Harihareshwar - Diveagar

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Number of Days required - 2/3 Days

This is Coastal Konkan within 200 KM reach from Pune. Gentle winds, soft sands and inviting waters make Shriwardhan-Diveagar irresistible to beach lovers. And if one relishes sea-food, there is no dearth of delicacies to sample here. Adventurers can even take a small boat to the north side of the bay and explore a land where the Peshwas or prime ministers of the Maratha kingdom, originally resided. 18 Kms from shrivardhan is a small town Harihareshwar, which is known for its tranquil and picturesque beach and is also famous for the Shiva temple of Harihareshwar. You can visit these places from Pune for 2 days (weekend) or for 3 days (recommended). 

How to Reach? 

Via Tamhini Ghat*(185 km) 

  • Pune (Chandani Chowk) --- Pirangut Road --- Paud (29 Kms) --- Mulshi (12 Kms) --- Tamhini Ghat (39 Kms) --- Turn left at Vile

  • Vile --- Nijampur (18 Kms) --- Mangaon (12 Kms). You will reach NH – 17. Continue traveling left towards Mahad

  • Turn right 500 mts after Mangaon ST Stand on SH 97 to Mhasala via sai Morba Ghat. At Mhasala Junction, road to your right will go to Diveagar - Dighi (Murud-Janjira) and road to your left will go to Shriwardhan - Harihareshwar via Jasavali.

(Road map: Pune - Chandani Chauk - Paud - Mulshi - Dongarwadi - Tamhini Ghat - Vile - Nijampur - Mangaon -Sai Morba Ghat - Mhasala - Diveagar. Road is smooth and good. It could be bad in the beginning of the Tamhini ghat section. Avoid crossing Tamhini Ghat in the night as it is not safe and lonely)

* This route is recommended while going to Diveagar / Harihareshwar

Via Mahabaleshwar (235 km)

  • Pune --- Pune – Bangalore Highway NH4 --- Surur (80 Kms)

  • Turn right towards Wai --- Panchgani --- Mahabaleshwar (42 Kms)--- Ambenali Ghat --- Poladpur (38Kms).

  • You will reach NH17 at Poladpur.

  • Turn right towards Mahad - Lonere Phata - Goregaon

  • Goregaon - Mhasala - Jasavali - Shrivardhan (SH 98)

(Road map via Mahabaleshwar: Pune - Shirval - surur Wai Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Poladpur Mahad - Goregaon - Mhasala - Jasavali - Shrivardhan. Road is smooth and very good. It is 4 lane toll road (NH4) till surul village (first 80 KMs). Ghat section is also good and safe to cross even in the night as it is crowded with Mahabaleshwar bound traffic.)

Via Bhor (185 km)

  • Pune --- Pune – Bangalore Highway Nh4 --- Khed Shivapur - Kapurhole (30 Kms)

  • Turn right just ahead of Khed Shivapur at Bhor Phata --- Bhor (12 Kms)

  • Bhor --- Varandha Ghat --- Birwadi (44 Kms) --- Mahad (12 Kms).

  • Reach NH 17 at "Hotel Sagar" just outside Mahad.

  • Turn right towards Mangaon. Get off the highway at Lonere Phata to Goregaon - Mhasala - Shrivardhan. (SH 98)

(Road map via Bhor: Pune - Khed Shivapur Bhor Varandha Ghat Mahad - Goregaon - Mhasala - Shrivardhan). Road is 4 lane toll road till Khed Shivapur. After that it is not in good shape. Do not cross Varandha Ghat during night as it is not very safe. This is shortest distance to reach Mahad from Pune but road is not that smooth. If you have good 4 wheeler like Scoirpio, Supo, Safari, you may even opt for this route.)

Via Khopoli ** (210 Km)

  • Continue on Pune - Mumbai Expressway and take Khopoli exit (75 Kms) after Lonavala (Pay toll only up to Lonavala).

  • Join SH 92 Road Khopoli - Unhere - Jambhulpada - Pali (Mahad) Ganapati - Wakan Phata (46 Kms) - Nagothane Road.

  • Take left at Wakan Phata on NH17 (Mumbai - Goa Highway) towards Goa --- Kolad (11 Kms) --- Indapur (13 Kms) --- Mangaon (9 Kms)

  • Turn right 500 mts after Mangaon ST Stand on SH 97 to Mhasala via Sai Morba Ghat. Turn Left again on SH98 after Mhasala - Jasavali - Shrivardhan

** This route is recommended while returning back

Tamhini & Varandha Ghat - Shortest route to reach Konkan but Road is not good and not safe at the night

Old Pune-Mumbai Highway and Khopoli - Nagothane Road. Longest Route but very smooth and safe


Distances Traveled:

Pune - Mangaon via Tamhini (120 KMs) : Road before starting Tamhini Ghat is not good. Actual ghat section is good.

