Welcome to Social Analytics. Presented for ETEC 522 Week 12


Have you ever wondered how companies such as Amazon and social networking/media sites have been able to suggest books and/or products we may like to purchase? Are marketing companies randomly targeting persons? How do they know who to call, or send mailouts to?

And are you wondering how this can be applied to... education?

Welcome to the internet and mobile era of Social Analytics. 
Before the invention of web technologies, businesses learned about the market from offline data, such as using coupons and point systems. As more people search for what they want to buy online, web analytics was developed to observe our behaviour by tracking web traffic. With the development of social media tools, companies have yet another way of marketing their products and tracking our preferences. Could they also be using it in product design and development?

Amazon recommending books to look at, or supermarkets printing personalized coupons for you based on your prior purchase history are examples of how the internet helps companise to learn about our preferences from our online behaviour.  Even the latest Facebook update seems to highlight 'top stories' in your social network, and hides others. While some might find it convenient that information presented to us is tailored to our likings, others might not like that we are living in our own “internet bubbles”.


Whether we like it or not, we are being watched. In this week’s presentation
, we will be exploring Social Analytics and its counterpart in the education sector, Learning Analytics. We will examine their attributes, opportunities and stakeholder needs with a view to analysing and designing a few ventures of our own. 

We will first explore the tools and the range of sites that are keeping track of our online behaviour. Then, we will explore what is social analytics and how it can be applied to education, as well as existing social analytic ventures. At the end, we will reflect on possible ventures from the point of view of an educator/instructional designer, a student, and an investor/entrepreneur.

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