Dapoli and surround beaches 

(Dabhol, Kolithare, Ladghar, Karde, Murud-Harnai, Anjarle, Ade and Kelshi)

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Number of Days required - 2-4 Days 

Dapoli, also known as "Mini Mahabaleshwar" of Konkan is situated at the height of 800 - 1000 ft above sea level in a mountain range which is separated from Sahyadri (Deccan). Dapoli, once known only for its Agri-cultural University (Dapoli Krishi Vidyapeeth) is now becoming a tourist hub due to its cool and pleasant climate, close proximity to beach (8 Km) and a very long coastal line of nearly 50 KMs. with one of the few finest beaches in Konkan like Karde, Murud-Harnai, Anjarle, Kelshi.

Despite the increase in tourism, Konkan beaches have managed to remain untouched and unspoiled and are amongst the cleanest ones on the entire west cost of India. The beaches near Dapoli won’t disappoint you either. Beaches are very clean, broad, shallow and not crowded at all. Nature lovers can indulge themselves in exploring the hiking trails in the nearby jungles or do bird watching, see Dolphins and Sea Turtle Conservation Project. You can also visit the ancient temples, forts, caves and hot springs nearby. If you plan to make a trip during summer vacations, be sure to feast on Dapoli’s famous Alphonso (Hapus) mangoes.

Read more about the Destination at - http://www.konkaninfo.com/index.html (In and around Dapoli)

How to Reach?

Dapoli is around 5 hrs (200 KM) from Pune and (235 KM) from Mumbai and there are State Transport buses available to Dapoli from Swargate Bus Stand, Pune and from Mumbai Central. There is no train service available from Pune and from Mumbai, nearest station on Konkan Railway would be Khed. You will need minimum 3 days to visit most of the places but you may visit select places over a Sat-Sun weekend as well.

If you are planning to go their by your own / rented vehicle, there are four Ghat routes exist from Pune. All of them are abound with lush green trees and take you through the undulating Sahyadri mountains. These ranges dotted with numerous small and large waterfalls in monsoon are truly a breathtaking sight. 

Mumbaikars can take N.H. 17 highway from Panvel till Mangaon / Mahad / Khed and later follow any one of the routes towards Dapoli as mentioned below.

Via Tamhini ghat (192 km)

  • Pune (Chandani Chowk) --- Pirangut Road --- Paud (29 Kms) --- Mulshi (12 Kms) --- Tamhini Ghat (39 Kms) --- Turn left at Vile

  • Vile --- Nijampur (18 Kms) --- Mangaon (12 Kms). You will reach NH – 17.

  • NH – 17 --- Travel towards Mahad and Turn right after Veer Railway Station (16 KM from Mangaon) towards Ambet

  • Veer --- Ambet (12 Kms) ---Mhapral (1 Kms) --- Mandangad (17Kms).

  • Take Mandangad - Khed Road and after around 15 KM, turn right towards Dapoli (21 Kms). Straight road will go towards Khed and will join back to NH-17 again.

  • Sign boards to reach Dapoli are available after Ambet.

  • (Route map via Tamhini Ghat: Pune - Chandani Chauk - Paud - Mulshi - Dongarwadi - Tamhini Ghat - Vile - Nijampur - Mangaon - Veer - Ambet - Mhapral - Shenale - Mandangad - Dapoli)

  • Road between Mulshi - Tamhini Ghat - Mangaon is not so good. Actual ghat section is okay but not the approach roads. Though it is one of the shortest routes to reach Konkan, usually we end up taking longer time subject to the road conditions. Tamhini ghat is also not safe to cross at nights due to robbery incidents.

Via Mahabaleshwar (230 km)

  • Pune --- Pune – Bangalore Highway NH4 --- Surur (80 Kms)

  • Turn right towards Wai --- Panchgani --- Mahabaleshwar (42 Kms)--- Ambenali Ghat --- Poladpur (38Kms).

  • You will reach NH17 at Poladpur.

  • Turn left towards Bharana Naka at Poladpur --- Turn right at Bharana Naka (36Kms)--- Khed (2 Kms).

  • Follow sign boards towards Dapoli which is 29 KMs from Khed.