Mangaon - Mhasala via Sai-Morba Ghat SH97 (28 Kms) : Road is excellent

Mhasala - Diveagar (18 KMs) : Road is okay

Mhasala - Shrivardhan via Vadamba - Jasavali (18 Kms) : Road is Okay

Mhasala - Hariharehswar via Vadamba - Jasavali - Nigdi (31 KMs) : Road is okay

Diveagar - Harihareshwar via Shekhadi - Shrivardhan - Jasavali (33 KMs) : Road is bad but it is very scenic drive. like Route 1 in California by the Sea. Bumpy ride but there are no potholes

Mhasala - Nandavi - Goregaon : Newly Tarred Road. Partly in good condition & smooth

Mangaon - Lonere on NH 17 (10 Kms)

Lonere - Pale on NH 17 (21 KM)

Pale - Raigad (22 Kms) : Road is good. Ghat section has lots of hairpin bends

Raigad - Pale - Lonere - Mangaon - (53 Kms)

Mangaon - Indapur - Kolad on NH17 (21 KM)

Kolad - Wakan Phata on NH17 (13 Km) : After crossing bridge on river, you will reach Wakan Village. Here, you will see Big Kamaan in your right. That is the Wakan - Pali - Khopoli Road. You will sea signboards for Pune 117 KMs.

Wakan - Pali - Jambhulpada - Pen Phata - Khopoli SH92 (46 Kms) : Road is very good for 30 Kms. Remaining 15 KMs, it is okay.

Khopoli - Lonavala - Pune via Expressway (75 KMs)

Suggested Pit stops / rest areas

(With parking facility, open space, good food and clean toilets)

  • Hotel Quick Byte at Greengate Resort Mulshi - Tamhini Ghat road near Mulshi Dam

    Raigad Inn, Mulshi. Located before you start actually descending the Tamhini Ghat.

  • Hotel "Open Umbrella" at Karoli Phata, Mangaon on NH17 - Serves good Konkani and South Indian Food. It has General shop and clean toilets. Try Malavani / Konkani Fish Thali here.

  • Vitthal Kamath's Restaurant on Mumbai-Goa highway NH17 near Mahad / Panvel. Chain of highway restaurant / snacks parlor belongs to Vitthal Kamath who also owns Orchid Hotel (5 star) and is owner of book "Idli Orchid & Me". Good South Indian snacks and clean rest rooms. There are such restaurant after every 100 KMs on Goa Highway. Good Veg. food, clean toilets, lots of parking place.

  • Govinda Restaurant, Kamath Residency (Nagothane) on NH17

  • Joshi wadewale -> snacks corner just after crossing the Katraj Tunnel on NH4 (Pune - Khed Shivapur - Bhor route) on your right. Tasty food like Wadapav, Misalpav, Tea / Cofee, wada Sambar etc. lots of space.

  • Hotel Natraj -> near Khed Shivapur (on your left while traveling towards Bhor on NH4). Good place for south Indian breakfast. UDUPI management.


Suggested Itinery (for 2D1N ex Pune)

Day 1

6:30 AM - Start from Pune (Chandani Chowk - Pirangut - Mulshi)

8:30 AM - Spend some time at Palse Waterfall (Seasonal), Mulshi Dam and Tamhini Ghat.

9:30 AM - Reach Mangaon. Tea / Coffee & Restroom break at Hotel Open Umbrella

11:00 AM - Reach Diveagar. Visit Golden Ganesh Temple, Roopnarayan Temple, Pristine Diveagar Beach

12:30 PM - Lunch at Diveagar (Traditional Brahmin Konkani Food with Modak or a Fish Thali)

2:00 PM - Start for Harihareshwar

3:00 PM - Reach Harihareshwar. Check into MTDC Resort Deluxe AC Tents / Konkani House and Relax

4:30 PM - Have cup of tea and proceed to visit Harihareshwar Temple & Pradakshina

6:00 PM - Come back to the Beach next to MTDC Resort. Watch Sunset. Fun in the water

