Weimaraner Vizsla Mix puppies - born February 6, 2012 - 5 girls and 2 boys

The Dad

Height:  26 inches


According to the AKC standard, the male Weimaraner stands between 25 and 27 inches (63–68 cm) at the withers.

Females are between 23 and 25 inches (58–63 cm). Of course, there are many dogs taller or shorter than the breed standard. The breed is not heavy for its height, and males normally weigh roughly 70-80 pounds. Females are generally between 55-70 lbs (25–32 kg). A Weimaraner should give the appearance of a muscular, athletic dog.

Puppy Information

Also known as Weisla puppies, they are a cross between a Weimaraner and a Vizsla.  Both are  hunting dogs with high intelligence and wonderful personalities.  Our Weisla's are a chocolate color (see individual pictures).  When the eyes open (8-10 days old) we will report their eye color and add pictures if possible.

(5) Females
(2) Males

1st VET Visit for your New Weisla

FREE (at locations listed on Certificate)

At the time or purchase/pick-up of your new Weisla puppy,  you will be given a Certificate that entitles your new Weisla to a FREE health examination.  4 Locations are listed on the certificate (Orland Park, Chicago, University Park and Yorkville).  Orland Park location is where all the puppies are being seen during their 1st 8 weeks.

The Mom

Height:  23 inches




  • Males
  • Females
    • Height: 21–24 in (53–61 cm)
    • Weight: 40–55 lb (18–25 kg)