A summary of Wei Hao Tan,

Hao is very passionate about reliability and asset management. He strongly believes a RELIABLE plant is a SAFE plant. Having armed with both solid practical and modelling experience across broad reliability life cycle, he has been able to fully utilises the information in hand for the best outcome through various optimisation process. Which had successfully turned around multi-national asset-intensive organisations. He is always excited to assist any organisation that is keen to improve their reliability performance in operations and maintenance into world class reliable operating company.

With the opportunities that opens up, he had been very fortunate to work across a varied heavy process industries internationally such as manufacturing, steel mill, mining, oil & gas up, mid & down streams, and power stations. He graduated his BEng in Mechatronics from University of Queensland, MEng from Queensland University of Technology, and is currently pursuing his MMaintRelEng from Federation University (Merger of Monash & Ballarat University). Hao is also trained in extensive suite of optimisation tools such as Root Cause and Failure Analysis (RCFA), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), Failure Modes & Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Reliability, Availability, & Maintainability (RAM) study, Operational Readiness, Operational Excellence and etc. 

He had worked through various capacities in the realm of Electrical Engineering such as Instrumentation/Control System Engineer and Project Engineer. He was involved in major plant mid-life overhaul; designing unmanned operations logic; facilitating Root Cause Analysis (RCA) on major plant equipment failure worth quarter million dollars of losses a year; and seconded to world largest coal-solar integration project (Kogan Creek Solar Boost).

He gained his broad experience in Reliability and Asset Management realm working along Leith Hitchcock** with a major power generator in Queensland optimizing their maintenance strategies and practices. He also worked as an Asset Management Consultant in the mining industry modelling fixed and mobile plant. After which he joined Petronas Downstream (Chemical Group) seconded to Methanol Plant as a Reliability & Integrity Executive to assist in setting up and improving their Reliability and Integrity Management System. He then went on to lead various teams in reliability & asset management program.

Employers have found value in my technical strengths to improve, optimise and develop strategies for better equipment and plant reliability, and reducing the impact of equipment failure. I have demonstrated bottom line savings and production improvements across varied plant in manufacturing, power plants, mining, petrochemical refining, and oil & gas offshore operations.

Employers have seen benefits from my global leadership skills, and abilities to analyse technical data for better forecasting and preventing failures, lost production, and plant or equipment damage. I have developed skills and expectations at the highest standards, worked within leading management teams, and improved reliability and asset management performance in world-leading organisations.

Asset Management begins with the right peopleReliability doesn't cost, it pays. 

I have unrestricted working rights in Malaysia & Australia.

In the past, I had also provided business consulting services in the health & fitness, electro-mechanical manufacturing, metal fabrication sector in Malaysia and Offshore Oil & Gas sector in Timor. I am open to opportunities, and would be delighted to talk over coffee.

I am a current Member of Institute of Engineers Australia (MIEAust), Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA), & Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM).

Pursuing Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), & Registered Professional Engineer (RPEng) + Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ).

**Leith Hitchcock is an expert in RCA and Failure Analysis and has completed over $35M capital value of dispute resolution investigations. Leith represents Australia and ISO on several standards committees namely ISO PC251 Asset Management (ISO Liaison), ISO TC108 SC5 Condition Monitoring of Machines (Aus. Chief Delegate), and Stds Australia ME-087 Machine Condition Monitoring (Chairman).



2017-2020 (Part-time)
Qualification            : Master of Maintenance & Reliability Engineering at Federation University (FedUni)
                                formerly known as Monash University prior to merger with Ballarat University
Exp. Grad. date       : Oct 2020, MMaintRelEng
Remarks                 : Industrial Techniques in Maintenance Management, Risk Engineering,
                                 Quantitative Techniques for Asset Management, Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis,
                                 Understanding Reliability, Advanced Reliability, Terotechnology and Lifecycle Costs, Reliability Engineering 

2009-2012 (Part-time)
Qualification            : Master of Engineering in Power Generation at Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Graduation date       : 26th July 2012, MEng PowGen
Remarks                 : Intro to Power Plant, Advanced Power Plant, Asset Management Systems, Rotating Machinery,
                                Regulation, Compliance & Safety, Industrial Power Distribution, Protection of Industrial Power Systems,
                                Project Delivery.

