The following songs are in the NYSSMA manual for solo voice.  Listen to the songs on youtube that you have an interest in and we will then decide what song is best for you at this time in your vocal development!



Caro Mio Ben                                   Someone To Watch Over Me

On My Own                                     Art Thou Troubled

With You                                         Woe Unto Them

On The Street Where You Live     Someone Like You-J & Hyde

O Rest in the Lord

Much More



Danza                                              Lord God of Abraham-Elijah

Panis Angelicus


No One Is Alone

He Shall Feed His Flock

Man of La Mancha

Many Moons Ago

Tu lo sai




Ombra Mai Fu in F                          Verdrai Carino-Don Giovani

Amarillis in G                                          

Ave Maria in Bb

Voi Che Sapete in Ab

Se Tu Ma'mi in g

Black Swan

Simple Song



Ombra mai fu in Eb                         Il mio bel foco       

Amarilli in f                                     Qui sedes-Vivaldi Gloria

Ave Maria in Ab

Se Tu ma'm in e                              O Thou That Zion

Voi che sapete in Ab


Amarillis in g

Ombra in F

Ave Maria in Bb


Simple Song


Amarilli in f                                     Make Them Hear You-Eb-

Ombra in Eb                                   

Ave Maria in Ab                              Vagabond

                                                        Whither Must I Wander-Eb






1.Lauren Poole               4-On My Own     


3.Alyssa Antoniak                  4-On My Own              

4.Gwen Lavash              4-Far From the Home I Love

5.Samantha Preville       5-No One Is Alone


7.Joan Harrison             5-No One Is Alone

8.Nick Sanders              6-Songs of Travel-Vagabond 

9.Bridget Boland           6-Ave Maria

10.Katie Mead               6-Verdrai Carino

11.Elizabeth Potts                   6-Summertime

12.David Peer                6-Ave Maria

13. Christina Fuller        6-Amarilli

14.Kevin Bohen             6 All State-Amarllii



 LESSONS pm-Emily-Kevin-David

Day 1 Period 2A-Elizabeth

Day 3 Period 4A -Shane

At your lessons -Jordan-Bridget and Bridget

Day 5 Period 5A-Shannon

Day 5 Period 7B -Monica

Day 5 Period 7A -Kody

Day 6-Period 2-Keishawna

Day 6 Period 5A-Katie

Day 6 Period 5B-Gina

Day 6 Period 7A -Brandon

Day 6 Period 8A-Ciearra

Day 6 Period 8B-Bridget Maloney

To the students who will be performing at the NYSSMA Festival on May 7 and 8:


By now, you should have your song memorized.


PRACTICE every day...

~Go through and read the words out loud

~Speak the words in rhythm

~Sing  the song staccato

~Pulse on the long notes

~Try singing "like an opera singer!!"

~Finally perform the song

          -sing with good energy

          -sing with appropriate facial expressions

          -sing with confidence

          -project your voice with a nice even tone


Starting on Monday, April 26-I would like to hear you sing your song EVERY DAY...right after class...at the beginning 

of a period or middle of a period or the end of a period or after school...just run in and say "could I sing my NYSSMA solo now???"


Your accompanist will be here on Wednesday, May 6.  You will need to give me $20 by Friday, April 30.  This is a great price that will cover the rehearsal and the performance!


The rehearsal schedule  on May 5 is...


Period 7-Monica, Kody

Period 8-Bridget Maloney and Ciearra

Period 9-Bridget Mc, Bridget B, Shannon, Gina, Katie and Elizabeth

After school-Emily-David-Shane-Kevin


PLEASE see with me with any questions or concerns.  When I receive your performance times,

I will share them and the directions with you.

Happy Practicing!!!!!










4:00         V2   Kody Carpenter      AS6 Maria

4:15         V3   Elizabeth Potts        4      With You

4:25         V3   Emily Murphy                5      No One Is Alone

5:00         V2   Gina Benvenuto      5      Danza, Danza

5:15         V2   Bridget Maloney     6      The Black Swan

5:30         V2   Bridget Boland       4      On My Own

5:40         V2   Katie Mead             4      Long Time Ago







9:00         V2   Kevin Bohen           AS6 Ombra Mai Fu

9:00         V3   Shannon Contento  5      Panis Angelicus

9:15         V3   Shane Burke           6      Ombra Mai Fu

9:30         V3   David Peer              5      Johanna

9:45         V3   Monica Rosenberg  6      O Thou That Tellest...

