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This is HOT!!  Easy to Use.  So Simple!  Every Home as a place for this!  CHECK IT OUT  My personal favorite...       Never enter a dark home again

NEW! 6/09  Add a Wireless Occupancy Sensor to any room.  This new device mounts on the ceiling and communicates with the included wall switch/dimmer.  Touch the switch to turn on lights, set the Occ. Sensor to turn the lights off after a pre determined time.  This is great for Kids bedrooms, walk in closets, garages or any rooms that you think the lights are left on when no one is in the room.

Finally a Bathroom exhaust fan upgrade kit to cut noise up to 50% and Boost air movement up to 20%

Wireless remote control dimming from your bed or easy chair with out getting up!  I have two of these!

 This Programmable timer replaces any wall switch to control lights.  It automatically changes with daily sunrise & sunset time changes. 

No more losing night lights or replacing bulbs, LED built right into the receptacle.



LED LIGHT FIXTURES and LAMPS  are now on the shelves, but before you jump into them there are a few thing to remember.  Price is going to be high at first until supplies ramp up. Technology will change untill they get it right to our liking.  What I want to look for is a bulb or fixture that has the "CREE" Leds.  CREE  makes the best & brightest LEDS, they are into the LED TV's and the high end tactical flashlights.  All I can say is if you get the chance to compare a CREE LED to another you will see the night & day difference.  For me its going to be like buying a new TV, the longer you can wait, the better product at a better price is what you will find.