Wei Gao (高伟), PhD 

Email: weigao@berkeley.edu

Postdoctoral Fellow with professor Ali Javey 

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
University of California, Berkeley 
Cory Hall, Berkeley, CA, 94720

Affiliate: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Ph.D.  Chemical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, 2014. 

Thesis Advisor:  professor Joseph Wang

Research Area: Nanomaterials, Flexible Electronics, Micro/Nanomachines, Nanorobotics, Biosensors, Electrochemistry, Nanomedicine, MEMS. 

Research ID: URL       Google Scholar:URL (Over 1500 citations, H-index: 24)

Recent News

Year 2015
Aug 25th, the 3D printed microfish paper was highlighted in UCSD News. Link

Jul 20th, the coauthored paper "Vapor-Driven Propulsion of Catalytic Micromotors" was accepted by Scientific Reports.

May 28th, the coauthored paper "3D Printed Artificial Micro-Fish" was accepted by Advanced Materials. Link The paper was also featured as the cover. Link

April 27th, the paper "Cell-Membrane Coated Synthetic Nanomotors for Effective Biodetoxification" was accepted by Advanced Functional Materials. Link

April 16th, the coauthored paper "Microengine-assisted electrochemical measurements at printable sensor strips" was accepted by Chemical Communications. Link

April 13th, Wei won the Honorable Mention Award (total 4 awardees) in the 2015 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists competition. Link

April 6th, Wei won the ACS Young Investigator Award (Division of Inorganic Chemistry) and will present his research in the Young Investigator Symposium at ACS Annual Meeting in Boston. Link

April 6th-10th, 2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, Wei gave a talk on "Autonomous Micromotors Powered by Biofluids: Toward in vivo Biomedical Applications".

March 25th, the coauthored paper "Motion-based threat detection using microparticles: Experiments and numerical simulations" was accepted by Nanoscale. Link

Feb 16th, Wei was interviewed by Gizmodo on "What Will the Future of Molecular Manufacturing Really Be Like?" Link

Jan 29th, the coauthored paper “Reversible Swarming and Separation of Self-propelled Chemically-Powered Nanomotors under Acoustic Fields” was accepted by Journal of the American Chemical SocietyLink

Jan 27th, the in vivo work was press released by UC San Diego and highlighted in Yahoo, ScienceDaily, EurekAlert, PhysOrg, Tech TimesLink 1 and Link 2.

Jan 15-23th, the first in vivo study of synthetic micro/nanomachine work was highlighted in BBC News, Daily Mail, Fox News, Chemical Engineering News, Scientific American, New Scientist, The Guardian, Popular Science, Gizmodo, io9 etcLink 1Link 2Link 3 and Link 4.

Year 2014

Dec 30th, the paper "Artificial Micromotors in the Mouse's Stomach: A Step Towards In Vivo Use of Synthetic Motors" was accepted by ACS Nano. It was also selected as "ACS Editors' Choice" (one paper per day from all ACS Publications). Link

Nov 21st, coauthored paper "Turning Erythrocytes to Functional Micromotors" was accepted by ACS Nano. Link

Oct 31st, the TiO2 paper was highlighted in BBC News, ScienceDaily etc. Link

Oct 28th, the nanomotor lithography work was highlighted in Nanowerk, ScienceDaily etc. Link

Oct 7th, the coauthored paper "Water-Driven Micromotors for Rapid Photocatalytic Degradation of Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents" was accepted by ACS NanoLink

Aug 18th, the paper "Nanomotor lithography" was accepted by Nature Communications. Link

Aug 17th, the coauthored paper "Self-propelled activated-carbon Janus micromotors for efficient water purification" was accepted by Small.

Aug 10-14, 248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Wei gave two talks "Catalytic Ir-based Janus micromotors powered by extremely low levels of hydrazine" and "Plant-based bioinspired magnetically propelled helical microswimmers". 

July 1st, Wei started his new position in professor Ali Javey's lab at UC Berkeley. 

June 29th, the review "
Synthetic Micro/Nanomotors in Drug Delivery" was accepted by Nanoscale. Link

June 4th, coauthored paper "
Ultrasound-Modulated Bubble Propulsion of Chemically-Powered Microengines" was accepted by Journal of the American Chemical Society. Link

June 3rd, Wei passed the PhD thesis defense "
Synthetic Micro/Nanomachines and Their ApplicationsTowards 'Fantastic Voyage'" at UC San Diego. 

April 21st-24th, 2014 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, Wei 
won the MRS Graduate Student Award Silver Medal for the second time and 
gave a talk on "
Bioinspired Magnetically-Powered Nanopropellers: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications" and a poster on "Self-Assembly of Catalytic Janus Nanomotors".

April 22nd, coauthored paper "
Bubble-Propelled Micromotors for Enhanced Transport of Passive Tracers" was accepted by Langmuir

March 20th, 247th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Wei gave two talks "
Self-assembly of catalytic Janus nanomotors" and "Self-Propelled Mg-based micromotors for environmental remediation". 