  • (Route map via Mahabaleshwar: Pune - Surur – Wai – Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar – Poladpur – Bharna Naka – Khed – Furus – Wakawali - Dapoli)

  • Road is good throughout however will take more time due to Mahabaleshwar bound traffic and lots of Ghat sections (You will cross 5 Ghats - "katraj" near Pune, "Khambataki" before Satara, "Pasarani" at Panchgani, "Ambenali" after Mahabaleshwar and "Kashedi" near Khed). Take this road only if you want to pass through Mahabaleshwar, enjoy the greenery, see some quick view points and eat fresh strawberry with Ice Cream / Malai during the season (Jan-Mar)

Via Bhor (175 km)

  • Pune --- Pune – Bangalore Highway Nh4 --- Khed Shivapur - Kapurhole (30 Kms)

  • Turn right just ahead of Khed Shivapur at Bhor Phata --- Bhor (12 Kms)

  • Bhor --- Varandha Ghat --- Birwadi (44 Kms) --- Mahad (12 Kms).

  • Cross NH – 17 at “Hotel Sagar” just outside Mahad --- Latwan (29 Kms). This road will then join Mandangad --- Dapoli Road. Take a left on this state highway and follow sign boards towards Dapoli

  • (Route map via Bhor: Pune - Khed Shivapur – Bhor – Varandha Ghat – Latwan – Dapoli)

  • Road between Pune - Bhor - Varandha Ghat - Mahad is quite good now (recently tarred). It is the shortest route to reach Konkan. However, please inquire about road conditions before taking this route especially around or after monsoon. Varandha ghat is not safe to cross at nights due to robbery incidents.

Via Khopoli  (235 Km)

  • Continue on Pune - Mumbai Expressway and take Khopoli exit (75 Kms) after Lonavala (Pay toll only up to Lonavala).

  • Join SH 92 Road Khopoli - Unhere - Jambhulpada - Pali (Mahad) Ganapati - Wakan Phata (46 Kms) - Nagothane Road.

  • Take left at Wakan Phata on NH17 (Mumbai - Goa Highway) towards Goa --- Kolad (11 Kms) --- Indapur (13 Kms) --- Mangaon (9 Kms)

  • Mangaon --- Lonere Phata (10 Kms) --- Veer (6 Kms). Turn right after Veer Railway Station towards Ambet

  • Veer --- Ambet (12 Kms) ---Mhapral (1 Kms) --- Mandangad (17 KMs).

  • Take Mandangad - Khed Road and after around 15 KM, turn right towards Dapoli (21 Kms). Straight road will go towards Khed and will join back to NH-17 again.

  • Sign boards to reach Dapoli are available after Ambet. 

  • (Route map via Khopoli: Pune - Khopoli - Jambhulpada - Pali - Wakan Phata (N.H.17) - Kolad - Indapur - Mangaon - Veer - Ambet - Mhapral - Shenale - Mandangad - Dapoli) 

  • Road is good through out and much faster as compared to others though it is longest. Safe to travel in the night and hence reccomonded for return journey. 

  • While returning, if you want to join the Pune bound expressway at Khopoli, then at Pen Phata turn left towards Pen / Alibag instead of turning right towards Khopoli. After 1-2 Km, make another right towards Khalapur at the junction. There is a flyover on the expressway and you will join the Pune bound side of the e-way before the Khalapur Toll plaza. For Mumbai bound traffic, they can join the e-way at Pen phata itself. If you want to take the Nh4 towards Pune Or want to join e-Way only at Lonavala, then you can take right at Pen phata towards Khopoli and can join Old Mumbai - Pune Road (3 Kms).

Tamhini & Varandha Ghat - Shortest route to reach Konkan but Road is not good and not safe at the night

Old Pune-Mumbai Highway and Khopoli - Nagothane Road. Longest Route but very smooth and safe

Veer - Ambet and Mhapral - Mandangad - Dapoli Road

Suggested Pit stops / rest areas

  • Hotel Quick Byte at Greengate Resorts on Pune - Tamhini Ghat road near Mulshi Dam

  • Raigad Inn, Mulshi. Located before you start actually descending the Tamhini Ghat.