7:30 PM - Go back to the room. Freshen up

8:30 PM - Dinner at the Resort by the Sea. (Veg. Non-Veg Thali or Punjabi food. No Konkani speciality as such)

9:30 PM - Play Cards / Variety Entertainment

Day 2

6:30 AM - Get up early. Visit the Beach. Have cup of tea in the shacks by the sea

8:00 AM - Get back to the room. Freshen up

9:30 AM - Take breakfast and Check-out. You may go for Boating in nearby creek, visit Bankot Fort & proceed towards Shriwardhan

10:30 AM - Visit few places in Shrivardhan such as Bajirao Peshve Smarak

12:30 PM - Reach Mahad. Have lunch Vitthal Kamat Restaurant

02:30 PM - Reach Raigad Fort Ropeway Station. Watch Film and Museum and take the ropeway. There is 30 Min waiting for the Ropeway ride. In peak summer seasons, it could be of 2 Hrs. So you need to plan accordingly. Ropeway would be on until last person comes back from the top station. Even by 8 - 8:30 PM.

4:00 PM - Reach on the top. Visit the Fort for 2-3 hours. Have Tea - Kanda Bhajji at MTDC / Sarja restaurant

7:00 PM - Start from Raigad to Mangaon

8:00 PM - Reach Wakan Phata via Mangaon - Indapur - Kolad. You can have your dinner at Open Umbrella, Mangaon (try Konkani Fish Thali) Or at Govinda Restaurant, Kamath Residency, Nagothane.

9:00 PM - Take Wakan - Pali - Unhere - Jambhulpada - Khopoli Route SH 92 and you will see exit to join Mumbai - Pune Expressway at the Khalapur Toll Naka.

11:30 PM - Reach Pune safely.


Diveagar Beach can easily rival any beach on the west coast of India for its clear waters, white sand & serenity. Diveagar is situated approximately 5 Kms from Shrivardhan. Reaching Diveagar is quite easy, take a right turn after Mangaon on the Mumbai-Goa highway to Sai-Morba Ghat - Mhasala (before S. T. stand turn right from main road) - Vadavali phata - Borli - Diveagar. From Mangaon it’s a one-hour drive to Diveagar. Diveagar is just like any other village on the Konkan coast but it gained overnight fame upon the discovery of Ganesh idol made of pure gold in one of the Supari Baghs (Garden) in the village.

The beach is a real revelation, a six km long stretch with white sand & clear water. At one end of the beach is a fishing settlement while the other end offers a sanctuary to the migratory seagulls feasting in the creek waters. The beach has a lot of Suru trees, which are common to coastal Maharashtra. The access to the beach has a dense cover of Belu trees, which are very uncommon sight on this coast.

Diveagar has numerous households offering accommodation for as low as Rs.300-400 per day. The local cuisines are worth exploring & better enjoy eating it as no other options are available. Diveagar is an ideal weekend getaway away from City crowd. Don’t expect any luxury hotels & typical city eating joints here but be prepared to be surprised by the simplicity & calmness offered by this place.


What to See?

Suvarnaganesha (Golden Ganesh) Temple: History of Suvarnaganesha is quite fascinating. It was on the special day of November 17th, 1998 (Sankashti Chaturthi as per the Hindu calendar) that there was found a copper box beneath the earth. It was weighing 30 kilos in a coconut cultivation near the temple. 

The box was muddy as it was buried and looked ancient. It had some words written from the 10 century in Sanskrit. This incident attracted all the mob from the Diveagar village. This was the second incident that an ancient piece of history was found, as earlier there was found a "Tamraptra" at the same place. when the box was opened in presence of Govt Officials, there was a sculpture of Lord Ganesh made out of pure gold. Also the box contained ornaments belonging to Lord Ganesha. It was then that the god was named "Suvarnaganesh".

Suvarnaganesh is a complete idol of Lord Ganesha,but a sculpture of pure 24 caret gold.Its weighted 1 kilo and 300grams,with height of 24 inches. It is said that this sculpture was created to mask some Lord Ganesh stone idol, which was earlier in the temple. However its still a puzzle as to who has buried it and for what reason. But people of Diveagar have tremendous faith in Suvarnagensh and that the god is blessing the place with prosperity.

Sundernarayan Temple:
Also know as Roopnarayan temple, was believed to be built in the thirteen century, under the rule of King Shilahar. The idol is the best example of sculpture. The four hands of the idol along with their accessories Shank(Shell),Chakra(Wheel), Gada(Weapon), Padma(Lotus) are carved in such a manner that when seen in clockwise direction ,it shows 24 different appearances of Lord Vishnu.

