Texas Electrical Contractors License # 23709


Currently Registered in Houston, Bellaire, West University, Sugarland and most of the "Villages"

 Available for all of Texas

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State & local laws require, All Licensed trades, Electrical, Plumbing & Air Conditioning Contractors must display their License Numbers and Company Name on the vechicle they work from.

Electricians will have a TECL # (texas electrical contractors license) Plumbers will have a TMPL # (texas master plumber license) Airconditioning will have a  TACL # (texas air condition license)

If there is no visible License on the vehicle, then they could be misrepresenting their license information.  

Many tradesman will advertise in the paper that they are licensed.  They may be Apprentice, or Journeyman Licensed, which by law, are not allowed to be contractors.  Texas law requires a Licensed Contractor, to be, or to employ a Master Licensed Electrician.   You should always feel comfortable to ask for our licenses or License Numbers.  You can now search online by our names or License number with the links to the left.

Avoid the "Trunk Slammer Express"  or Handyman

"Trunk Slammer Express" refers to the handyman that is working out of his personal car.   Most of these people are handy, but are usually unemployed from their real career or job & looking to pick up some cash while they wait for their real jobs to call them back.  It is illegal for a handyman, or anyone to perform Electrical work without a license.  You must be Employed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor and working direcly under a Licensed Master Electricain.  Your handyman can always be helpfull installing towel racks, mini blinds, plantation shutters or replacing a rotten board.  

Need a new job or career?  Become Residential Remodel Contractor. Yes, you too can be a contractor in Texas with no previous experience or license needed.  Learn while on the job and making money from your unsuspecting customers.  See my Rant on this in my blog 5/3/07