"We pledge to thee, o BBG, our love our youth our loyalty..."
These words are the opening phrases of our Order's anthem...the core of our BBG tradition.
The dictionary defines tradition as "that which is handed down," and so it is with BBG. The following are only some of the many BBG traditions that have been handed down through the years.
1. Big Sisters-These are the older girls in the chapter, chosen by the MIT moms, who serve the duration of the MIT period. They answer questions, talk with, and in general help the Little Sisters become acquainted with the B'nai B'rith Girls.
2. Friendship Circle-At the end of meetings or any special BBYO event, we link hands and stand together united as friends. While we sing BBYO songs, the right hand is crossed over the left.
3. Beau and Sweethearts- A  tradition shared by AZA and BBG, each year AZA chooses one BBG from their city to hold the honored position of Sweetheart, and BBG does the same by choosing an AZA to serve as Beau. These special people will be honorary members of the chapter they are elected to and be a special guest at all their chapter meetings and folds.
4. Star of Deborah Award- This is the most coveted award in BBG. A BBG must work all of her years, and if lucky enough, she will attain the necessary points to be honored with the Star of Deborah.
5. Rituals and Ceremonies- These include such beautiful services as Life Membership, MIT Inductions, Officer Installations, Good and Welfares, and more.
6. Good and Welfare- The time set aside when each member is allowed and encouraged to give her feelings and criticisms to her chaper.
7. BBG Jewelry- There are various pins available to every BBG member. Everyone receives the BBG member pin; qualifying members receive the Star of Deborah pin; the following pins are also available: N'siah pin, Madricha pin, Beau pin, and Advisor pin.