Virgin Seashore:
At the back of the Sundernarayn temple, there sea-shore of about 4-5 kilometers. The soothing sand beneath, the sea in semicircle appears to be calling. Beach is safe for swimming as against its neighour - Harihareshwar Beach which is not that safe.

Shrivardhan Seashore -
Kondivali beach (5 Kms from Shrivardhan) - clean and unmarked by footprints.

Birthplace of Peshwa Bajirao I -
5 kms from Shrivardhan

Where to Stay?

  • Exotica Beach Resort (02147-202012) - It has 10 AC Wooden log Cottages with direct access to beach. Each cottage is equipped with Inverter backup for power supply, Standard bed, Television & Air-conditioners. At Exotica, you are completely in harmony with nature. Untouched, unexplored & raw. The ambience here is very exclusive, comfortable & utmost refreshing. In keeping with its trend, this resort has an all Wooden Cottage accommodation. It consists of 10 well maintained Ac Log cottages with serene interiors. Self-contained & ideal for couples/family. The resort has a Multicuisine Wadi restaurant offering a delicious blend of continental, Indian, Chinese & Konkani cuisines.

For Tariff & Booking related queries, kindly contact at milindbkhot@gmail.com OR log on to www.pruthviindia.com (022-25004424) OR visit http://www.nivalink.com/exotica/index.html

    • Woodland Resorts, Diveagar - Specious eight rooms each with attached bath. Well decorated with furniture, Dish TV and double bed with two extra beds.

    Natural surrounding beneath coconut trees and sit out for rooms. Generator & battery back up. 

    FOR BOOKING CONTACT Ms. Manjiri Deshpande (098600 47320, 020-25537320) OR Ms. Priyanka Rewadikar (090961 15750, 020-25382050)

    • Ambience Cottages : Beautiful and neat cottages hidden in the tall coconut and bettlenut trees. Total eight cottages-four with A/c and four non-A/c with attached toilet-bathroom, cable-tv, individual sit-out with swings and hammocks with generator back-up and veg./non-veg dining facility. 5 min walk from the Beach. Generator backup is also available for AC. Good ambience and affordable Room rates.

    Phone no: (0)2147-224091, 225334, 225335 (Mr. Vijay Patwardhan).

    • Hotel Pinakin - Newly built, Good & clean rooms, Generator back up. Rooms have refrigerator and AC and Dish TV. The location too is not very far from the beach.

    Contact no: 9423533314, 9421080150 Mr. Hemant Kene, Mrs. Arti Kene.

    • Anandyatri (020-24217953) - Situated on an acre of lush green coconut and betelnuts plantation, this wadi is a perfect spot to spend week-end. Be it family or a big group, They offer great accomodation for upto 100 people. 14 double bedded self contained rooms, with attached toilet, 4 big halls which can accomodate 10 people each and another big hall with attached toilet block is available for a group of about 20 people.

    They serve delicious maharashtrian food in a homely manner. Specialities like Ukadiche modak, Solkadhi, Birdyachi Usal, fresh sea food including Surmai and Prawns

    • Prathamesh Holiday Resort- 26 non-AC Cottages / Rooms. Generator backup

    • Wadi Miravi - 3 BHK Independent AC Bunglow surrounded by Lush green Betel and coconut plantations. Home Made food as per your order. Manager/caretaker at your service. For Bookings contact: Mrs. Rachana Kamerkar 09822078181 / 020-27291049.

    • Mauli Resort Resort (close to Breach) - 02147-225225

    • Mr Prafaul Joshi (Home based) - 02147-224602

    • Mr Mahesh Pilankar (Home based) - 02147-225323

    • Shivakashi Resort - 02147-222163

    • Ashirwad Resort - 02147-222626

    • Visawa Resort - 02147-222887

    • Mr Gogate (Home based) - 02147-222462

    • Mr Deepak Mhapuskar (Home based) - 02147-222995

    • Prasad Kelkar (Home) 09423234128 or 02147-224279

    • Shrusthi Resort - Contact Yogesh Kalamkar - 9822379979

    • (Udyan-Pandit) Mr. Uday Ganesh Bhat - Home stay with delicious food. Mimi-museum of Konkan History, Coins, ancient letters in modi script etc. Contact : 02147 - 224235, 9421160393.

