The Region

Cotton States Region includes Tenessee, Alabama, and Louisiana. The chapters of the Cotton States Region are located in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham, and New Orleans.There are 12 different chapters. The region has two executive boards, one for AZA and one for BBG. The members of the executive boards are elected at annual regional conventions.
Current Regional Board
Gadol- Aaron Chasan                    N'siah- Ariel Yazdian
         S'gan- Adam Goldberg                 S'ganit-Joycie Bernstein
                         Moreh- Sam Black              Aym Ha-Chaverot- Cara Levi
        Shaliach- Sam Perlen              Sh'licha- Ariane Schaffer
                         Mazkir/Gizbor- Barry Goldsmith        Mazkirah/Gizborit - Elianna Landau
There are 5 regional programs held annually:
Fall Kallah-
AZA and BBG 10th-12th - Usually held in September
The primary focus of Kallah is Judaism. This program helps BBYO members to strengthen their Jewish identity through programming that deals with the entire spectrum of Judaism.

New Member Weekend(MIT/AIT)
AZA and BBG 9th- Usually September/October
Held in early Fall, this weekend gives new members the opportunity to learn the "BBYO Basics" on the regional level while making friends with other freshman in Cotton States.

Regional Convention
AZA and BBG 9th-12th- Held in December
The longest of our regional programs,  Convention usually lasts four days and three nights. The highlights of convention are the election of the new regional executive board, sports day, and final banquet when awards are given in recognition of outstanding chapter programming and individual successes.

Regional Execs Weekend
AZA and BBG 9th-12th- held in February
This program is a time for chapter board members to work one one-on-one with their regional counterparts. Regional Execs is an opportunity to improve leadership skills of each board member in turn strengthening each chapter.

Spring Convention
AZA and BBG- 9th-12th- Held in April
Spring Convention is a social program for the benefit of the members of Cotton States Region. It is shorter than Regional Convention and does not include elections, but is a great opportunity to strengthen regional friendships.