Aims and scope

The 18th Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA 2013) offers an opportunity to present the latest research on various aspects of the economy as a complex system made up of multiple heterogeneous interacting agents. Research from different domains, at the crossing of various disciplines – economics, psychology, sociology, computer sciences, engineering, physics - are useful for developing more satisfactory approaches to (macro) econometrics and (macro) economic theory.

These approaches have already brought some improvement in the understanding of problems facing the world economy, such as the financial crisis, segregation, unemployment and poverty, and the need for sustainable development. The workshop aims to make progress in understanding and solving them.

Workshop topics will cover research in all areas benefitting by models of interacting agents. Contributions with empirical applications will be also appreciated. The topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Agent-based Models and Simulators of the Economy
  • Aggregation and Emergent Macroeconomics
  • Econophysics and Statistical Equilibrium Models
  • Experimental Economics
  • Financial Fragility Models
  • General Equilibrium Model with Heterogeneous Agents
  • Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth
  • Socio-economic and Financial Networks
  • Policy Design with Agent-based Models
  • Bounded Rationality and Learning in Economics
  • Collective decision and behaviors and Social Intelligence
  • Evolutionary Political Economy
  • Evolutionary Game Theory
  • Market Structure and its Emergence
  • Sustainability transtitions and climate change models
  • Spatial agent models and urban complex adaptive systems
  • Calibration and Validation of Agent-based Models
  • Formal Theories on Agent-based Approaches
  • Philosophical issues of agent-based modeling