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Migrating from One state to another with your Vehicle? 

When you shift your vehicle to another state you will have to follow some procedure for a hassle free driving in the new state. 

If you are planning to stay in the new place for less than 3 months then you don’t have to do anything. As per RTO rules it is considered as a visit. If you are going to stay for more than 3 months and less than 1 year then you have to pay a nominal Tax amount (One year) in the new state. However, many states including Maharashtra requires you to pay O.T.T (One Time Tax) also known as Life Time Tax for 15 years, as they do not have provision for annual payment of tax.

As per RTO rules if you are planning to stay in the new place for more than 1 year, it is MUST that you apply for change of address and re-registration. Else it is considered as Driving without valid documents / registrations and attracts Rs. 1,000 as fine under Motor Vehicle Act. To apply for the change of address you have to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the home state RTO where the vehicle is registered. 

If you ask me, Please don't bring your vehicle to different state. Try to sell it off from where you have purchased it. Re-Registration may cost you additional 10% of your Vehicle Cost or even more. 

Step 1: Obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from RTO  

To apply for a No Objection Certificate you need following documents 

  1. Four copies of CMV 28 with Chassis number pencil prints

  2. Police clearance certificate from the local police station

  3. No Objection Letter from the financier if it is under hire purchase

  4. Original RC Book

  5. Insurance Certificate

  6. PUC

  7. Tax Certificate (receipt)

  8. Fees - Nil (There is no prescribed fee for obtaining NOC)

With all the above documents you have to apply in the RTO office where the vehicle is registered. It will take few days for them to prepare a NOC. If you go through an agent you may get it fast but they will charge anywhere from Rs. 600-1000 (inclusive of RTO fees) depending upon the 2 or 4 wheeler. 

Note: Always keep a duplicate copy of all the important documents with you if you are planning to submit original documents to the agent or to RTO office.



 It you have taken loan from the bank for your vehicle, then some banks will ask you to pre-pay the loan before issuing you "No Objection Letter" for migrating from one state to another. If you are closing the loan, it is required to remove the "Hypothecation Clause" from the RC Book as well.

  1. Application form CMV 35 in duplicate

  2. Consent letter from the financier for termination of HPA/Lease/Hire purchase

  3. Original RC Book

  4. Tax Certificate (Road tax receipt)

  5. Insurance Certificate

  6. Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)

  7. Prescribed fee Rs 100/-

You can get this work done along with obtaining the NOC from RTO and agent might charge you Rs. 200 more for this work.

Step 3: Change of Address and Re-registration


After getting NOC you have to apply for change of address and re-registration in the new state with following documents 

  1. Form CMV 27, CMV 20, CMV 33

  2. Pencil Chassis Print - 5 Copies (Required at the time of passing)

  3. No Objection Certificate from the original RTO (2 Copies)**

  4. Original RC Book

  5. Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)

  6. Insurance Certificate

  7. Tax Certificate (receipt)

  8. Invoice receipt - Vehicle purchase dealer receipt

  9. Police Clearance Certificate after vehicle inspection at Local Police station & NOC from Commissioner's Office (You can download Online report from NCRB-National Crime Records Bureau -> http://ncrb.nic.in/home.htm -> Vehicle Inquiry)

  10. Affidavit on Rs. 100 stamp paper by Registered Owner stating that this vehicle is not a stolen one

  11. Consent from the Financier if it is hypothecated under a hire purchase

  12. NOC from Sales Tax Office if the vehicle is new OR if you dont have original invoice OR if you have not paid C.S.T (Central Sales Tax) at the time of purchase from select states

  13. Address Proof where you are staying currently (Electricity Bill / Property Tax)

  14. 2 photos

  15. Prescribed Fee of Rs. 220

  16. Entry tax* (as applicable), in case when you bring the vehicle before 30 months of registration date

  17. Octroi (as applicable)*

  18. Challan after payment of Lifetime Road tax for Maharashtra State. - Approx. 7 % of the Original Invoice cost with some discount (at the discretion of RTO Office based on age of the vehicle. Typically, tax will be upto 90% for 3-4 years bucket. So don't expect too much of a depreciation)

*Entry Tax, Octroi are specific to the Cities. e.g. For Mumbai, Octroi will be applicable at 4.5% of the present market value of the vehicle where as Entry Tax is whooping 15%. Pune has Entry Tax and Octroi in the range of 1-3% each. However, this needs to be confirmed with the respective RTO office.


** If NOC is more than 6 months old for a 2 wheeler, it may attract additional penalty. For 4-wheeler, validity is for 30 days. Penalty is 2% interest on tax amount every month.

In case NOC  has not been obtained at the time of migration, the registered owner is required to apply in form no 28 (in quadruplicate) to the previous registering authority along with documents for issue of NOC , and submit the NOC obtained  for consideration of Re - Registration application. In case No reply is received from the previous registering authority even after 30 days, the registered owner shall submit a copy of the form no 28 applied, along with the Postal acknowledgment for having submitted before the previous registering authority, and a declaration stating that " the application for NOC has neither  been rejected nor any reply received from the previous registering authority" to whom the application has been made.


Next Steps - After all documents are collected and tax / prescribed fees paid paid in full, RTO Officer will issue following 3 letters to you - (1) Regarding Re-Confirmation of NOC from the registering authority from previous state (2) To Police Commissioner to make sure that Vehicle is not stolan and was not involved in Crime (3) National Crime Records Bureau, New Delhi for similar purpose.