  • Vitthal Kamath's Restaurant on Mumbai-Goa highway near Mahad. Chain of highway restaurant / snacks parlour belongs to Vitthal Kamath who also owns Orchid Hotel (5 star) and is owner of book "Idli Orchid & Me". Good South Indian snacks and clean rest rooms. There are such restaurant after every 100 KMs on Goa Highway. Good food, clean toilets, lots of parking place.

  • Hotel Open Umbrella, Karoli Phata, Mangaon (On Kolad - Indapur - Mangaon NH 17 route) - Famous for the delicious Konkani food - Fish Thali, Malavani Thali etc. You will get all kinds of veg. Non Veg food and South Indian snacks. Ample space, private lake, boating etc.

  • Joshi wadewale -> snacks corner just after crossing the Katraj Tunnel (Pune - Khed Shivapur - Bhor routre) on your right. Tasty food like Wadapav, Misalpav, Tea / Cofee, wada Sambar etc. lots of space.

  • Hotel Natraj -> near Khed Shivapur (on your left while traveling towards Satara). Good place for south Indian breakfast. UDUPI management.

  • No specific recommendations for Dapoli and around areas but the rest rooms (Toilets) are available at Anjarle (Kadyavaracha Ganapati) and at Mahalakshi Mandir, Kelshi.

Places to Visit

Dapoli is a pleasant town situated at a height of about 800 feet above sea level in Ratnagiri district, Konkan on the west coast of Maharashtra, India. It is blessed with abundant natural beauty and enjoys a cool climate throughout the year. Surrounded by hills and forests and having a long coastline, this is a home for a variety of migratory birds and animals. There are plenty of cashew nut, jack fruit, coconut and betel nut plantations. Known as “Mini Mahabaleshwar of Konkan”, this is a great place to spend your holidays along with your family away from the busy, hectic city life.

There are 3 tourist Circuits in Dapoli Taluka -

  • Tourist Circuit # 1 : Dapoli - Keshavraj Temple at Aasud - Murud Harnai and Karde Beach - Harnai Sunset Point - Anjarle - Kadyavarcha Ganapati - Ade Beach and Parashuram (Bhargavram) temple - Kelshi Beach and Mahalakshmi Temple
  • Tourist Circuit # 2 : Dapoli - Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth - Ladghar (Tamas Teerth or Red Sea) - Kolthare Beach and temples
  • Tourist Circuit # 3 : Dapoli - Chandika Mata Temple in a Cave - Kolthare Beach and temples - Dabhol - Take a Ferry to cross the creek and you can visit additional places like Guhagar - Velneshwar - Hedvi.

Keshavraj (Vishnu) and Vyaghreshwar (Shiva) Temple

The famous ancient temples of Shree Keshavraj (Vishnu) and Shree Vyagreshwar (Siva) are located at Aasud, at a distance of just 8 km from Dapoli on the Dapoli - Harnai road.

How to Reach? - Shree Keshavraj (Vishnu) temple is located amidst lush green land, a perennial stream and rolling hills. There is a sharp "U" turn from the main road from the main Dapoli - Aasud road and a narrow lane will take you to the Aasud Baug / Joshi baug. If you see signboards for the Vyaghreshwar Temple or Zolai Devi temple on main road OR have reached AAsud village, then you have missed the diversion. You can park your car on the Asud Bag road and take a 15 minute trek through coconut, betel nut, mango and cashew trees to reach here (150 easy steps). You will have to climb down one hill, cross the perennial stream and again climb up the opposite hill to reach the temple. Earlier, there was a "Sakav" (bridge made up of bamboos and trees) to cross the stream which used to be full in Monsoon and in winter. But now a permanent concrete bridge has been constructed post year 2004. You can still see the remains of the old Sakav bridge.  The natural spring originates at the hill top and flows down to the front of the temple supplying water to the stone carved cow mouth (Gomukh) throughout the year. The surroundings are calm and tranquil interrupted only by the harmonious chirping of birds.

