels larger than others?

 A.  Your breaker panel was sized according to the codes for the year it was originally installed & for the anticipated electrical demand.  The square footage & connected loads determine the ampacity & size of everything.

Q. When should I upgrade my Service? 

A.  If you are adding on additional loads such as a room addition or major remodel, you will probably need to upgrade.

Q. What if I have one of those "BAD" Zinsco  Panels?

 A. Zinsco Panels with the alloy Buss bars that the breakers attach to are the ones that have problems.  Usually you will never know you have a problem till something goes bad inside your breaker panel.  At this time you will have no choice but to replace the panel.

Q. Do I "need" to replace my Federal Pacific Panel? 

A.  NO!, Hey it is working right?  But, this manufacture along with Zinsco has a documented reputation for a higher than normal failure rate that has caused fires & damage.  I still carry replacement breakers for both these panels.  My personal recommendation is to budget or plan on replacing your Federal Pacific or Zinsco Panel, sometime in the near future.  Remember, we all expect our Water heaters, Airconditioning and roof to only last a 10 to 25 years.  Why should we expect light fixtures, switches, plugs or Breaker panels to last forever?

Q.  So How am I supposed to know if my panels are safe, or if my service is too small? 

A.  Many decisions go into deciding this,  Contact Jeff Weissman Electric for a free consultation & estimate.