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Welcome to WeiHwa Chinese School   (Since 1974)
Lake Braddock Secondary School
9200 Burke Lake Road,
Burke, VA 22015

Mailing Address : P.O. Box 2931 Springfield, Virginia 22152-1599


Principal Dr. Wenling Lin 謝文玲 703-385-3666

Dean Mrs. Teresa Lu 呂秋萍 703-644-0935

 Registry: Mrs. Yellia Seanor 黃慧雯 703.825.7063

Help Desk: Mrs. Teresa Lu 呂秋萍 703-644-0935





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Wei-Hwa Chinese school admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin
We use the most suitable United States child learning environment "American Chinese"(Mei Zhou Hua Yu). Textbook integrated United States courses and SAT language, since childhood to high school, teaching of coherence as a whole
These textbooks were compiled by the way of "United States goal of foreign language teaching" (ACTFL Standards For Foreign Language Learning---communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities)
Language Classes 語文班:
Phonics 繁體字的注音班
Pin-Yin 简体字的拼音班
我們使用最適合美國孩兒學習環境的「美洲華語」,教材融合美國課程, 自小學到高中及SAT語文, 連貫整體教學.
這套教材編撰的方式,以「美國外語教學目標」(ACTFL Standards For Foreign Language Learning --- communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities)為指標;系統化地把兒童文學、生活倫理、人文關懷、自然科學、等中國和美國本土素材,用淺顯易懂的文字編寫成可愛的故事、短文、童謠或兒歌,使學童能在有趣的情境中學習,達到寓教於樂的目的。本書特別注重聽力理解、口語表達、閱讀理解以及書寫和中英翻譯等方面的學習。(來源:美洲華語)



Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) - 89773‏

If you or your friends are Federal Employees, our school has a very important number for you. '89773' is Wei-Hwa Chinese School's CFC Account Number. Your contribution will benefit each and every Wei-Hwa student and teacher.

You have the power to make a difference. Thanks for your generosity and continuous support.

如果您或您的親友是聯邦政府的員工, 請記住這個重要的號碼 89773.

這是維華中文學校聯邦慈善捐款帳號,請在您今年的CFC認捐卡上填寫這個號碼。您的捐款將會嘉惠每位維華師生, 謝謝您的慷慨解囊與長期的支持!



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Wei-Hwa Chinese school admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin
WeiHwa registry:
Mrs. Yellia Seanor 黃慧雯
Phone number: 703.825.7063.
Mail Address: P.O. Box 2931, Springfield, Virginia 22152-1599
Gov. Bob McDonnell and
two of Mitt Romney''s five sons, Tagg and Ben
in WeiHwa Chinese school

Wei Hwa Chinese School Grand Opening 2012-1-22

WeiHwa Dragon boat Festival 2011