March 14th, coauthored paper "
Fully-Loaded Micromotors for Combinatorial Delivery and Autonomous Release of Cargoes" was accepted by Small.

March 7th, the paper "
The Environmental Impact of Micro/Nanomachines: A Review" was accepted by ACS Nano. Link

Feb 26th, Wei was selected as 2014 MRS Spring Meeting Graduate Student Award Finalist (April 2014). Link 

Feb 20th, Wei received the
Spring 2014 ACS DIC Travel Award. Link

Jan 29th, the paper "
Catalytic Iridium-based Janus Micromotors Powered by Ultralow Levels of Chemical Fuels" was accepted by Journal of the America
n Chemical Society. Link

Jan 24th, the plant microswimmer work was covered by "la Repubblica" (the largest circulation Italian daily general-interest newspaper): "Beautiful Mind: con la Microelica il farMaco arriva dove serve". Link

Jan 8th, plant-based microswimmers listed as top 10 
notable bio-inspired developments of 2013 by GreenBiz. Link

Year 2013
Dec 19th, the patent application (WO/2013/188470) "Method and system for in vivo hydrogen peroxide detection with ultrasound" was published. Link

Dec 18th, the plant paper was chosen for ACS Press ReleaseFirst plant-based ‘microswimmers’ could propel drugs to the right location. It also appeared in PhysOrg, ScienceDaily, Nanowerk, R & D Magzazine, EurekAlert, Gizmag etc. Link

Nov 27th, the paper "Bio-inspired Helical Microswimmer based on Vascular Plant" was accepted and published by Nano Letters. Link

Nov 6th, Wei won the 1st place in Bionanotechnology Graduate Student Award session in the 2013 AICHE Annual Meeting! Wei gave a poster on "Synthetic Micro/Nanomachines and Their Biomedical Applications" at Meet the Faculty Candidate Session, a poster on "Organized Self-Assembly of Janus Catalytic Nanomotors", and two talks on "Highly Efficient Polymer-Based Microrockets and Their Biomedical Applications" in this meeting.

Oct 2nd, Coauthored paper "Template Electrosynthesis of Tailored-Made Helical Nanoswimmers" was accepted by Nanoscale. Link

Sep 12-14th, Wei gave a poster presentation "Self-Propelled Synthetic Micromachines for Isolating Cells and Macromolecules" in HHMI Science MeetingJanelia Farm Research Campus.

Aug 22nd, Coauthored paper "Functionalized Ultrasound-Propelled Magnetically-Guided Nanomotors: Towards Practical Biomedical Applications" was accepted by ACS Nano. Link

Aug 5th, Wei gave a seminar "Synthetic Micro/Nanomachines and Their Applications: Towards 'Fantastic Voyage'" at University of Washington, Seattle as part of Distinguished Young Scholars Summer Seminar SeriesLink

July 23rd, the paper "Efficient Bubble Propulsion of Polymer-based Microengines in Real-life Environments" was accepted by Nanoscale. It was also selected as HOT article. Link

July 15th, the potato paper was highlighted in Chemistry World.  Link

June 26th, Coauthored paper "Toward in vivo Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide with Ultrasound Molecular Imaging" was accepted by Biomaterials. Link

June 24th, Coauthored paper "Self-Propelled Chemically-Powered Plant-Tissue Biomotors" was accepted by Chemical Communications. Link

June 21st, the Mg paper was chosen and 'HOT article' in Nanoscale and highlighted in RSC magazine Chemistry World. Link

June 4th, Wei was selected and invited to give a seminar as part of University of Washington’s Distinguished Young Scholars Summer Seminar Series (2013 DYSS) this Summer. Link

May 28th: Wei's micromotor work was highlighted in Materials World Magazine's June Issue. "Microrockets and micromotors go in vivo - nanomotors for drug deliveryLink

May 28th: Wei's abstract was accepted for 2013 AICHE  Bionanotechnology Graduate Student Award Session. There will be 10 participants in this section selected based on the 'publication, CV, and letters'. The final prizes will be based on the presentation in the annual meeting in Nov.

May 24th: Coauthored paper "Dry-Released Nanotubes and Nanoengines by Particle-Assisted Rolling" was accepted and published in Advanced Materials. Link

April 25th: The paper "Seawater-Driven Magnesium based Janus Micromotors for Environmental Remediation" was accepted by Nanoscale. Link1 It was also chosen as HOT article by Nanoscale. Link2

April 18th: UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering 32th Annual Research Expo, Wei presented his work on "Flexible Magnetic Nanowire Swimmer and Their Applications".

April 7-11th, 245th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Wei gave a talk on "Hydrogen bubble propelled micromotors: Toward in situ fuels" and a poster on "Polymer-based microrockets and their biomedical/environmental applications". The talk was also selected for ACS Press Release "Overcoming a major barrier to medical and other uses of ‘microrockets’ and ‘micromotors’". See press release link, and press conference video. As a result, the work was widely reported in many major scientific websites such as ScienceDaily, TechNewsDaily, IEEE Spectrum etc.