 Shaded walk through the coconut, beetle nut, palm plantations and few easy steps

Temple hidden in the thick forest and water that flows through the gomukh for 12 months. There is a live spring uphill below the stone rock (katal) from where, the water is brought down to the gomukh using stone pipes

Shree Vyaghreshwar temple lies on the riverbank and is about 1000 years old. It is easily accessible from the main Dapoli - Aasud - Harnai road and just before reaching Aasud village. You cannot but marvel at the wonderful Hemadpanthi style architecture. A congregation hall leads to the sanctum (Gabhara) which houses a Swayambhu (self-emerged) Shivling. The canopy outside the sanctum is supported on wooden carved pillars. A large sculpture of Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva stands in front. The platform of this temple has sculptures of dancers. There is also a small temple of Kalbhairav. Shree Vyaghreshwar is the family God (Kuladaiwat) of many Chitpavan Kokanastha Brahmins.

The entire temple premises are surrounded by a massive stone wall and hills that provide protection from natural disasters. Just outside this wall is a temple of Shree Zolai Devi, the guardian goddess of the village. The beautiful Shree Vyaghreshwar temple is also well known for its reference in the Marathi Novel and movie “Garambicha Bapu”.

Murud (Harnai) Beach

Don't confuse this Murud-Harnai with that Murud-Janjira near Alibag / Kashid. Though the name is same, they are located at least 100 Kms apart 

Located on the rugged Konkan coastline, Murud is a small town about 11km from Dapoli. A long, scenic stretch of a beach with swaying palms and a beautiful, ancient Durga Devi temple are its primary attractions. On your right side, you can see Suvarnadurga, kanakdurga and harnai light house where as on left hand side, there is Karde beach.

The old Durga Devi temple on the main road, was built way back in the 18th century (Peshve era) and there is a lovely pond with refreshingly cold water behind. The carvings on its wooden pillars are worth seeing! A large bell hangs above the left side of the entrance. It is said that after winning the battle of Vasai, Chimaji Appa - the great Maratha warrior had brought that bell from one of the churches.

Murud has a lot of beach resorts amidst the coconut plantations. Delicious, fresh seafood includes the likes of Pomfret, Kingfish (Surmai) and Prawns straight from the Arabian Sea. You can also enjoy pure vegetarian, home-made Konkani cuisine at some of the houses nearby. The beach itself with its soft sand and wide expanses is well suited for walking, jogging or simply freaking out. You will probably be able to watch the white bellied sea eagle, white backed vultures and sea gulls. Olive Ridley sea turtles are also spotted here.
Latest attraction of Murud - Harnai beach are the range of watersports which includes Jet Ski, Banana Boat, ATV ride, Parasailing, bumper boat etc. Please visit website of Dapoli Adventure Sports for more details

 Twin beaches of Karde & Murud - Harnai

Karde - Virgin Beach and Dolphin Spotting

A clean, virgin beach with no crowds is situated on the west Maharashtra Konkan coastline. A scenic half an hours drive (about 13km) from Dapoli via Aasud will bring you here.

One of the primary attractions here is dolphin watching. A number of local tour operators arrange dolphin watching trips in boats. The Sheoak plantations (Suru) which border this beach are an ideal retreat for relaxing or having short naps. It is safe for swimming or you can just wade in the waters with white waves lapping at your feet. Have the time of your lives playing Frisbee, beach volley ball, collecting sea shells, etc.

The view of the sunset is spectacular and breathtaking. One of the most beautiful Konkan beaches, Karde has all the makings of a great beach holiday destination for you and your family.

Karde Beach - very clean, less crowded, broad and shallow water. Best for dolphin spotting in the early morning

Dolphin Spotting Trips : 

There are number of local tour operators who take you deep in the sea to see dolphins in a small dingy (fisherman boats) with Yamaha engine. You need to be at one of the beaches (Karde / Murud) around 7:00 AM in the morning. Boats are operated between 7-8 am OR till 10:00 AM depending on the crowd. Per person charges are around Rs. 100 and subject to change during peak season. There is para-sailing activity offered here but not like what you see in Goa. 500 mtr long, 100 ft lift ride might cost you Rs. 300.