10:00       V3   Ciearra Norwood    5      Panis Angelicus

10:45       V2   Bridget McCormack4     On My Own  



















NYSSMA Solo Adjudicator's Evaluation Sheet

(You will be graded on the following)

Level 4- each category is 4 points


1. TONE-the sound produced by the voice

   (Level 5,6-20 points)

          Quality-the beauty and/or clarity of the vocal sound

          Consistency-the evenness of the vocal sound

          Projection-the ability within natural limits of the voice to project one into the

          performing area


2. INTONATION-the accuracy of pitched in relation to each other and/or to a fixed standard (piano) 

          (Level 5,6-10  points)


3. TECHNIQUE-the physical ability to produce notes correctly

    (Level  5,6-15 points)

          Breath Control-the physical process of producing the vocal sound through       the proper use of air

          Flexibility-the ease of maneuverability throughout the range of the voice

          Posture-the position of the body

          Appropriate Range-


4.DICTION-the articulation of vowels and consonants

   (Level 5,6-10 points)

          Vowels-the appropriate use of vowels for singing

          Consonants-the appropriate use of consonants for singing

          Naturalness-unaffected pronunciation


5.ACCURACY-the exact realization of the printed music

   (Level 5,6-15 points)

          Accuracy of notes-the performance of the notes as written

          Accuracy of  Rhythms-the performance of the rhythms as written

          Steadiness of rhythms-the performance at a steady speed with regard to the           metronomic or expressive markings

          Pulse-the performance of natural accents implied by the meter of the song



6. INTERPRETATION-the performer's realization of the composer's aesthetic

    intent and the performer's artistic expression

    (Level 5,6,-20 points)

          Dynamics-the contrast between loud and soft

          Style-the understanding of the composer's musical intent consistent with the     historical period of the composition

          Tempo-the speed of the music

          Phrasing-the shaping of the musical idea

          Expression-the performer's understanding of the aesthetic qualities in the          song

          Artistry-the performer's musical and expressive involvement in the music

          Stage Presence-the appearance and poise of the performer


7.SIGHT READING-the ability to perform a musical excerpt at sight

          Accuracy of notes, rhythms and dynamics- (Level 5,6 -10 points)







Level 4                                                       LEVEL 5 and 6

Evaluation          Points                            Evaluation Points

Outstanding                   26-28 points                            A+              97-100

Excellent              21-25 points                            A                93-96

Good                    16-20 points                            A-               90-92

Satisfactory                   11-15 points                            B+              87-89

Fair                      6-10 points                    B                 83-86

Needs Improvement 0-5 points                            B-               80-82

                                                                   C+              77-79

                                                                   C                 73-76

                                                                   C-               70-72

                                                                   D+              67-69

                                                                   D                63-66

                                                                   D-               60-62

                                                                   E                 59 and below







New York State School Music Association
Solo Festival

Friday, April 1, 2011

Voorheesville High School




Dear Music Students and Parents;


Each year South Colonie students have the opportunity to participate in the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Solo Festival.  Participating students receive an evaluation for their performance of a graded solo based on statewide standards from specially trained adjudicators.  A NYSSMA  evaluation serves as the criteria for admission to the All-State and Area All-State Festivals that take place every fall.


How to participate:


1. The teacher and student will choose an appropriate solo (levels 1-6) from the NYSSMA Manual and practice sight reading.  The teacher and student will select times to work on the solo.


2.Please return the attached "NYSSMA Solo Festival Registration Form" and the registration fee ( cash or check payable to "Colonie High School"). 

          $14.00 for Level 1-4

          $21.00 for Level 5-6

          $26.00 for All-State


3. Vocalists are required to have a piano accompaniment.


4.  Students will need to provide their own transportation to Voorheesville High School on Friday, April 1, 2011.





~Please return this form and the money by

Friday, January 21, 2011~






NYSSMA Solo Festival

Voorheesville High School

Friday, April 1, 2011




1. Student Name___________________________________Grade in School_____



2. Voice Part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)__________________________________



3. NYSSMA Solo Level (circle)   1     2     3     4     5     6     All-State Level 6



4. Parent Signature_________________________________________Date______



5. Student Signature________________________________________Date______



6. Accompanist Name_________________________________________________



7.Attached the registration fee (cash or check  payable to "Colonie High School")

          $14.00 for Level 1-4

          $21 for Levels 5-6

          $26.00 for All-State


Students must provide their own transportation to Voorheesville.

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