April 1-4th: 2013 MRS Spring Meeting, Wei won the MRS Graduate Student Award and gave a talk on "Polymer-based Catalytic Tubular Microrockets and Their Biomedical Applications". See  Award Link and Video Presentation OnlineWei also got a "Best Poster Nominee" for the poster "Flexible Magnetic Nanowire Swimmer for Targeted Drug Delivery". Link

March 26th: Coauthored paper "Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-based Catalytic Micromotors for Selective Protein Transport" was accepted by Journal of the American Chemical Society. Link

Feb 7th: Wei was selected as one of MRS Graduate Student Award finalists for the 2013 MRS Spring Meeting in April 2013. Link

Feb 6th: Wei received Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad. Link from CSC. Link1, Link2 and Link 3 for Receiving the Award on March 23rd in Los Angeles. Video News

Jan 3rd: The paper "Organized Self-Assembly of Janus Micromotors with Hydrophobic Hemispheres" was accepted by Journal of the American Chemical Society. Link

Year 2012
Dec 19th: the ACS Nano microfish paper was highlighted in Nanowerk. Link

Dec 12th: Coauthored paper "Artificial Enzyme-Powered Microfish for Water-Quality Testing" was accepted by ACS Nano. Link

Dec 7th: Patent application "Membrane Template Synthesis of Microtube Engines" was published online. Link

Nov 21st: Prof. Robert Langer from MIT highlighted the Zinc Microrockets work in The Economist - The World in 2013. Small is fantastic.

Nov 15th: The mutiple fuel paper was highlighted in Wiley Materials Views. Link

Oct 25th: Coauthored paper "Nanomotor-based Biocatalytic Patterning of Helical Metal Microstructures" was accepted by Nanoscale. Link

Oct 11th: Coauthored paper "Micromotor-Based Lab-on-Chip Immunoassays" was accepted by Nanoscale. Link

Sep 19th: The paper "Multi-Fuel Driven Janus Micromotors" was accepted by Small. Link

Sep 3rd: Coauthored paper "Self-Propelled Carbohydrate-Sensitive Microtransporters with ‘Built-in’ Boronic-Acid Recognition for Isolating Sugars and Cells" was accepted by Journal of the American Chemical Society. Link

Aug 23rd~28th: The new 'water' ACS Nano paper was highlighted in Nanowerk, Chemical & Engineering News, Lenta (Russia) and Gizmodo

Aug 14th: The paper "Water-Driven Micromotors" was accepted by ACS Nano, three ACS Nano this year in a row. Link

July 25th: Wei was selected as 2012 Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellow!

July 6th: New Perspective "Nano/Microscale Motors: Biomedical Opportunities and Challenges" was accepted by ACS Nano. Link

May: the ACS Nano Oil paper was chosen as News Press Release by ACS and received highlights from major scientific media such as BBC News, Wired, New Scientist, Popular Science, The Engineer, Discovery News, ScienceDaily... 

April 12th: UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering 31th Annual Research Expo, "Highly Efficient Microrockets and Their Biomedical Applications" won Science and Engineering Library Award - "Best Literature Review Award". News 

April 11th: Coauthored paper "Highly Ordered Tailored Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Porous Gold Architectures " was accepted by Journal of Materials Chemisry.

April 5th: Coauthored paper "Superhydrophobic Alkanethiol-Coated Microsubmarines for Effective Removal of Oil" was accepted by ACS Nano. This paper was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News, April 23rd.

April 2nd: Wei received the 2012 International Graduate Student Appreciation Award (as one of the 9 recipients) from UC San Diego.

March 25-29th: 243th ACS National Meeting San Diego, oral talk "Template synthesis of polymer based highly efficient catalytic tubular microengines" and poster "Magnetically propelled flexible nanowire swimmer".

March 12th: The microrocket work (will be posted in UCSD Research Expo 2012) is highlighted in UC San Diego News. Link

Feb 14th: New paper "Polymer-based Tubular Microbots: Role of Composition and Preparation" (the fastest artificial micro/nanomotor which can move at 1400 body lengths per second) was accepted by Nanoscale

Jan to Feb: The new work on Hydrogen Propelled Zinc Based Microrockets (which could be able to self-propelled in human stomach, ) was published in JACS and widely reported in many major scientific media (such as Discovery, Chemical & Engineering News, PhyOrg, Popular Science, Science Daily, Huffington Post, The Scientist, New Scientist, American Scientist....), see News & Highlights and Related Video 1 and Video 2.

Feb 14th: the record review "Catalytically-Propelled Micro/Nanomotors: How Fast Can They Move?" was published in The Chemical Record special issue "90 Years of Polarography".   

Feb 6th: the paper "Cargo-Towing Fuel-Free Magnetic Nanoswimmers for Targeted Drug Delivery" was published in Small's Feb issueThis work was highlighted in Wiley Chemistry Views. Link  

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