Call on one of these numbers previous evening to book your seat for Dolphin spotting (not operated during monsoon Or when sea is rough) -

Mr. Masoom Ainarkar -9421900417, 9270672449

Mr. Munawar - 9421900424 / 9270970969

Mr. Mazhar - 9420051006 / 9270970978

Harnai Port - Suvarnadurga & Sunset Points

Situated 15 km from Dapoli via Aasud, Harnai is a natural harbor with clear waters, beautiful seascape and rocky coasts. Suvarnadurga is just off Harnai port and there are few more sub-forts dominates the rocky Harnai coastal line like Goa Fort, Fategad, kanakdurga etc.

Harnai port is the main fishing village. Every evening hundreds of fishing boats come back after fishing and gather to auction their catch. The fish auction is the essential trade step between fish landings and the trade. Business worth lakhs of rupees is carried out daily between 4 pm to 7 pm. Loads and loads of Pomfret, kingfish, mackerel, white jumbo prawns, lobsters, squids, sting rays and many more varieties of fish are auctioned and sent to Mumbai, Cochin as well as exported to the international market. You can also participate into the fish auction and bid for fish of your choice. It is an unforgettable experience for all seafood lovers. Watching fish auctions has become one of the major tourist attractions at Harnai.

From temples, churches to beaches and ancient forts, Harnai has it all. Suvarnadurg is a shore fort and surrounded by sea on all sides. It was conquered and refurbished by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1660. It was also a base for the Maratha navy ship-building facility. Suvarnadurg fort was the base for Kanhojee Angrey who was the chief of Maratha Navy. Kanhojee Angrey spent his childhood in Suvarnadurg fort, of which he was later the Governor. He set up powerful fleet of warships to protect the western coast of Konkan from British, French, Dutch and Portuguese attacks. Suvarnadurg fort is a landmark in Konkan.

Kanakdurg Fort is a sub fort of Suvarnadurg and was constructed by Shahu Maharaj in 1710. There are steps to reach to the top of the fort and the fishermen colony situated on Fategad can be seen from here. On one of the highest points on the fort, there is an old lighthouse from which gives a fabulous view of fishing boats, fish auctions, Suvarnadurg fort and beautiful sunset. Earlier this lighthouse was used by fishermen and sailors as a navigation guide towards Harnai Port. Goa fort lies on the way of Harnai harbor. It can be identified by its huge black stoned wall. Suvarnadurg fort and the beautiful sunset can be viewed from this wall.

New bypass road is opened that avoids the busy traffic and narrow lanes of harnai fishing village and you can proceed straight towards Anjarle - kadyavarcha Ganpati.  There are two view points en-route from where you can see Harnai Village, Suvarna durga fort and vast expanse of Arabian Sea. Best place to catch the sun-set. However, don't stay back here in the night as the road is very lonely and in-habitated.

 View of the Suvarnadurga Fort from the "Sunset Points"


Anjarle Beach & Kadyavarcha Ganapati

Anjarle is one of the finest places in Konkan. It is just 26 km from Dapoli. It is famous for the ‘Kadyawarcha Ganpati’ (Ganesh temple situated on a cliff). This ancient and magnificent Ganesh temple was originally constructed using wooden pillars in around 1150. Later it was renovated during 1768 to 1780 (Peshve era). Earlier people used to cross Anjarle creek (Jog River) in a boat and then climb the hill using steps that go through the Anjarle village. Recently a bridge has been constructed and you can take your car right up to the entrance of the temple.
The Ganesh idol is right-sided (its trunk curved towards the right, ("Ujwya Sondecha Ganpati") which is very rare. Kadyawarcha Ganpati is also considered as the live deity (a jagrut daiwat) who responds to distress calls of common people (nawsala pavnara Ganpati). The temple has a stone staircase on the right hand side to reach to the top of the temple (Kalas). You can get a magnificent view of the thick plantation of coconut trees, betel nut trees, Suvarnadurg Fort, blue sea and surrounding hills from the top. There is a pond in front of the temple where you can feed big fish and turtles. Beside the Ganesh temple there is a small but beautiful temple of Lord Shiva.
Anjarle also has a clean, unspoiled beach with white sand and surrounded by palms and trees. This Palm Beach is an ideal place to visit on a long weekend. Anjarle is a nice little, green village having all basic facilities. However, as there are no beach resorts or hotels at Anjarle, one must find rented house to stay. Local people are extremely friendly and helpful. Some of them also provide rented accommodation in their homes and serve delicious home-made food at a very low price.

