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I do everything Personally, I’m not sending out flunkies that have no experience, can’t communicate, or might possibly even have criminal records.  I’m responsible for all the work, and it’s going to get the best attention.  I won’t turn down a job because it’s too small,  I don’t mind changing bulbs for customers that are too busy or incapable of climbing ladders.  Sure, its not a job that I can sink my teeth into, but it will always lead to another job through referrals.

I frequently talk myself out of work if it’s in the best behalf of my customers,  I’ll tell my customers the things other electricians won’t  so I can save them money.  The large contractors want to make whatever money they can in one service call, and I want a customer for life.

I try to put myself in my customers’ shoes and try to give them the same respect and service that I expect when I need to call for repairs on my house.  I always call when I’m in route to my customers.  If I’m running very late I call to inform my customers and offer to reschedule.

My company name is my name,   My name is my reputation.

How to Contact me?  

Best way is to call and leave your name and number. I check my voice mail messages several times daily for emergency calls.   If you have an emergency or urgent need to talk, let me know and I'll do my best to call you back immediately.  Otherwise it could be at the end of my work day and before dinner time when I'll be returning your call.   I may be on the other line talking to a customer,  so please don't hang up, PLEASE,leave a message   I do return every call. 

REMEMBER... I Work from a small home office, so please be respectful of the time you call me, even if your intention is to just leave me a message.  Emails never wake me up!

Email me I always check my Emails in the early morning and after work hours.  I reply to Emails the same day, some weekends exceptions apply.     FASTEST WAY TO GET ON MY SCHEDULE IS BY PHONE.  But Emails do work if your in no hurry.

Send Me a picture...Got an issue you may have a hard time explaining or just want my professional opinion?  Email me a picture.  I can give you a quick estimate or advice, with out having to wait for an appointment.


Do you own a iPhone4? I have one and with Facetime, we can do a video chat, you can walk me thru your house showing me the jobs you'd like done all while I can ask questions.  Technology is cool!  Contact me and we can swap Cell phone numbers to do this.