Wei Jiang(蒋蔚

Since Oct. 2017, I am a PhD student in Statistics in CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique. My research project is about modelling with missing values for hospital data. Fan of R and Python, eager to learn more about data science and mathematics.

• PhD student in Statistics in CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique
• Team member of XPOP, Inria Saclay &
 Data Science Initiative
• Collaborated with TraumaBase & Capgemini
• Under the supervision of professor Julie Josse
• Funded by DIM Math Innov


Office 2138, Inria Saclay,
1 Rue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves,
91120 Palaiseau, France
Email : wei.jiang@polytechnique.edu

Research Overview

 •  Generalized linear model with missing data
   Model selection with missing data
 •  Modelling of severely traumatised patients