Kadyavarcha Ganapati, Anjarle. (Ganesh temple on a cliff. Refer to white spot amongst green on left side image)

Confluence of the river and virgin Anjarle beach

Ade Beach and ancient temple complex of Parashuram (Bhargavaram)

The road to the Ade beach is a pleasant one passing through coconut and betelnut groves. The beach is clean and unexplored. There are thick, extensive woods of Kevda alongside this beach. Don’t miss this picturesque beach in your trip to Ade. Viewing the sunset or just lying down in the Kevda woods is a fascinating experience. An ideal tonic to recharge yourself!
The ancient Shree Bhargavram (Parshuram) temple is located amidst a group of five temples between Ade and Kelshi. A short climb of about 5-10 minutes via stone steps brings one to this magnificent temple complex. The architecture is from the regime of the Peshwa. One cannot miss a unique and an uncommon facet of these temples – all of them are facing east! Along with the main temple of Shree Bhargavram, this complex also houses the temples of Lord Shiva temple, Goddess Renuka, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesh, Lord Vetal and Lord Shani. Ade is one of the two places in Konkan which house a Lord Parshuram temple, the other one being Chiplun.

Don't miss to take the Ade - Anjarle road which passes along the coast.  

 Bhargavram Temple Complex and view from Ade - Anjarle road

Kelshi Beach and Mahalakshmi Temple

Along with the Mahalakshmi temple, Kelshi has a long, scenic, unexplored beach. It is calm and peaceful here – with only the sea waves for company. It is about three kilometers in length. Along the coast are thick woods and groves of Kevda, coconut and betel nut. A walk on this beautiful beach listening to the ocean waves is really refreshing. The large black rocks near the place where the Utambare hill meets the sea are a great place to sit and enjoy the ocean.

Located at the base of the Utambare hill, enclosed in a stone wall fortification, this Swayambhu Mahalakshmi temple was built during the Peshwa regime. It also houses the idols of Lord Ganpati and Lord Shiva. This Mahalakshmi Goddess at Kelshi is consodered as equally powerful like that of Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur. 

One of the main attractions of Kelshi is a naturally formed sand dune due to the Tsunami. Located on the southern side of the Bharja river, this sand deposit has been accurately dated to September 1524. Experts and archeologists are carrying out research for samples of ancient culture underneath this dune.  

There is famous Yaqub Baba darga (Hajrat Yakutbaba Sarvari Rahmatulla Darga) is located in Kelshi at a distance of about one kilometer from the Mahalakshmi temple. It has a great historical significance. It is about 386 years old. Many great rulers including Emperor Shivaji, Emperor Sambhaji and Thorle Bajirao Peshwa have visited Yaqub Baba to take his blessings.

Picturesque beach and Mahalakshmi Temple at Kelshi 

Ladghar Or Tamasateertha (Reddish Sea)

Ladghar beach is known as "Tamas Teertha" as some part of the sea appears to be red in colour. It is a rocky beach as compared to few other beaches in the neighbourhood. This beach has religious value and the bathing here is a big attraction. Some part of beach is covered with coloured pebbles and boulders, creating a beach-rock collector's paradise. For those wanting a more strenuous walk this is a spectacular piece of coastline.

The area is undeveloped, has an untouched feel and is beautiful around sunset. Viewing the sunset here is a breathtaking experience as the beach, sea and the horizon get bathed in numerous shades of red colour. One can also participate in dolphin watching trip in boats. This beach has the two beautiful, ancient temples - one of Lord Shiva known as "Veleshwar" and other of Lord Datta situated on a small hill. You can take a 15 min beach walk on the north side to reach this beautiful Datta temple.

On the south side of the beach is a small fishing village called Burondi. The fishing boats with their twinkling lights make the Burondi harbor a fascinating sight to watch in the evenings.