    • Sidhdhai Resort lodging and Boarding - Deluxe A.C rooms, cottages, general rooms, generator / invertor backup, Veg. Non Veg Konkani Food. Contact : Nandkumar Patil 02147 - 224737, 224167, 224297, 9423383192.


    Where to Eat?

    Suhas Bapat’s Khanaval: This is a truly amazing place with awesome food. You will be served authentic maharastrian food with Modak. The contact number is: 09423837967, 09271127337. you need to call in the morning before 9:00 AM or better on previous day and confirm your order. Ad-hoc visits will leave you disappointed. Once you visit Ganesh Mandir, stay straight on the same road till you see signboard for a Speedbreaker. Bapat's house is on your right near to Marathi School.

    Suvarnaganesh Khanaval Contact Anant Parker : 952147 – 225045. Very near to Pinakin Hotel and Ambience cottages (by walk 10 min): Good Sea Food (Pomfret / Surmai). Fish Thali for Rs 150.

    There are many such places in Diveagar where ypu can taste homely authentic Konkani Food. But you need to inform them in advance. There are not many restaurants / mess where you can just walk-in and have food.


    Harihareshwar is one of the finest places in Konkan. It is famous for a temple on the seashore as well as the beach and the natural beauties here. Harihareshwar is only 18 Kms for Shrivardhan. If one wants to enjoy traveling by sea, the launches are also available between the two towns. The temple here is one of the major attractions. Harihareshwar is known as Kashi of Southern India. The hill on the seashore at Harihareshwar is also known as 'Harihar' or 'Pushpadri'.

    The temple is old and the construction period of this temple can not be easily said. The temple might be constructed in Shivaji's Period as one can find such sculptures. But was re-constructed by First Bajirao Peshawa in 1723. The temple consists of idols of Brahma - Vishnu - Mahesh and Devi Parvati. The other temples in the premises are of Shri Kalbhairav and Shri Yogeshwari.

    Truly, Harihareshwar is a place of temples and beautiful seashore. The atmosphere here is very auspicious and creates pleasure. The seashore, beach , the dark woods near the sea and the temple are worth to visit.

    Caution : Beach is not very safe for swimming especially during low tide. It has lots of undercurrents.

    Where to Stay?

  • MTDC Resort Harihareshwar (Beach) - Tel : 02147-226036.
  • As usual, MTDC has the best spots on the Konkan coastline. MTDC Beach Resort Harihareswar is set minutes away from the beautiful beach that more than makes up for the isolated location in a sleepy village. You can choose from 19 rooms & 10-15 tents (seasonal) at Resort that are classified into standard ac and non ac rooms, non ac sea facing deluxe rooms, ac and non ac Konkani styled cottages and air-conditioned special rooms. All rooms are minimalist in design and furnishing, and are equipped with modern amenities such as cable television, attached bathroom with shower and hot water.You can enjoy the view of the nearby beach from the comforts of your room, or you can lodge in the exclusive deluxe tent built right on the beach.

    Other facilities include a "Juee" Restaurant & beer bar that serves Veg. Non Veng North Indian & Konkani cuisine. MTDC also offers water sports facilities such as water scooters and boating for recreation. For Online Booking, you may refer to -> MTDC

    Recommended AC Konkani style Huts for families and Deluxe tents for Batchelors / group accommodation

  • Resort Harihareshwar (Hill Top) - Nivale, Post Saigaon Tel: 02147-228025, 9820378020.
  • Located 8 kms from Harihareshwar Temple and surrounded by hill on all four sides, Resort Harihareshwar is Cocoon of comforts spread over 4 acres of land and blessed with Nature. Unlike commercial hotels, the resort has an intimate yet private feel. Winding Walkways invite you to explore untouched surroundings. Facilities include - Parking, Laundry, Medical, Multipurpose Dormitory and Multi-cuisine Restaurant "Aaswad" which provides good Konkani food. Adventure activities like Fishing, Trekking and Boating can be organized on request.

    There are numerous households offering accommodation for as low as Rs.300-400 per day. Please refer to -> Houses listed under MTDC Bed & Breakfast Scheme (-> Shrivardhan)

    Nandanvan - MTDC approved, Sea View rooms, 2 min from temple and beach, Veg. Non Veg food on order. Contact : Mr. Srikrishna Joshi 02147 - 226158, 226058.

    Gokul - MTDC approved. Attached rooms, Garden, Invertor. Veg. Non Veg food on order. Contact : Mrs Kavita Shetye 02147 - 226439, 226063.

