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Talking About Nursery Rhymes

Recite nursery rhymes together as you drive and:
• Talk about the nursery rhymes
• Play a tape or CD of nursery rhymes (Wee-Sing; Raffi)
• Keep a book of nursery rhymes handy in the car for your child to look at as you’re

To help your child succeed, you can:
• Recite your child’s favorite nursery rhyme over and over (and over!) as you drive
• Ask your child to pick a nursery rhyme from a book and see if you can recite it!
• Encourage your child to draw a picture of his or her favorite nursery rhyme

To make it more of a challenge, you can:
• Ask your child to draw two pictures about the same nursery rhyme and talk
about how they go together
• Encourage your child to say the nursery rhyme all by him or herself
• Ask simple questions about the nursery rhyme