Weeton Village Hall was purchased by the residents of Weeton Village from Haydock Camp. It was brought to Weeton in 1920.

  • The Hall was purchased from monies collected from working people in Weeton.All working people contributed 2/6 thats 15 pence ┬áin today's money.It was transported from Haydock to Kirkham by train in sections. From Kirkham it was transported to Weeton by many trips by horse and cart

  • During the first world war it was used by the Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) as a canteen to service many of the 7,500 soldiers stationed at Weeton Army Camp.

  • It has been in the same location all this time,and ,could tell many a story.

  • After the war it was returned to the people of Weeton as a Village Hall.

  • The Hall is now the hub for Village activities and has seen many Jumble Sales,Bingo nights and Casino Nights in fact anything which generates monies to keep the Village Hall so successful.

  • A board of Four (4) trustees own the Village Hall on behalf of the Villagers. A Village Hall Committee administer the Village Hall and hold regular meetings on a monthly basis.

  • Fund-raising activities are well supported by the residents of Weeton and surrounding Villages

  • A Village Hall Newsletter keeps residents informed of Village Hall news as it has done for the past 24 years. The present author is Michelle Binns of the VillageHall Committee, If you live outside the Weeton area and are interested in receiving a copy of the newsletter, please contact the Author on 01253 836281.

  • Local Conservatives Councillors have arranged funding for the purchase and installation of a new top of the range, music system together with a close circuit television system and have assisted with many fundraising activities at the Village Hall.

Cllr.J.Singleton JP