Week of January 20

Every day:  iced or hot green tea 1st thing in morning, tea after dinner, carry water bottle rest of the day


Breakfast:           fruit

Snack:                egg wrap

Lunch:                chocolate milk, tuna sub for kids, veggies w/tofu for me

Snack:                Veggies with guacamole

Dinner:                Remainder of leftovers, eggs

Prep:                   Yogurt dip, veggies, saag paneer,



Breakfast:         Smoothies, Cheerios, egg

Snack #1:          veggies w/tzatziki

                          grapes (J and Y)

                          yogurt (E.)

Lunch:                saag paneer,

                            Bagel and cream cheese

                            Soup (Eli and Yoni)



Snack #2:           black bean or lentil soup, yogurts for kids

Dinner:              Spaghetti with meat balls

                        Iraqi chicken meatballs

                        Israeli salad

                       nuts, seeds and 4 chocolate chips for dessert


TUESDAY         [Take ground turkey out of freezer before work]

Breakfast:           Fruit smoothie [chocolate milk, cereal, cut up oranges for kids]

Snack #1:           Veggies with yogurt dip (fruit for kids)

Lunch:                Whole-grain wrap/pita with hummus and veggies 

                            E- Pizza (school)

                            J- Bagel with sliced cheese


Snack #2:            (apple for J, peach for E, yogurt for Y)

Dinner:              schnitzel for Eli and Yoni

                        Jessie pasta (lasagna or mac n cheese)



Breakfast:           Fruit smoothie with greek yogurt and protein powder [chocolate milk, cheerios, cut up fruit for kids]

Snack #1:           veggies w/tzatziki (adults), apples or peaches (kids)

Lunch:               salmon spinach salad with walnuts and pumpkin seeds with whole wheat couscous (adults), grilled cheese (J, E)

                            E- buy sub ($5)

                            Schnitzel (J)

Snack #2:          whole grain hummus wrap with pesto (adults), yogurt (E), peach (J), muffin (Y)

Dinner:             Shabbat salmon and garlic sole, Israeli salad



Breakfast:           Protein/yogurt/fruit smoothie (adults), cereal for kids

Snack #1:           grapes (kids), whole grain wrap with black bean dip and sprouts

Lunch:                Wacky Mac (J & E)

Snack #2:           high-fibre trail mix (adults), apples plus muffin or yogurt for kids

Dinner:               Tofu curry Dad, Mom and Yoni, homemade pizza bagels


Breakfast:           Fruit smoothie

Snack #1:             Fruit or veggies with dip

Lunch:                  leftover curry

                            Bagel & Cream cream (j)

Snack #2:             milk or high-fibre trail mix

Dinner:                Challah (small slice whole wheat)


                                Dips (hummus, black bean dip, guacamole, olive)

                                Soup (clear chicken broth with carrots, or squash soup)

                                1 piece roast chicken thigh

                                Mashed cauliflower, baked spinach with pesto, Meditteranean green beans


Breakfast:           Fresh fruit

Snack #1

(kiddush):            Salads only, drink water

Lunch:                 Small slice whole wheat challah, salad, beef & veggie stew

Snack #2

(seudah #3):         All veggie meal:  cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, olives, guacamole, bean dips, beets

Dinner:                 Something small and carb or dairy based