Qualification            : Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics at University of Queensland (UQ)
Graduation date       : 10th Dec 2008, BEng Mect

Qualification            : Diploma of Engineering in Mechatronics at INTI International University College
                                formerly known as INTI College Malaysia
Grade                     : Graduated with Credit
Graduation date       : 30th April 2006
Remarks                 : Superior Scholastic Achievement on first semester.


Company                : Shewhart Reliability Solutions
Position                  : Principal Consultant
Date                       : April 
2019 till Present
Workplace              : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Work Description    :

  • RCM Project Lead for APA Group
  • Strategy Development project risk advisor for BHP Engineering and Maintenance Centre of Excellence (EMCo)E TES
  • Reliability Process Designer for ANA
  • AM coaching, maintenance strategist, Rylson8 v3 UAT for AngloAmerican
  • GLG Research Council Member

Company                : BHP
Position                  : TES Maintenance Strategy Development Lead
Date                       : Sep 
2018 till April 2019
Workplace              : Brisbane, Blackwater, Queensland, Australia
Work Description    :

  • Portfolio Asset Management with BHP Maintenance Centre of Excellence (MCoE) under Total Equipment Strategies (TES) project.
  • Lead maintenance strategy development, review, optimisation and deployment
    • Blackwater (Coal CHPP 16Mtpa to 22Mtpa)
    • Peak Downs (Coal CHPP)
    • Caval Ridge (Coal CHPP)
  • Technical guidance to Saraji (Coal), WAIO (Iron Ore), OD (Olympic Dam poly-metallic)
  • GE APM evaluation and retrofitting

Company                : BHP
Position                  : TES Deployment Specialist
Date                       : Apr 
2018 till Aug 2018
Workplace              : Brisbane, Blackwater, Queensland, Australia
Work Description    :

  • OnePM component library and equipment modelling, task list development, routing, packaging & deployment
    • Blackwater

Company                : TuahJebat.com
Position                  : Columnist
Date                       : Jan 2018 till Present
Workplace              : Inter-Web
Work Description    :

  • Content contributor

Company                : Augustar Development
Position                  : Project Manager
Date                       : May 2016 till Present
Workplace              : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Work Description    :

  • Manages daily operations including project manage, development site sourcing and fund raising
  • Business development

Company               : Sonic IMEX Pty Ltd
Position                  : Operations Manager
Date                       : Feb 2016 till July 2019
Workplace              : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Work Description    :
  • Import & Export management
  • Sourcing products for global customers
  • Brand and business development

Company                : Joint Tek Industrial S/B
Position                  : Technical Manager cum Principal Consultant
Date                       : Oct 2015 till October 2018
Workplace              : Labuan, Kota Kinabalu, Sipitang, Miri, Sabah, Sarawak, Malaysia
Work Description    :
  • Provides direction and advice in obtaining local Oil & Gas operating permit
  • Provides direction and advice with technical tender
  • Manage technical team staffing needs
  • Business development
  • Create and manage official social media portal including content contributor and management to engage industry
    and potential clients
  • Build business and technical capabilities across various industry internationally
    • China
    • Singapore
    • Oman
    • Timur-Leste
    • Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak, Malaysia

Company                : Work Management Solutions
Position                  : Principal Asset Management
Date                       : Feb
 2018 till Apr 2018
Workplace              : Brockman, Pilbara, Western Australia, Australia
Work Description    :

  • Asset Management support to Rio Tinto Iron Ore Nammuldi Fixed Plant - Project 7000hrs (40mtpa throughput plant)

Company                : Komatsu Mining Corporation
Position                  : Reliability Development Manager
Date                       : May 2017 till Oct 2017
Workplace              : Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Work Description    :

