Recessed cans are an excellent choice when non glaring light is desired for a room.  Cans are not decorative, just functional. Recessed lights come in basically 4 sizes. Most common are the Basic Baffle in white or black.

"Pucks" are literally the size of a hockey puck, are low voltage & require a remote transformer.

4" recessed, will take up to a R-20 50 watt lamp

5" recessed, will take up to a R-30 65 watt lamp

6" recessed, will take up to a R-40 120watt

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HALO Lighting 


(please avoid the internet imported specials, the quality is crap, they won't last and I think the UL listing could be fake)

Kitchen  lighting with fluorescent box built by builder,  removed and six 6" recessed cans installed.

Before                                    After 


Recessed Pucks over Cooktop