Welcome to the WEIRD FOOTPRINTS Pages

Those of you living in the UK would have realised that in the early part of 2009, we had unprecedented snowfalls which resulted in chaos throughout the British Isles.

Well these pages were put together because I noticed a very strange set of foot prints in the snow, when looking out of the bedroom window.

Unfortunately the pictures are not fantastic as they were taken using just a camera phone, but you can see the footprints that I am referring to in amongst the smaller footprints of our small dog!

You can find the pictures from the links on the menu to the left.

Things to notice however:

1) There is only ONE line of prints which go all the way to the end of the garden (so did the "creature" come back or only go one way?)
2) The space between each footprint is over a metre and a half in length, far greater than a human step
3) If the animal had four legs then you would have footprints slightly askew from other another, but these are all in a straight line
4) Was this some animal that jumped? Hence only one line of prints?
5) Picture 9 shows my foot in relation to the print, and as you can see the animal print was quite a size...!

Now if anyone has any idea's as to what these footprints could possibly be then please contact me and let me know your suggestions.
You can contact me on the "Contact Me with Comments" page found on the main menu

In the meantime, take a look and see what you think... and thanks for looking!



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