The CDC needs your help!

The Centers for Disease Control are worried about the numbers of young adults who are unaware of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections.  They need your help!  Who better to speak to young adults than young adults?  IT IS UP TO YOU!!!  You must design a public service announcement campaign on STIs for your peers.  

Mastery Objectives:

As a result of our time together, you will be able to:

  1. Search for and compile information on your assigned STI from credible sources (including online databases, eBooks & authoritative websites.)
  2. Analyze the information (facts, stories, images) to determine how to effectively communicate the most important points to teens.
  3. Design a multimedia public service announcement about your topic.

Tips and Guidelines: 

Research Notes Research is a key element of this assignment. All research should be completed by the beginning of Day 2 in the media center.   


  • Causes of the STI (for women and men)
  • Symptoms of the STI (for men and women; be sure to include first symptoms and more severe symptoms)
  • Treatment (include any initial treatment and any long-term treatment necessary)
  • Prevention (how can teens prevent contracting the STI)
  • Statistics (how many people (especially teens) have the disease or infection? any statistics you can find would be great)
  • IMAGES -- images will be very important - collect at least 10 images
Works Cited EVERY INDIVIDUAL IN YOUR GROUP needs to create & submit a works cited page/slide.  You should include ALL resources used -- databases, websites, e-books, pictures,etc.
Open a Word Document or Google Doc to save citations for all the sources you use as you research.  Our databases give you citations for each article you use.  You will need to create citations for websites and images using EASYBIB.COM.
Presentation Script: You need to write a script for your PSA narration.  This should be completed by the BEGINNING of Day 2 in the media center. Your Health teacher needs to check your script BEFORE you start looking for images online.

Images: You will need to find (and cite!) images on the web.  You must "SAVE" each image to a folder on your h-drive.  DO NOT COPY & PASTE IMAGES into a word document!

Video: Your group will create your PSA video with the images and information you collected (as well as by recording different segments) in Google Drive. 


Created by J. Fauver & J. Gaffney for Freshman Health Classes at Lenape High School.  Last updated 4/9/2014.

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