Dabhol town, Chandikadevi temple in a Cave and Ferry Boat ride to Guhagar

Dabhol town is located on the south-west border of Dapoli taluka. Vashishthi River flowing from Chiplun merges into the sea at Dabhol and is called as Dabhol creek. Chandikadevi Mandir (temple of Goddess Chandika) and a fishing jetty are the major attractions here. The idol of Godess Chandika here, believed to be have formed naturally on its own (Swayambhu) and the temple is underground in a natural cave. To reach the diety, you have to pass through a low darkened passage. No light is allowed inside except that of oil lamp. There is a live spring of fresh water nearby which water all around the year has. Every year pilgrims throng here during Navaratri. This temple is very ancient and used to be frequently visited by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Godess holds a sword in one hand which belived to be belonging to Shivaji Maharaj or his era.

Before entering Dabhol you can enjoy panoramic views of Dabhol Power Project (Enron), creek and town from the hill top. Dabhol also has a small, amazingly hidden beach of black sand and thick plantation of sheoak (Suruche Ban). This is an ideal place to enjoy the scenery along the Dabhol backwaters and the beautiful port in Dabhol Harbor. Whether you enjoy fishing from the jetty, boating, or just stroll along a tree-lined village street, Dabhol offers something for the whole family to enjoy! Over the past decade, dolphin watching has come of age as an exciting, inspiring activity of growing popularity around the world. More and more people are making dolphin watching a part of their holidays. You have a good chance of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat from the jetty. There are some ferry boats also which take you into Dabhol Backwaters as well as into the deep sea for a ride and dolphin watching.

The Dabhol port boasts of centuries old history. Dabhol was of great importance in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. It used to be the principal port of South Konkan region, carrying on trade with ports in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. During 13th to 15th centuries this port was ruled by the Bahamani dynasty and was known as Mustafabad. Later on it was Hamjabad and then it was Dabhol. You can find many religious places of Hindus and Muslims. There is a fine mosque called Anda Masjid with dome and minarets standing close to the port which was built in Adilshah’s Regime. It is said that Adilshah’s Begum spent around 1.5 million rupees for the construction of this mosque. Anda Masjid is an excellent example of Muslim architecture. Dabhol was previously very famous, but of late much ruined by the Wars, and decreased in trade.

There are also some other beautiful places across the creek. Half an hour's trek through the woods from the fishing village Anjalvel leads to the historical fort Gopalgad. At the sea side end of the ruined fort there is a beautiful lighthouse and two ancient temples. Ferry service (Suvarnadurga Shipping and Marine Services) is available to take vehicles across the creek from Dabhol to Dhopave. ferry is available every hour from morning till evening. However, better call up the port office / operators office before poceding. With this Ferry you can visit tourist places like Guhagar - Hedvi - Velneshwar and can come back to Dapoli. Else there is long road route to return via Guhagar - chiplun - khed - Dapoli.

Where to Stay?

This area of mid - Konkan does not have any 3-4 star resorts or hotels like South or North Konkan Coast. However, there are plenty of small resorts and home-stays to take care of your accomodation needs and also provides delicious konkani home-made food. (Veg / Non veg)


  • **Aryavarta Bungalow Scheme, Dapoli - 35+ independent bungalows (2-6 bedrooms, mostly Non AC) and 4 luxurious AC Suites for Couples / Family (It has Split AC, Refrigerator, LCD TV, Folding sofa-cum-bed for additional 2 persons, sit-out Balcony). 16 acre property on a small hillock. Very well maintained. Rent is around Rs. 750 per person inclusive of all meals and stay (Non AC). Recommended for Couples, Families and groups. Very economical. Serves good food (Veg Buffet which include good variety of local konkani delicacies and even Punjabi, Chinese, mordern food to suit eating needs for all ages. Non Veg food is also available. However, you need to order it at least 3-4 hrs before (not included in the package). They will get fresh catch for you from Dapoli market and would prepare it in separate kitchen. Project owned by Mr. Yayati Bapat from mumbai and his associates. Contact : "Aryavarta", Bramhanvadi, Jalgaon, Dapoli, Dist Ratnagiri - 415712 (Tel: 02358-283088, 282313, 9226174801)

 Interiors of the Luxurious AC Suites for couples / Families and view from the Balcony

There are 100+ bungalow plots but only 35 of them are constructed and are available on rent

