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You have arrived at the digital home of the Weiser Banjo Camp & Contest...but wait, there's more!  While the banjo camp and contest are big events for us now, we are adding more events like singing, guitar and others.  So come back and check in to see what's going on or even better, contact us with an idea! Be sure to visit our Facebook page to learn of late breaking news and share banjo items of interest.

The Weiser Banjo Camp...
"This camp provides a very unique opportunity for banjo players of all skill levels to work directly with local and nationally known instructors in very casual environment. Due to the relatively small size of the camp, students can get a very personalized experience not offered other places".      Jason Homey, Lead Instructor

The Weiser Banjo Camp is held in May each year.  Click here to find out more information the 2017 camp.

Information will be posted soon about the 2018 Weiser Bluegrass Banjo Camp ..... with none other than Alan Munde as an instructor!

...The Weiser Banjo Contest
"My intention with this contest is to 1) establish a banjo contest as an important and fun part of the National Old Time Fiddle Contest and Festival and 2) provide a low-key, low-stakes opportunity for banjo players at all levels to get together and gain experience playing in front of a live audience.  We keep the stakes low and the show loose to make it a good learning experience but above all, a great time."        Gary Eller, Contest Director

The Weiser Banjo Contest is held the first weekend of the Weiser Fiddle Festival which occurs the third full week in June each year.  Click here for more information about on our next contest.