US States Jigsaw Sudoku

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Module for July 7th, 2006

Addendum (2006-08-04): The shapes are U.S. states, in case it wasn't obvious: West Virginia, KentuckY, WYoming, ALabama, FLorida, NeVada, New York, TeNnessee, and VirginiA.

Addendum (2006-08-04): "Sledgehammer" is a reference to a Sudoku-related concept I developed in my personal blog. In short, it's not really a solving technique, but rather a way of thinking that makes one realize that most Sudoku-solving strategies are all part of a general strategy I called the Sledgehammer. For a puzzle to be "Sledgehammer-complete," I mean that the puzzle can be solved using nothing but the Sledgehammer. In the case of Tom's puzzle here, the Sledgehammer will only get you about half-way done... and then you'll need to use something else.

Addendum (2006-08-04): Because of the background image, this puzzle isn't very printable.  If you want a nice version to print out, I've created a PDF version of the puzzle (you'll need a way to print PDF files, though).