Weight-Training Genie Project
iPhone + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sensor Technology

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Current Version 1.2 only supports manual mode in ios 7, there is a change to the BLE framework that will crash the app when trying to connect to a SensorTag, SORRY!! Working on the next version that will fix this problem! 
A new improved version is coming v1.3 Early September. The new version includes: 
  • supports iPhone accelerometer, so no need for SensorTag even though it is recommended! 
  • Improved accuracy of the algorithm to monitor workouts automatically (more accurate repetition counting)
  • Social Media Integration. 
  • Easier access to workout information during workouts (e.g. duration, repetitions,  set #, target repetitions per set, calories burned per activity and more)
  • Added the concepts of "Sets"

Track your Weight Training without the need to enter anything during your workout.

Weight-Training Genie (WTG) provides an easy way to track your weight training using an external accelerometer (sensor) connected to the iPhone using BLE technology. In this initial release we are supporting the SensorTag sold by Texas Instruments (see TI SensorTag Product Site). The sensor will track your forearms movement (sensor worn at wrist) and sends the accelerometer readings together with other sensor data such as temperature, humidity etc to the WTG. The application algorithm analyzes the received values and calculates the number of repetitions or number of times the user lifts/moves the weight. As there are different types of movements during weight training the app distinguishes between pushes (e.g chest presses, overhead pushes) and pulls (e.g. rows to train the back). In a future release we will also support curls (e.g. biceps) and other movements. The app can be remote controlled by the two buttons the sensor provide. The buttons allow the user to switch between the activities without needing to use interact with the iPhone.

The application also provides a non-sensor manual mode. In this mode the user can still manage their activities and workouts, create activity list, enter weight, target reps and manually enter actual results. 

Once the last activity in the activity list (schedule) is completed the app will store the related data in the history. Additionally the user can email the sensor raw data and activity data including summary in csv format to any email address. The app has no other means of sharing it's information to ensure data privacy and the app will not send data to any web site or application at the moment.