  • Conduct internal failure investigation resulting of:
    • Direct savings of $250k/annum
    • Elimination of rework with the increase in quality of service
  • Provide support and guidance to external failure investigation
    • Whitehaven - Narrabri mine feeder breaker uneven chain wear
    • BHP - Daunia mine feeder breaker stalling, motor upgrade
    • Yancoal - Ashton mine Armoured Face Conveyor system life
  • Drive strategic improvement and change in organisation
  • Review technical design of motor test facility
  • Redesign of reliability services reporting
  • Technical sharing within Reliability Group and relevant parties
  • Develop reliability capabilities internally & for clients
  • Lead, train and manage electrical test group
  • Fit-for-purpose evaluation of condition monitoring technology and equipment
  • Drive the cohesive alignment of electrical & mechanical teams as a Reliability Group

Company                : Petronas Chemicals Group (PCG) - Petronas Methanol Labuan (Lurgi Methanol Process)
                               (Largest Methanol Producer in SE Asia, contributes 25% of volumetric throughput for PCG@2.3mtpa)
Position                  : RIM Executive (Reliability & Integrity Management)
                                c/o Maintenance Department (2014)
                                c/o Operational Excellence Department (2015)
Date                       : May 2014 till October 2015
Workplace              : Petronas Methanol Plant 1 & Plant 2, Labuan, Malaysia
Work Description     :

  • Promote ISO 55000/ PAS 55 alignment
  • Initiate and guide SAP admin to carry out SAP data integrity auditing as well as highlight data integrity issues through reporting platforms
  • Advise to Asset Management & Reliability team
  • Pro-actively engages maintenance engineers to improve their maintenance strategy
  • Challenge the status-quo to stimulate improvement
  • Lead Bad Actor Management qualification process for FY2015
  • Lead FMECA review and development & spares analysis
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical - Rotating
  • Facilitate (Facilitator/ Asst. Facilitator) Root Cause and Failure Analysis (RCFA) for various major equipments
    • Plant 2 292kW Liquid Oxygen (Cryogenic) Pump motor bearing high temp
    • Plant 2 1.4MW Off Gas Compressor (start-up N2 Circulator) failure (USD300k+USD15.2million[P])
    • Plant 2 Gas Turbine Generator UPS 110Vdc Charger capacitor failure (USD1k)
    • Primary Plant 1 Process trip on low feed gas flow (USD2.1million[P])
      • includes Air Separation Unit (ASU) Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA) PLC freeze fault
    • Plant 1 Redundant turbine-condenser drain pump fail to start (USD1.8million[P])
    • Plant 2 Process Condensate Stripper Plate Heat-Exchanger under-perform (USD100k)
    • Primary Plant 2 Process trip on Lost of Feed Gas from Gas Receiving Terminal 2 (USD3million[P])
    • Plant 1 Boiler drum Feed Water non-return valve leak (USD50k+USD3.1million[P])
    • Plant 2 Primary Process trip on Low Feed Gas Pressure (USD12.4million[P])
    • Plant 1 Primary Process trip on Turbine instrumentation (USD10k+USD10.2million[P])
    • Plant 2 Sea Water Pump High Vibration (USD300k)
    • Plant 1 Partial trip on General Power Supply (USD650k[P])
  • Review of non-production loss failure investigation report
  • Review of Reliability related documents
    • Bad Actor Management Procedure
    • Reliability & Integrity Management System Manual
  • RIMS Working Committee (plant managers) monthly reporting
  • Assurance reporting verification (special request area)
  • Exposure to Asset Management & RCFA standards such as ISO 55000, ISO 14224, IEC 62740, IEC 61025, DOE G231, DOE-NE-STD-1004, DOE 5000, DOE SSDC-76-45/27 and PAS55
  • Plant 1 2014 15th Turnaround Instrument Quality Control (Control Valves(CV) incl. Oxygen Service CVs)
    (3 months outage)
  • Plant 1 2014 15th Turnaround Quality Assurance random audit team for all areas
  • Plant 2 2015 2nd Turnaround Instrument Quality Control Lead (CVs Overhaul, field service, loop check and defects)
    (1.5 month outage)
  • Plant 2 2015 2nd Turnaround Quality Assurance random audit team for all areas