  • Hotel Jayant Padmaja, Dapoli : Located on Dapoli - Dabhol Road and owned by Mr. Vinayak Ghaisas, Pure veg food, AC / Non AC rooms, Dormitory, Garden Restaurant. Contact : (02358) - 282212  

  • Hotel Vrindavan, Dapoli : Located on Dapoli - Asud - Harnai road. Famous for Sea Food. Contact : (02358) - 282220

  • Hotel New Pathik Lodging & Boarding, Dapoli. Contact : (02358) - 282946

  • Surali Garden, Dapoli Contact : (02358) 267567

  • AranyaSahwas, Dapoli-Asud Road. Contact : (02358)-282375, 9270673625

    Murud - Harnai

  • **Lotus Beach Resort, Murud Harnai Beach (formerly known as Kamat Beach Resort)


What you should Eat?

While you are traveling in coastal Konkan, make it a point to sample culinary delights of the region – kurkuron bombeel (crispy fried Bombay duck), Surmai / Pomfret fry, Kombadi-Wade with Chicken Curry, sol-kadhi (a tangy smooth appetiser), kelyache panchamrut (a sweetish medley of bananas and vegetables), tisrya-che kavlan (clams in thick spicy masala), kelphoola-chi bhaji, (a Konkan favorite, made of banana flower), Jackfruit bhaji, Kaju Usal, Ambole (like Appam or thick sada Dosa) and Lord Ganesha’s favorite steamed delight, the Modak* (made up of sugar / Jaggary and rice floor)


What to Shop in Konkan?

Alphonso mangoes (April-May), Mango & other fruit products like Mango pulp, aamba poli, aamba vadi, phanas (jackfruit) poli, Kokam Sharbat, sweet Kokum, Fried Jackfruit Chips (Talalele Gare), Cashews, Wooden toys from Sawantwadi, Malvani Masala, Aachar etc.

Above products are available at Dapoli market Or you can get it near Keshavraj Mandir, Asud and at Kadyavaracha Ganpati, Anjarle

For Home made food products, Contact : Ravi Dabke (Near Keshavraj Mandir Marg, Asud Baug Dapoli) - 02358-234895 / 688448


Suggested Itinery -

Day 1 :

  • Start early in the morning 

  • Breakfast at Quick Bytes - Near Mulashi Dam if coming from Pune via tamhini Ghat Or at Gurudatta Snacks at Panvel if coming from Mumbai

  • Reach Dapoli Or any of the beaches and check-in to hotel / home stays

  • Have lunch and relax in the afternoon

  • Visit Murud Harnai Beach and Durga Devi Temple in the evening

  • Take a boat ride deep in to the sea see Suvarna Durga fort or do para sailing if it fascinates you.

  • Watch sunset and return back to your hotel

Day 2 :

  • Start early in the morning and reach Karde beach for the Dolphin spotting trip.

  • First boat starts at 7:00 AM sharp and it takes about 30 odd min to come back

  • Spend some time in the water and return to your hotel to freshen up

  • Post lunch proceed towards Kelshi (34 Kms). Visit Mahalakshmi Temple, Kelshi beach, Ade Bhargavram mandir complex, Ade beach, Anjarle Kadyavarcha Ganpati, anjarle beach and watch the sunset from one of the 2 points up-hill en-route between Anjarle and Harnai. You may skip some of the beaches or destinations if time is short or it is too hot.

  • Return to your hotel

Day 3:

  • Post break-fast visit Keshavraj & Vyaghreshwar Temple at Aasud

  • Check out from the hotel. Pune bound folks can visit Guhagar-Velneshwar-Hedvi via Dabhol ferry route and return to Pune via Chiplun-Koynanagar-Karad-Satara-Pune.

  • Mumbai bound folks can take Dapoli-Mandangad-Bankot Or Dapoli - Anjarle - Kelshi - Bankot route, take ferry to cross the creek and visit Harihareshwar temple and return to Mumbai via Harihareshwar - Shrivardhan - Mhasala - Mangaon- Panvel (NH 17) route.

  • Else, folks can visit few additional places around Dapoli like ladghar, krishi vidya peeth kiosk and return back to Mumbai / Pune by same route