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 The official home for this page has been moved to be hosted on Google App Engine.

 You can link to the new home here.

 I'll keep these pages up for historical purposes, but they will no longer be supported.


Welcome! This is a simple home page I've created using Google Page Creator to help you navigate my Puzzle Gadget (updated weekly every Friday). From here, you can get to past weeks' puzzles, and read any addenda or other comments I've added since the puzzle challenge was published. (One advantage is that you won't have to deal with that reload on the Personalized Google Homepage that might remove your puzzle progress!)

If you don't have the gadget (or want to recommend it to others), you can look at it in the Homepage Content Directory... or simply just send them to this page and tell them to Add to Google. Enjoy!

New feature: You can add previous puzzles to your page now! Simply click on the button after each gadget.

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