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There is no doubt that losing weight is not only beneficial to your self confidence, looking good etc. But it is also  absolutely critical to your long term health.

We all want to lose weight, to look good... but more importantly being strong and healthy is the ultimate goal.  We all want to live a full life and not be restricted or end up with chronic pain, disease or medical conditions.

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Excess weight can definitely cause problems and in particular late in life. 

It is a fact, unfortunately,  that we all age but you can do so in good health and enjoy every moment of your life. 

Losing 5 or 10% of your body weight has such immense benefit to your body. 

You don't have to slim down to your high school size, to get real health benefits. 

Losing just a few kilograms makes a big difference. It can improve all kinds of health problems, and make you feel better, too.
It has been proven that losing excess weight is beneficial in so many ways.

Ease Up on Joints

Just an extra 10 kilograms adds huge pressure on your knees and other lower body joints.
This can wear them out quicker. Carrying Extra Fat can also cause inflammation....when chemicals in your body damage your own tissues over time, including your joints.

Losing even a little weight, can ease these effects, and if you keep the excess weight off, you're much less likely to get things like arthritis later in life. 

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Prevent Diabetes 

If you're more likely to get the condition, weight loss and some exercise is two ways to prevent or delay it. 
If you already have Diabetes or are Insulin Resistant, losing that excess weight, can help you take less medication, keep control of your blood sugar, and lower the odds that will cause other health problems. 

A "Good" Cholesterol" Bump 

You can Lower your LDL or "bad" cholesterol with healthier foods and medications. But it's harder to raise levels of the "good" kind of  Cholesterol, HDL. This is the type that clears bad LDL from your blood, so the more you have, the better. Losing body fat and a little exercise, can get you into the ideal HDL range, which lowers your odds of having heart disease.  


These are particles in your body that transport fat for storage and energy. High Levels are dangerous and can cause heart problems. 
You can get closer to healthy levels if you slim down a little. 


Extra body weight makes your blood push harder against your artery walls. That in turn makes your heart work harder, too.
You can lower your blood pressure by about 5 points,  if you trim only 5% from your present weight and obviously the more you lose the better results.
In addition Cut your salt, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits (those not too high in natural sugar) basically a healthy diet and you may lower it even more. 


Body fat, especially in your belly area, gives off chemicals that make your body stop reacting to the effects of insulin, a hormone that keeps the level of sugar in your blood normal. 
Even though your pancreas works harder to make more insulin, your blood sugar can get too high.  Eventually if this is not treated or you don't lose weight it can stop the pancreas completely from producing any insulin at all. 
A little bit of weight loss can help reverse this effect. 

Some studies have shown that not getting enough ZZZs can make you more likely to be overweight, even obese. 
Other studies have shown that losing as little of 5% of your excess weight can lead to better sleep. 
But don't overdo it....sleeping too much isn't good for your weight or your health. 
Moderation is what it is all about but you do need a good nights rest. 

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Weight loss may help chase away your blues away.

Scientists are still trying to work out why, but better improved sleep may be part of the reason. 

In one study, depressed people who were very overweight felt better after they lost an average of only 8% of their body weight.

Other research shows you'll continue to feel better even after 2 years .....as long as you keep the weight off. 


Fat cells, especially those around the belly, can release chemicals that irritate and inflame tissues all over the body.  Work towards losing at least 10% of your body weight and you can lower these chemicals and cut your chances of having any illness. 


When you're overweight, you typically have less sex or intimate relationships.

It might be because you just don't feel good about your body. But it also may be that you have less desire and just don't often feel in the mood. Shed some kilograms and you'll not only feel better about yourself, you may be in the mood more often, too. 

All in all the ultimate goal is not only will you look and feel good, but you will be far healt
hier and stronger. 
There really is nothing better for your overall wellbeing, energy levels etc. than losing some excess weight

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Make A Commitment

aintaining a slim midsection does more than make you look great—it can help you live longer. Larger waistlines are linked to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Losing weight, especially belly fat, also improves blood vessel functioning and also improves sleep quality. 

Commit to the idea of your weight loss

Weight Loss Programs in Johannesburg

Commitment is a pretty OBVIOUS component of any successful weight loss program or plan.

You need to commit to changing your lifestyle habits in order to make significant changes to your body. 

We all GET this right? 

The current trend - and this is a BIG problem - is that people have no problem committing to a diet plan, but they commit with a serious catch.....

We are all, in this day and age looking for instant gratification and people will give the plan maybe two weeks to work and if they don't suddenly see the beginnings of six-pack abs, they flip flop on to a different program, because the other one didn't work.

Although this really does not happen when following the HCG Diet Protocol, due to the fact that you DO see and feel the results QUICKLY and will be delighted with the weight loss. 

This is simply amazing results and probably, exactly what you are looking for .....this is what we at HCG Diet System SA can do for you. 

Ultimately it is however important to know that to achieve these results and your long term weight loss goal, you do need commitmentperseverance and patience. 

If you wants to lose excess fat like  belly fat specifically then you need to make changes to your lifestyle.  

Some people only want to lose weight on their tummy area but losing weight overall, if you have that excess weight on your body, will also help shrink your waistline; more importantly, it will help reduce the dangerous layer of visceral fat, a type of fat within the abdominal cavity that you can’t see but that heightens health risks.

If you feel less confident about your midriff or abdominal area there are some proven ways to lose that belly fat fast.  

The bottom line to losing weight is that you have to create a calorie deficit, eating fewer calories required to support your current body weight. 
Meal planning, increasing your protein intake, maybe even add some muscle resistance training, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are critical to successful weight loss. 

If you are checking all these boxes and still can't understand why you are not seeing any results, it could be you may have insufficient insulin levels. To counter this, try following a healthy diet plan and eliminating processed carbohydrates. 

The Belly is probably the first place that we as men and women seem to carry excess weight but there is good news here.   I can recommend a Weight Loss program that specifically targets the areas on the body, where you may be carrying excess weight which you just cannot seem to get rid of. 

There are 3 types of body fats found in the body, normal fats, abnormal fats and structural fats. While structural and normal fats are useful for nourishing and protecting the body, the abnormal fat as mentioned earlier, is destructive and stubborn. This is the fat that mostly accumulates in the belly, waist and hip regions. 

The good news however is that we have the perfect Weight Loss Solution for you. Our HCG products
 and Low Calorie Meal Plan, consumes these abnormal fat cells, without harming any of the other useful
fats. It attacks only the excess trapped stored fat, specifically targeting the areas where you need to lose   weight fast, as much as 2 - 3Kgs per week. 

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2415/12 Hawthorn Village
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Contact Person: Helen Currie - 072 064 3948
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