Letters needs to be sent through Register A.D. If no response received after 30 days, you can approach RTO again asking if the Vehicle can be called for inspection as none has raised any objections after waiting for 30 days. 

RTO Officer may then call the vehicle for inspection and only after passing, new registration number will be allocated. Entire process could take anywhere from 45 days to years and you will have to visit the office at least 5-10 times minimum. 

You can get this work done through an agent who may charge anywhere from 5000-7000. Thus a re-registration for a Car (more than 30 months old) in Pune with Rs 4,00,000 ex-showroom price will cost up to Rs. 35,000. 

You may now decide whether to re-register your vehicle or continue driving it as usual. It all depends on number of years you are going to spend here.


Step 4: Refund of Life Time Tax from RTO of the previous state

If the vehicle is transferred to another state, life-time / advance road tax paid is reimbursed on pro-rata basis after deducting the tax for the no. of years the vehicle is used in that particular state. The procedure is lengthy & painful but worth undergoing for getting our hard earned money back.

The concerned registering authority where the vehicle is being re-registered, shall send an intimation (CRTI)  regarding migration of the Motor Vehicle. The Refund application has to made in FORM 16 along with proof of migration. On receipt of the intimation (CRTI) , Refund application will be considered.

Refund orders will be forwarded to the address noted in the application.  


Offenses and Penalties Schedule



Only Traffic Police (and not the Traffic Wardens) are authorized to ask you for the fine against above offenses. Recently, Maharashtra Police have been awarded with powers to stop you for any of above offenses. However, they can not fine you directly but instead have right to keep your driving license and issue you a L-Tem (temporary license). Later, you can go to the court, pay the fine and collect your license back.


Western India Automobile Association

Founded in 1919, the Western India Automobile Association ( WIAA ), is one of the premier and largest motoring organizations in Asia with over 42,000 members on its roll. The head office of the Association is located in Bombay with branches in Ahmadabad, Pune, Nagpur, Jaipur and Goa. The Association has reciprocal service arrangements with AA's and clubs all over the world. 

The Association is a recognized body under the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules and is empowered to:

    - Undertake driving test for the issue of driving licenses for cars and two- wheelers.

    - Powers to issue International Driving Permits for the members traveling abroad.


Member Services includes RTO Services (License, Obtaining NOC, Re-registration etc.), PUC Checkup, Breakdown / Towing Services, Taxation matters and other legal services etc. *** Its worth becoming member of WIAA and get your RTO related work done through them rather than doing it through a local agent. 

Contact them at -

Western India Automobile Association

Clover Centre Wing 'C' 2nd Floor, Flat No. 227, 7, Moledina Road

Pune - 411 001, Mahrashtra

Tel : 26131983, 26113001    

Email : wiaa@pn3.vsnl.net.in

RTO Agents :

Beware of the agents at the RTO office. Don't ask them any queries or show them any original document. Else, they will ask for Rs. 100 as fee for their advise after talking to you and will refuse to handover the originals. 

For PMC area, you can get the work down through Western India Automobile Association where as for PCMC area, following are few references - 

(1) Datta Borate (9822880712) - Shop # 60, PCMC Market, Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri - 18

(2) P.H. Rajwas (9822595490)  - Shop # 60, PCMC Market, Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri - 18


Other Websites for Reference : 

Above information is compiled from various sources on the internet and partially based on the first hand experience.

Karnataka RTO has very good portal where-in you can get the info about various services / procedures and and download forms. Most of the Forms and procedures  are common across the RTOs in India -> http://rto.kar.nic.in/default.htm 

Get your RTO related queries answered from none other than Dr. Pasricha (Ph.D. In traffic management and is in Indian Police Service since 1970) -> http://www.indiacar.com/askanexpert/drpasricha_ans.asp


Road Transport Office (RTO) in Pune - http://www.rtopune.info/

  • PCMC - MH 14 Numbers
    • Chikhli - 2749 2828
    • Alandi Road - 2669 605
  • PMC - MH 12 Numbers
    • Sangam Bridge - 2605 8090
    • Pune Railway Station - 2612 0808

My Own Experience with Vehicle Re-registration

I own 200X vehicle registered in Karnataka. I have completed all the steps mentioned above. It cost me Rs. 1,000 to obtain NOC / termination of Hypothecation and did it remotely through an agent. I have been driving this vehicle for few years and was caught only once by the Police. I had to pay Rs. 200 as fine. Now the entire re-registration process is costing me over Rs. 40,000 for a Vehicle with original price tag of Rs. 4,00,000 (includes 7% Road tax with some discount + 1% Octroi + 2% Per Month Interest on tax for late submission of NOC + Rs. 7,000 processing cum agent fee).  I did it through agent Mr. Datta Borate and got MH registration for my vehicle in 4 months. 

Here are few proven tips to escape from Traffic Police's eyes ->

  • Never look into the eyes of the Traffic Cop. If he sense that he has your attention, he might signal you to stop

  • While crossing important junctions, stay in the middle lane (avoid extreme right and never on the left side) 

  • If signal is about to become red, slow down and allow other people to move ahead. You will always find few 2 wheelers, auto walas who wants to race ahead. 

  • Follow all the traffic rules and wear Seat belt / Helmet always

  • Pretend that you have arrived in the city recently.  Keep copy of CMV 28 (duly filled) along with photocopy of other documents to prove that you have applied for the NOC but not received it yet.

Hope this compilation would be useful to many of you.  

Follow all the Traffic  Rules and Drive Safely!