    Gurugeeta - MTDC approved. AC / Non AC rooms, Veg food on order. Contact : Mrs Suman sakhale 02147 - 226079, 226301.

    Shivshanti Holiday Inn, Srivardhan - MTDC approved, Near Srivardhan Sea shore, AC/ Non AC rooms, swimming pool, Veg. Non Veg Food. Contact : Mrs Deepali Chalke 02147 - 222163.

    What to See -

    Harihareshwar Temple and surrounding area (Gayatri Tirth, Sita Sansar, Vishnu pad, Pandav Tirth, 101 Kaurav Astitv), Pradakshina (you get a good view of the Sea from the hillock)


    Additional Places to Visit -

    JANJIRA FORT : This overwhelming guardian of the Siddi naval prowess over the Arabian sea, can be approached in sail boats, which leave from Rajpuri jetty, 5 kms from Murud. ide or from Dighi bunder. Battered on all four sides by sea waves, its strong walls yet standing intact and 40 feet high even at full tide is the majestic island fortress of the Siddis -- Murud-Janjira. Never conquered by an enemy for over 350 years since its construction by the Ahmednagar rulers under the supervision of their regent Malik Ambar in the 15th century, Murud-Janjira is probably the only impregnable fort on the 720 km Maharashtra coastline. Neither the Portuguese nor the British could subjugate the fort. And the Marathas, despite their repeated attempts failed to subjugate the Siddi power.

    There is a lot to see on the fort. As we land at the front gate of the fort, two formidable bastions. can be seen guarding the huge gate. Here is a sculpture in stone depicting a Lion that has overpowered six elephants. The main gate is followed by another gate where 3 lungers/anchors are clearly visible in front of shrine of 5 Peers(peerpanchayatan). Opposite of that is a big sweet water tank. Around that stand Khasha Siddi Masjid and ruins of houses. Next comes Surul Khan's mansion(wada). In the backyard, remnants of Hindu sculptures are visible. During archaeological excavations in 1985, temple ruins and a 'Shivaling' was found. On the background, fortified bulwarks with guns positioned, are unmistakable. There are 24 bastions in all, having their separate names. Special attraction of this fort is 3 Gigantic Cannons named Kalalbangdi, Chavri and Landa Kasam. Another gate to the west is sea- facing,called 'Darya Darwaza'. There are guides available who tour you through the fort while giving you an interesting version of the forts history.

    You need to bargain with the local fishermen for the boats (as there is no regular service to the fort) and ride takes around 45 minutes. Dighi-Shekhadi area on Shrivardhan side became infamous for the RDX landing which was used during 93 Mumbai blasts.

    Bankot Fort at Bagmandala - The Bankot fort is located near Bagmandla, which is near Harihareshwar. From Bagmandla you will have to take a boat ride to get to the fort, from where the trek begins which is approximately half an hour long. The Fort is also known as Himmat Garh, which means the fort of Strength. there is not much to see and it is in a state of ruins.

    Fort Raigad - Please click here to get more details.


    Photo Gallery

    Mulshi Dam near Pune - en Route

    Tamhini Ghat - en Route

    Descending Tamhini Ghat from Pune to Coastal Konkan

    Diveagar Beach
    This place became famous when local villagers discovered Lord Ganesha Idol (mask) made up of pure 24K gold buried under ground for over 1000 years.

    Harihareshwar - South Beach Near MTDC

    Harihareshwar - North Beach Near Temple

    Harihareshwar Shiva Temple - Parikrama

    Deluxe AC Tents at MTDC - Harihareshwar

    MTDC Resort Restaurant (Shacks) by the Beach

    Raigad Ropeway Ride - There are 1475 steps to climb to reach the Raigad Fort. But Ropeway has made it all simple.

    Amazing view of the base Ropeway Station from the ride

    Steep Climb of 1375 ft. Fort is situated at the total height of 2800 Ft from Sea Level

    Sahyadri (Deccan) Ranges - View from the Ropeway Ride

    The great Raigad Fort - erstwhile Capitol of Deccan Ruler, King Shivaji

    Raigad Fort Ruins - Fort was burning for almost 11 days which came under the attack of British artillery Fire power

    Palace Ruins. Fort was destroyed by British army during the war in 1800 Century

    Sunset from Raigad Fort. You can view Pratapgad, Torna, Rajgad forts from Raigad if weather is clear

    "Takmak Tok" with 1300 ft Valley straight below - This place was used to execute criminals in those days simply by pushing them off the cliff