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and send the crininals down the street

A well lighted house is the most effective deterrent to potential burglars.  However the days of glaring flood lights of the past are not as protective as once thought.  Because, while floodlights create pools of light, they also create pockets of shadow - often close to windows - where thieves can hide.  Low voltage fixtures not only beautify the property, but also fill in those areas of darkness, tastefully directing illumination precisely where its needed most.

Effective residential security lighting is not prison yard lighting.  The goal is to be able to see movement on the property.  This can be accomplished best with lower levels and more sources rather than one or two bright sources.  Avoid Glare.

The object with any security lighting is to deter the criminal from wanting to approach your house.  If a criminal is seen, it raises his chance of being identified and pulled out of a line up. 

Consider adding low voltage up lights or low voltage path lights in the landscaping.  Replacing your old outdated porch lights with a newer brighter model can make the same dramatic difference. Lighting control can be accomplished with the use of timers & photo cells for automatic operation. 

Recessed lights installed in the exterior soffits can add a rich effect to the house creating a wall washed look. 

In my opinion, there is a misconception that Motion Detector lights are for security, when in fact motion detector lights are really for convenience.  Try to put your self in the random criminals shoes, looking for a quick break in.  You see a house that is well lighted, and two doors down one is not.  You naturally decide on the dark house, your mind has now been made, your adrenaline is flowing.  You leave your car headed for the front door or driveway, all you have to do now is kick in the front door, spend a minute gathering up possessions and your done.  But halfway there, the motion lights turn on, you look up see the motion detector and realize this does not mean anyone is home.  Now the question is, do you continue or turn around and leave?  Why let a criminal get to this point, when you can have lights stay on and deter them completely? 

Jeff Weissman can meet with you to design a system that doesn't look like security lighting, and that will add beauty and value for your house.  


The next time you drive down your street at night, drive a little slower.  Now, pretend you are a criminal looking for a house to break into.  Try to guess which house possibly has someone home.  I think you will notice the house that is pitch dark inside & out. No ones home there, right?  And, next to it may be a home with a light on outside, and another on inside.  This house is telling the criminal that the risk is too great.  Next, I want you to think does the house have enough exterior light to help you identify something about the person.  Height, weight, race, age?  Any of these will help police catch the criminal.

About the pictures(from top to bottom) 

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#1 This house has only two types of fixtures, 35watt MR-16 Uplights and 20watt path lights.  The path lights are lighting up the sidewalk entry & the color in the beds on the left.  Two Uplights on each side of the door for balance and to add light to the architectural details of the house.    

#2 This house has the same two fixtures, as above. The difference in the brightness of the two pictures is probably my exposure setting on my camera.  Both have an excellent curb appeal.

#3) Have 65 watt 5" recessed cans in the soffits.  Lights are controlled by a digital programmable timer for automatic dusk to dawn operation.

#4 THIS IS WHAT NOT DO DO  this house has the DIY solar LEDs bought from Home Cheapo.  Notice that they put out no light, have an unnatural blue light, They look like cheap airport runway lights. What a waste of money.

#5 Lights mounted in trees have a dramatic effect but a short lifespan.  The Junction box for "Moon Lights" is 6" deep.  The growth of this tree has buried it.  The lights & wiring were disconnected years ago.

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