Company               : Bayu-Undan Operations under 
Autoridade Nacional do Petroleo (ANP) - The National Petroleum Authority
                               For Bayu-Undan field - ConocoPhillips Operate on behalf of JV partners Santos, ENI, INPEX,
                               Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas
Position                  : Independent Consultant
Date                       : 22-25 June 2015
Workplace              : Dili, Timur Leste
Work Description     :

  • CMMS, Reliability, & Maintenance Audit Workshop
    • Lead, for Condition Based Monitoring, Corrosion Monitoring and Risk-Based-Inspection.
    • Lead, for Technical Audit Workshop.

Company                : Maju Universal Engineering S/B
Position                  : Independent Consultant
Date                       : September 2013 till January 2014
Workplace              : Labuan, Malaysia
Work Description     :

  • Advises on progressing their reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance practices
  • Advises on ISO9001 implementation
  • Client's advisor for matters in regards to their 1MVA Transformer upgrade & installation
  • Client's representative witness for Mechanical Destructive Testing for the certification of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)

Company                : Ausenco-Rylson Group
Position                  : Asset Management Consultant
Date                       : October 2012 till April 2013
Workplace              : Perth, Australia
                                Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Work Description     :

  • Generic equipment strategy development for Rylson8 AM software components library.
    • Fixed plant equipments - kW small pumps, LV motors, 230kV and below transformers, Motor Control Centre (MCC), switchgears, Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (VVVFD).
    • Mobile mining equipments - haul trucks.
  • Life Cycle Simulation & Equipment Reliability Modelling
  • Operating Expenses (OPEX) projection - activity based budget
  • Reliability & Maintainability (RAM) study for Newmont Akyem Gold Mine & Process Plant
  • Newmont Akyem SAP PM Upload support (part of Operational Readiness)
  • XStrata McArthur River Zinc Mine & Process Plant Phase 3 Operational Readiness
  • Kingsgate Bowdens Silver Mine & Process Plant OPEX study

Company                : CS Energy
Portfolio                  : Callide A Oxyfuel - 30MW Oxyfuel Carbon Capture Project
                                Callide B            - 2 X 350MW Coal-fired subcritical boiler steam turbine
                                Callide C            - 2 X 450MW Coal-fired supercritical boiler steam turbine (JV with InterGen)
                                Kogan A            - 750MW Coal-fired supercritical boiler steam turbine (Aus largest single unit)
                                                           in the process of upgrading an additional 44MW solar integration plant (Sep 2012)
                                                           (BFWP mid-stage tap off 186degC)
                                Wivenhoe           - 2 X 250MW Hydro pump storage (14hrs pumping, 10hrs generation)
Position                  : Reliability Specialist
Date                       : September 2011 till October 2012
Workplace              : Corporate Office, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
                                Kogan Creek Power Station, Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia
                                Callide Power Station, Biloela, Queensland, Australia
Work Description     :

  • Facilitate RCM, FMECA process for all sites’ high cost plant area.
    • Mills, bunkers, burners, pipes, MW big pumps, hydraulics, instruments, LV & HV motors, cooling condenser, fans and etc
  • Assist in RCA for portfolio’s major equipment failure.
  • Spares optimization.
  • Develop generic equipment O&M strategy
  • Development of pressure parts register & statutory inspection management process.
  • Manage and maintain the various system platform integrity that relates to Asset Management Plan namely RCM Turbo, Pressure equipment register, SAP & TRIM.
  • Assist in implementation of maintenance plan grouping as well as keeping all upstream documents updated to ensure alignments at all time.
  • Exposure to PAS55:2008

