Whyme Rhyme 2

Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Module for November 3rd, 2006

Addendum (2006-11-10): Note that the save-state code only works on the Google Home Page. If you navigate away from this page, your progress will be lost.

Addendum (2006-11-10): Multiple users thought they had the answer and were surprised that the puzzle didn't accept them. In all of these cases, the user was missing the fact that the words might be plural or singular (and therefore may or may not have an "s" at the end, depending on the clue).

Addendum (2006-11-10): There was one pair of words where many players claimed that they rhymed. However, in all pronunciations that I've heard, one of the words has a hard "g" sound in the middle, while the other one doesn't. I believe that the words rhyme only in a Northern Irish dialect. It's not surprising that players thought they rhymed, though, as I've also seen this mistake made in other places. (Another pair, the five-letter words with "v" in the middle, I admit do rhyme in many dialects.)