Wei Peng 彭暐

Giorgio Ruffolo Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sustainability Science
Environment and Natural Resources Program
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
J.F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

Email: wei_peng@hks.harvard.edu

Note: I have stopped updating this site. Please visit weipengenergy.com for future updates.

Research Fields: Energy - Environment nexus, Air pollution and health impacts, Integrated assessment, Renewable energy, China’s energy governance, Climate change and financial markets


May 2018     -   I will be joining Penn State as an assistant professor in International Affairs & Civil and Environmental Engineering in January 2019. As I start to build my lab in the Happy Valley, I plan to recruit 1-2 motivated PhD students through the Environmental Engineering program starting from Fall 2019. If this seems to be a good fit, please send me a note along with your CV.

April 2018     -  Our paper came out on Environmental Research Letters: "Climate, Air Quality and Human Health Benefits of Various Solar Photovoltaic Development Scenarios in China in 2030"

March 2018  -  My first-authored paper was published on Applied Energy: "Potential benefits of electrification for air quality, health and CO2 mitigation in 2030 China".

October 2017 - My working paper on climate shocks and financial markets is cited by IMF's World Economic Outlook (chapter titled "The Effects of Weather Shocks on Economic Activity: How Can Low-Income Countries Cope?")!

October 2017  - Our paper came out on PNAS: "Reduction of solar photovoltaic resources due to air pollution in China"

June 2017 - My first-authored paper came out on Environmental Research Letters: "Air quality and climate benefits of long-distance electricity transmission in China"!

May 2017 -  My first-authored paper published on Science of the Total Environment: "Substantial air quality and climate co-benefits achievable now with sectoral mitigation strategies in China"!

April 2017 -  My co-authored paper published on PNAS: "Air quality, health, and climate implications of China's synthetic natural gas development"!

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