Company                : CS Energy
Portfolio                  : Callide A Oxyfuel - 30MW Oxyfuel Carbon Capture Project
                                                            (Parsons Boiler, Mitchell Engineering Turbine; 460degC - 4.3MPa)
                                Callide B             - 2 X 350MW Coal-fired subcritical boiler steam turbine
                                                            (Babcock Hitachi Boiler, Hitachi Turbine; 539degC - 17.7MPa)
                                                            (477 Days Queensland's continuous operation record)
                                Callide C             - 2 X 450MW Coal-fired supercritical boiler steam turbine (JV with InterGen)
                                                            (IHI Boiler, Toshiba Turbine; 566degC - 25.1MPa)
                                                            (First supercritical boilers in Australia)
                                Kogan A              - 744MW Coal-fired supercritical boiler steam turbine
                                                            (Babcock Hitachi Boiler, Siemens Turbine; Aus largest single unit; 560degC - 25MPa)
                                Swanbank B        - 4 X 120MW Coal-fired subcritical boiler steam turbine
                                                            (Mitchell Engineering Boiler, Siemens Turbine; 543degC - 13.1MPa)
                                Swanbank E        - 385MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (565degC - 11.33MPa)
                                                            (254 days, world record on continuous operation of Alstom GT26 gas turbine
                                                            set on July 2011)
Position                  : Graduate Electrical Engineer
Secondment            : Kogan Creek Solar Boost (KCSB) Site Control System Engineer
Date                       : February 2009 till September 2011
Workplace              : Callide Power Station, Biloela, Queensland, Australia
                                Kogan Creek Power Station, Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia
Work Description     :
  • Site FEED review for KCSB Balance of Plant (BOP) electrical protection, distribution, instrumentation & control topology. KCSB - World largest coal-solar integration project 2012
  • KCSB BOP site contractor liaison engineer.
  • Facilitate Root Cause Analysis & reporting for Callide C boiler feed pump's mechanical seal failure.
    • 1st RCA that comprehensive to cover the area of design, manufacturing, installations, operations & maintenance.
  • Core team of Corrective Action (plant trip prevention) control system logic design for Callide B.
    • Objective: To achieve two hours unmanned plant operations.
  • Design, scope, procure, install, supervise and commission projects:
    • Conveyor belt rip protection system, remote solar powered slurry plant,
      power rectifier for pipeline cathodic protection, Callide B mid-life solenoid control valve replacement,
      6.6kV switchgear installation for plant expansion, coal plant ROM hopper boom gate.
  • Assistant to project engineer in plant mid-life control system upgrade.
    • P&ID QA, plant area commissioning list preparation, installation, troubleshoot and function test
      instrument transmitters, temperature probes, oxygen probes, generator excitation control, field actuators/dampers
  • Perform Master Fuel Trip (MFT) interlock test and prepare Return to Service report for RPEQ sign off. Writing of test and
    inspection procedures.
  • Involved in 2009 Callide B Shutdown, 2010 Callide C Shutdown, 2011 Kogan Creek Shutdown.
  • Prepare Asset Management Strategy for HV drives.
  • Plant logic modifications in Siemens TXP, T3000 & Citect Modicon PLC SCADA environment.
  • Daily plant operations support.
  • Certified Swagelok fitter and understand various electrical testing of motors and cables.
  • Exposure to various AS, NFPA, API and ASME standards.

Company                : Antara Steel Mills (HBI Plant - World 1st Midrex Iron Reduction Plant)
Position                  : Instrumentation Engineer Trainee
Date                       : December 2007 till February 2008
Workplace              : Antara Steel Mill, Labuan (HBI Plant), Malaysia
Work Description     :
  • Coded a scaled-down operational code of a Turbo Expander plant for refining offshore gas field supply in Siemens S5 PLC environment and found potential critical fault with their current operation cyclic timer code.
  • Calibrate and set up test benches for Siemens pressure transmitters and controllers, exposing new technicians to the experience.
  • Dealt with various type of thermocouple & RTDs, Yokogawa recorder, Emerson Process Management Delta V DCS, Fisher and Neles control valves as well as P&ID interpretation.

