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Rhyming Words

As you are driving around, play with words that rhyme:
• Say a word and ask your child to say another that rhymes (bike/Mike)
• Let your child make up words to rhyme with real words (tike/bike)
• Put different sounds at the beginning of your child’s name to make words that rhyme
with it (Sam/ram; Lee/tea)

To help your child succeed, you can:
• Say softly some words that rhyme with your word and encourage your child to repeat them (car/far)
• Say a new first sound to make a new rhyming word
• Say the end of your word and ask your child what word might sound like that

To make it more of a challenge, you can:
• Give your child longer words to rhyme (railroad track/piggy back)
• Encourage your child to say as many words that rhyme as he or she can think of
• Have your child tell you why the words sound alike