Wall of Fame

2016 Banjo and Fiddle Winners
Pictured left to right...
  1.  Bob Denton (Tucson, Arizona) and Laura Reed (McCall, Idaho)
  2.  Lucas Hicks (Bellingham, Washington) and Devin Champlin (Seattle, Washington)
  3.  Jason and Hannah Young (Boise, Idaho)

2016 Advanced Open Winners
Pictured left to right...
  1.   Jason Homey (Boise, Idaho)
  2.   Mark Thomas (Eugene, Oregon)
  3.   Alexander Wiggins Klivecka (Hood River, Oregon)

2016 Intermediate Open Winners
Pictured totally out of order...
  1.  Kevin Dreyer  (Spirit Lake, Idaho) - Center
  2.  Suzanne McGee  (Memphis, Tennessee) - Right
  3.  John April – (Richland, Washington) - Left