   ====================================    Casual Positions   ========================================

Company                : Malaysian St
Position                  : Kitchen Hand, Cashier
Date                       : August 2016 (EKKA 2016)
Workplace              : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Work Description     :

Work as a kitchen hand prepping ingredients as well as a promoter, plater and cashier.

Company                : Prodive Brisbane (Now known as Snorkel Safari Brisbane)
Position                  : Casual Divemaster
Date                       : December 2006 till June 2007
Workplace              : Queensland's coast, Australia
Work Description     :

Posing as Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (H.U.E.T.) safety diver as well as handling day dive trips, weekend trips and course assistant.

  • Safety supervision diver for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (H.U.E.T.) with Care Flight Australia.
  • Reception of customers for daily & weekend dive trip inclusive of transfer to pre-designated departing jetty.
  • Underwater supervision and guidance of certified divers throughout their trip through accident prevention measures.
  • Worked under minimum to no supervision other than abiding to Queensland code of practice for recreational diving.

Company                : Michel's Patisserie
Position                  : Casual Barista
Date                       : February 2007 till June 2007
Workplace              : Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Queensland, Australia
Work Description     :

Trained as a barista, workscope includes shop opening, closing, serving, cleaning, casher & coffee making.

  • Build relationships with customers and cash register handling.
  • Customers' designated personal barista.
  • Fast learner, no previous coffee making experience.
  • Dedicated in serving the best coffee.

Company                : Felix Marketing
Position                  : Fundraiser
Date                       : January 2007
Workplace              : Various Streets and Shopping Centres, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Work Description     :

I joined Felix Marketing which is part of Cobra Group as a charity fundraiser for two weeks in January 2007. Trained as a salesman due to the nature of the industry. We're trained to be approachable and click with anyone at the instance of meeting because sales is not about the product, its about personality. Childfund and Heart Research Institute was my focus.

Company                : Metro Indah Pty Ltd
Position                  : Laborer
Date                       : December 2005 till January 2006
Workplace              : Antara Steel Mill, Labuan (HBI Plant), Malaysia
Work Description     :

Antara Steel Mill Turnaround. My workscope is a semi skilled worker throughout my 1 month period with the company which ended with my school reopening. 10 hours workday. Site house-keeping and assisting on flame cutting and welding, temporary structural support installation, zinc roof repair and installation, reformer base plate repair and setting up scaffolding. Visited the reformer which have been damaged in an accident. The reformer box houses about 450 reformer tubes, one of the largest in the region at that time. 

I followed Metro Indah Sdn Bhd during the tank cleaning of base oil mud off the anchorhandling/tug/supply vessel Normand Ivan during the ship's pit stop at Labuan Island end of 2005. A few hours of some welding work, pneumatic equipment setup and assist in scaffolding work.
  • Assist with flame cutting and arc welding.
  • Carry out grinding and scaffolding work.

Company                : INTI College Malaysia (Now known as INTI International University & Colleges)
Position                  : Life Saving Society ChairpersonCasual Lifeguard
Date                       : May 2004 till December 2005
Workplace              : College swimming pool, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Work Description     :

I lead the Life Saving Society in College and occationally served as a lifeguard during peak season to fill in the vacant left by full timers. 3 hours a day, guarding an olympic sized swimming pool. Work period on and off from time to time.

Company                : Datumi Pty Ltd
Position                  : Laborer
Date                       : November 2001 till April 2002
Workplace              : Petronas Methanol Plant 1, Labuan, Malaysia
Work Description     :

Petronas Methanol Turnaround. My workscope is a general worker throughout their 2 months refractory contract. Other than work site house-keeping, lifting, handling trucks and forklift, I also handled the salary payout for the workers. 12 hours shift, 16 hours at days when I have to do the office job. Mainly focus on refractory lining inside reformer that houses about 250 reformer tubes.
  • Truck and forklift handler
  • Salary payout clerk