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Welcome to the Weedpunk Library!
The weedpunk library is designed to bring you all of your favorite weedpunk stories in one easy to navigate collection.  We all know weedpunk is a hard-to-find genre, and the point of this site is to be your one stop spot for all of your weedpunk needs.  Take a walk through nostalgia lane, rediscover why you fell in love with Bob Dylan's Blowin in the Wind, and explore your deepest fantasies involving heroism, romance, and weed.  If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or submissions, please send them to
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IMPORTANT: We've merged with a number of other enthusiasts and writers to create a central hub for weedpunk history and literature.  From now on, visit:
4 June 2008 - 1009 EST - There's a new story coming soon, promised by the publishers, and this site should have the exclusive!  Keep on the lookout (I can't say anymore than that)!
20 March 2008 - 1510 EST - I'll be going on vacation for a little bit, but I'll be back to continue on the site!   Don't fret!
12 March 2008 - 1212 EST - Lots of minor formatting edits made to the stories.
24 February 2008 - 1518 EST - The publisher has released another (albeit small) excerpt from Shadoweed - High Battle Tactics, a Weedpunk Novel.  Keep sending in submissions.
5 February 2008 - 2225 EST - Another submission has been added by Harlan Weedison.  This time its a short story by Brett Phoenix entitled Grant Street Blues.  Check it out!
5 February 2008 - 2109 EST - I just received a great find from Ingwit.  He recently purchased a weedpunk novel at a garage sale, but unfortunately it is in terrible condition.  The title and author are unknown and many of the pages are missing, but he typed up as much as he could.  You can find the story at: Unknown Title.  If you have any more information on this book, whether its author, title, publisher, or anything, please let me know at the following email address: